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The Coming Obamacare Nightmare

Just wait ’til next year.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, former George H.W. Bush Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Michael Boskin outlines in stunning detail the horror set to unfold as Obamacare really starts to kick in next year.

Hide the children. Here are the gory details.

Didn’t read the fine print on you insurance? Took the “do nothing and automatically re-enroll” option and renewed your plan without looking at next year’s rates?

Well, get set to find out about those higher deductibles as you stand at the doctor’s office reception desk. And then learn of your new deductible when you get the Explanation of Benefits and a bill – yes, a BILL – for the full amount of your procedure.

Meanwhile, the shock of losing your doctor goes from the realm of theory to the harsh cold world of reality as insurers try to limit their losses from the older, less-well patients likely to over-enlist in Obamacare. Networks will become more restrictive as insurers jettison the best doctors and hospitals, reducing the quality of your health care.

That’s business. Which of course is a concept ignored by Obamacare, which assumes people will offer the same services for a lower price.

There will be suffering – physical suffering – among those who currently have insurance, implies Boskin:

Next year, millions must choose among unfamiliar physicians and hospitals, or paying more for preferred providers who are not part of their insurance network. Some health outcomes will deteriorate from a less familiar doctor-patient relationship.

Just try calling for an appointment in January, and you’ll get that sound over the phone we all love . . . “His first available is in June.”

There will be longer waits for hospital visits, doctors’ appointments and specialist treatment, as more people crowd fewer providers.

But you’ll have more time to call around, since you might be working part time  – or not at all – as your company attempts to pare its workforce to escape Obamacare mandates.

And watch for that exciting, little known new feature of Obamacare that we’ll all soon behold, The Insurance Company Bailouts! Step right this way!

That’s right. If insurers’ costs are too high because they’re taking care of all those new patients in poor health, you, taxpayer, must foot the bill.

If, as many predict, too few healthy young people sign up for insurance that is overpriced in order to subsidize older, sicker people, the insurance market will unravel in a “death spiral” of ever-higher premiums and fewer signups. The government, through taxpayer-funded “risk corridors,” is on the hook for billions of dollars of potential insurance-company losses. This will be about as politically popular as bank bailouts.

Further malaise in coming after 2014.

Your local services will go down – less for education and transportation – and taxes will go up as states struggle in a few years to pay for Obamacare’s vast Medicaid expansion.

The medical profession will become a wasteland.

On the supply side, medicine will become a far less attractive career for talented young people. More doctors will restrict practice or retire early rather than accept lower incomes and work conditions they did not anticipate. Already, many practices are closed to Medicaid recipients, some also to Medicare. The pace of innovation in drugs, medical devices and delivery is expected to slow significantly, as higher taxes and even rationing set in.

There is, of course, a silver lining. The failed Obamacare website is actually an emblem of the atrocious thinking that has gone into our new health care system. It is government planning gone too far and finally revealed for what it is.

This is all going to get so bad, so fast, that repeal will become a very real and popular option. But not before 2017, when Obama is gone, and the misery has already piled up far too high.

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  1. substandard healthcare
    unsatisfactory doctor-patient relationships
    skimpy policies
    incompetent website
    second-rate navigators
    contempitble Congress
    Shoddy NSA
    rotten IRS
    subpar President
    Miserable, and Feeble Citizenry

    What we said was that you can keep your healthcare and your doctor IF are either Amish, or a doctor or someone who plays a Doctor on Grey’s Anatomy or a staff member of Harry Reid. Otherwise, what difference does it make.

  2. “Further malaise in coming after 2014.”

    AFTER the elections…or too close for people to notice.

    I called Congressman Peter King’s office this morning as he was on the TV touting the NSA’s effectiveness. I told his office, what I’ve said to the Congressman in person. “STOP telling us that the NSA is great and it has great oversight by the Justice Dept. We don’t trust anything anyone in the Federal Gov’t tells us anymore. Don’t you get this? You are the problem and the Federal Gov’t has proven itself to be full of liars who look out for them. Not us. Nothing you say or do can be believed.”

    thanks for letting me vent.

      1. i get that Julie, but the point I am trying to make is that there is no way I can putt any faith in anyone or anything in the gov’t to do the ethical, moral or right thing. ever. it’s gotten to that point. and i’m not a paranoid person but if we aren’t 98% cyncial in all gov’t branches then we set ourselves up for failure.

        1. I’m with you in the cynicism. Is Peter King your Congressman?

          Grace has an interesting rumor a few floors down, a rumor I’m not inclined to doubt.

    1. Your “Conngressman’ office” answered the phone?

      Wow. That never happens here (Delaware) It always goes to voice-mail, even during the day. And I never get a response.

      1. Same non response at Senator John McCain’s office. Form letter reply sent 3-6 months later,written with a patronizing tone.Term limits!!!!

  3. This sickens me. Every story like this in the past few weeks sickens me. Yet the talking points of the Dems is consistently “but we have x number of new people who never had healthcare before”. What Difference Does It Make at this point. I feel like we are in a death spiral and can’t stop. People who actually had good health insurance before are now being punished. Kind of the healthcare version of Joe the Plumber… Real life and death situations are happeninbg. But I am still optimistic about the future. I just hope it’s not too late by the time we are able to vote these people out.

