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The Obama Morning News || December 17, 2013

Obamacare rollout endangers immigration reform . . . Politico
Obamacare’s small business time bomb . . . Politico
Obamas to enlist moms for Obamacare . . . The Hill
GOP rips Obamacarea navigators . . . The Hill
Obama to talk Obamacare with tech giants . . . Politico
Poll: GOP gains at Obama’s expense
. . . Washington Post
Obama tracks Bush’s failed second term . . . Ron Founier
Stakes rise for Obama’s NSA review . . . Examiner
Senate poised to approve budget . . . CBS News
Poll: Christie tops Clinton in Iowa . . . Washington Times
Biden gets cozy with the press. Real cozy . . . Daily Caller

24 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 17, 2013

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  2. Biden gets cozy with the press. Real cozy…

    I suppose the Secret Service would’ve been unhappy if she’d stomped on his instep and followed it up with a backwards jab to his chin with her elbow.

  3. Michelle responded I am taken by surprise that people can be so gullible to think they can get better healthcare plans for less money by signing up on the internet. Go to website healthcare dot gov. You will be amazed to go broke with your computer.

  4. re: VPBiden’s cozy hug
    We were blessed (ahem) with an Uncle who cozied up to women in the same way, except it wasn’t a cozy, it was him rubbing
    never mind.

    re: GovChristie tops MrsClinton in Iowa
    Oh, what’s an old White lady to do in this climate of young, vigourous, and outspoken Repubs?
    Can she run on more of the same as the country turns against the current regime, or does she come out to attack them and risk sounding like a cranky old lady?
    Decisions, decisions.

    re: Obamacare woes
    Who could have foreseen that Americans don’t like to be forced to do something that’s not to their advantage, or hurts the contents of their wallets? Navigators, Moms, movie stars, sports stars, and soon the beneficiaries of the act (insurance companies) will be out there putting pressure on the public to , in effect, to obey the law and buy something.
    A law that forces free people to buy something from a certain retailer just doesn’t seem to be American.
    Thanks, JusticeRoberts, for nothing.

  5. Obamas to enlist moms for Obamacare:

    They won’t be getting any help from my daughter – a young mom with a 5 year old. She had cancer surgery 18 months ago. Three months ago her employer-based Blue Cross ins was cancelled and replaced with another carrier in CA. Her new carrier does not include any of her doctors in their network – oncologist, gynecologist, internist. Her deductible went from 3K to 5K. Her premium went from 250/mo to 650/mo. Blue Cross never denied her any medical procedures. The new carrier is rationing MRI’s and CT scans. Instead of bi-annual scans to check for metastasis, they only cover one every two years. She is now paying out of pocket to keep her doctors and several thousand out of pocket for each MRI/CT scan.
    And the final blow – my 5 yr old granddaughter is not covered on either parent’s employer based insurance plan!

    • Horrible story! And there are thousands–these people who upended everyone’s world like this have a special alcove in Hell waiting. I don’t say things like that lightly–they will pay if not in this world, the next.

    • Oh what a clever, cynical pr move! Fortunately, the article says that he’s losing suburban moms. There are many women like your daughter and children who now know the ugly truth of Obamacare first hand. This fiasco cannot be allowed to go on one moment longer for their sakes.

    • Girly, truly horrible. I really hope your daughter and granddaughter will manage in this new situation.
      So this happens again and again in the US because of Obamacare ? Disastrous.

      • Grace has an interesting rumor on the newest post which should interest you: Snowden has information on the Obama administration using undue influence on US Supreme Court Chief Justic John Roberts to get him to declare Obamacare a tax. It’s just a rumor, but it’s interesting to me because the US is trying to woo Snowden (WITH WHATEVER INFORMATION HE STILL HAS) back with the offer of amnesty in exchange for the remaining information whereas Snowden himself is seeking asylum in Brazil.

      • Thank you, swedishlady. It was a blessing that our daughter was diagnosed and treated early – while she still had the best possible insurance. There is nothing like the security of the personal doctor/patient relationship. Losing that freedom of choice is earth-shattering. As Star mentioned above, Obama has upended our world.

  6. Someone, I am assuming a health navigator based on their positive outlook, was on my local radio station today talking about an “enrollment session” at the local library for the healthcare exchanges. One of the positives she highlighted: more federal money to sign up families for medicaid.

    States are happy that more federal money means less state money used for covering these expenses, but where is all this federal money coming from? How can this be sustainable?

      • You’re right, @Star. After the two years of Federal money(ours) is over, we all know what will happen next; medical service to the poor will be curtailed, some will be denied care, and we’ll be right back where we started from. In a huge ugly mess.

      • It’s worse than that. The Feds are going to pay for ‘no less’ than 90% for Medicaid on a permanent basis. And they are signing up Medicaid enrollees indiscriminately…just like food stamps.

        CBO estimates show that the federal government will bear nearly 93 percent of the costs of the Medicaid expansion over its first nine years (2014-2022). The federal government will pick up 100 percent of the cost of covering people made newly eligible for Medicaid for the first three years (2014-2016) and no less than 90 percent on a permanent basis.