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The Top Ten Hidden Benefits of Obamacare

At White House Dossier, we’d like to acknowledge that we’ve spent a little too much time criticizing Obamacare and detailing why it’s a mistake. In fact, there are many benefits to the president’s health care plan, and a number of good reasons why it should be implemented.

While there are many more, we’ve listed for you here the top ten justifications for Obamacare. Ten reasons why you should love it. We think you’ll agree with all of them.


1. You’ll at last get to read the Encyclopedia Britannica in its entirety while waiting in your doctor’s office.

2. You will experience the thrill of waiting to find out whether you’ll die before you finally have your surgery.

3. People who have long dreamed of becoming doctors will have incentive to avoid massive co-pays and deductibles by performing surgery on themselves.

4. No more concern about seeing a good doctor as all the good doctors retire and smart people opt not to go into medicine.

5. With maternity care covered for everyone, men can finally start to have babies.

6. Since Obamacare’s authors did nothing about medical malpractice reform, you can easily sue your doctor if he actually demands payment.

7. It seems reasonable to ask your doctor to classify quadruple bypass open heart surgery as a free “wellness” visit.

8. With your daughter on your plan until age 26, you can threaten to revoke her health insurance if she marries that guy with the tattoo.

9. Surprisingly enough, in Federalist Paper 74, James Madison wrote, “I think it would be a good idea for the federal government to take over a business that represents a fifth of the economy.”

10. Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton all have enough money to see doctors and go to hospitals that are out of network, so you can stop worrying about them!


Are there any other benefits that you are aware of?

28 thoughts on “The Top Ten Hidden Benefits of Obamacare”

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  1. You’ll have a new best friend – your doctor’s Nurse Practitioner. Because you will be seeing a lot more of him/her instead of the busy doctor.

    1. For years when I visit a doctor or a dentist, most of them have another person in the room. I understand it is for everyone’s well being to have a witness in their. However when I discuss my private health information, it is harder to do so with an audience.
      Point: I wonder how many people will be in the room now. They just might film for EVERYONE’S

  2. Keith, Thanks for finding humor with this O Mess.

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    1. Get used to it.
      If you get the nasty duplicate message, just go back on your browser.
      The WordPress queue that is used on this site cannot take heavy traffic, and is easily overloaded, hence the messages.

  3. Does Obamacare include STD treatments in case we get infected from the screwing we are getting from government? Hope we do not get kisses, too.

  4. Mega Millions estimated jackpot has soared to $636 million.
    That’s the same amount of money that Obamacare has cost so far.

    What’s the difference between the two?

    The former is a jackpot and the latter is a crackpot.

  5. As noted by a poster yesterday, there will no longer be hordes of sick and dying Canadians pouring over the border to find competent health care. /sarc

  6. We can rejoice that the majority of those signing up on are going to be Medicaid recipients who won’t be able to find a doctor taking new Medicaid patients because it doesn’t matter if the uninsured get actual health care, only health insurance.

  7. Yes. I am quite pleased that at age 58, divorced and disabled, I finally have maternity and pediatric dental coverage. At Last! I can stop constantly worrying about post-menopausal immaculate conception! With free pregnancy termination, I can choose abortion, or with maternity, I can raise a lovely, child with not much emotional support, but fabulous teeth.

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