    1. …Never had health INSURANCE before, not HEALTH CARE–count on them to mix those up…deliberately. And a high deductible policy for most people of average means MEANS no insurance–avoid the doc, stall, put off, oh, it will go away…etc. So worse care!

    2. I have no medical issues and have made minimal use of medical services in the past couple of decades — basically just “maybe I should get this checked out,” and found it was nothing to worry about. I search for home remedies whenever possible. But I was buying a high-deductible policy out of prudence, paying straight from my bank account.

      It’s people like me who are being punished first. The government will not allow us to keep providing ourselves with practical, sensible AND AFFORDABLE insurance against unforeseen misfortune.

      That is evil.

  4. Don’t agree with that 2017 date. The Congress which will be elected next November hopefully, the states and the courts must start chipping away asap.

        1. HIPPA rules: 90 day notices

          ERISA rules: 60 day notices

          Insurers that are dumping their individual market policies are doing so now to meet a January 1, 2014 deadline to either comply with Obamacare or terminate their plans. They need to give consumers 90 days notice under HIPPA rules.

          In contrast, by renewing their policies “off cycle,” the small businesses were able to lock in another year before they have to comply with Obamacare. Many of these small business plans won’t be subject to the law’s mandates until January 1, 2015.

          This means that employees of small businesses wont get their cancellation notices until November of 2014. That’s because these plans are subject to ERISA rules. These regulations require businesses and health plans to notify consumers 60 days before they plan to change or terminate policies. News of cancellations will go directly to employees, just like the termination notices now arriving in the mail.

  5. There are murmurs around the possibility of a Snowden amnesty that he might have information on the Obama Administration unduly influencing John Roberts to declare Obamacare a tax. If that were to come to fruition then perhaps we could get serious about this massive effort on the part of Barack Obama and his thug Democrats to wreak havoc not only on people’s health and personal lives but on the entire US economy as well.

    If this country tanks then all the newly amnestied will discover that the “dangerous” trip across the border to the land of milk and honey will be for naught.

    1. Great if true. In that case, not only should Obama be impeached but John Roberts as well. What’s your source? I’m reading that Snowden is trying to get asylum in Brazil–which I hope will be granted–so I think Snowden himself is not seeking amnesty.

      1. Amnesty to get the documents he has in his possession and which have already traveled through China and Russia? What is the point? Or in the infamous words of HRH Shrillery, what difference does it make at this point?

        1. Well, if there’s evidence that Obama used ‘undue influence’ to get John Roberts to give Obamacare his imprimatur, I’d say it would make a big difference–if the information could come out.

          1. Don’t get me wrong. If Mr. Smug Smile John Roberts made a deal with Barry, I definitely want him gone along with all the rest of the despicable posse that Barry has surrounded himself with.
            I guess I just don’t hold out a lot of hope that any of it will come to pass.
            There are just too many people willing to cover up government shenanigans, GOP included.

          2. As you said above, Russia should know what all is in Snowden’s ‘papers’. It makes me wonder if Putin held something over Obama’s head to get his sellout on Iran. Blackmail seems alive and well in our era.

      2. J — Can’t cite source now. Saw it referenced in two things I read this am. Generally it appears as possible reasoning behind any amnesty deal with Snowden. Saw it paired as Roberts and manipulation/interference in Romney/Obama election.

        Hell will freeze over before these thugs let any of that come out.

          1. Grace, Julie, I read your earlier comments. Very interesting indeed. And very probable. I too wish young Snowden all the best and I hope that he reveals all he has about the dirty dealings of this government. And may he not listen to the siren calls from them because he alone can make them crumble. But sometimes I wonder if we ask too much from him. He is a young man and has a life to live. It can´t be easy.

          2. Obama would never forgive him. He’d just wait until everyone was distracted with something else, then Mr. Snowden would inexplicably and quietly die of natural causes…

      3. Brazil…sweet irony. Dilma Rousseff was so upset with Obama’s spying on her personal cell and the national oil company – she cancelled her lavish State Dinner.

        Is it possible Snowdon has incriminating evidence against Roberts and Obama? Be still my heart!!!!!!

  6. The group that includes my doctor has already placed notices that they are refusing to see Medicaid or new Medicare patients. I’m really ‘grandfathered’ in, so I’ll be OK unless I need some specialized care.

    There’s also a notice placed all over his office that explains what the “free” Medicare physical or wellness exam covers. What it implies is that the doctor will notice if you’re still breathing, but everything else is NOT covered…such as blood tests, simple x-rays, preventive vaccine shots, etc.

    1. My sister’s doc had time for the “end of life” convo…and I wonder if it will include the Alz test I heard about a while back–pick up a piece of paper and put it on the floor–you did it! You’re good.

        1. I could not notice it–but if someone told me to put one on the floor, I could–I guess this gauges following instruction ability. Sis’s doc also asked her if she was forgetting…sis said well, names–the doc said, oh, that is OK, she, the doctor, does that…since when is what the doctor does the gold standard.

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  8. There is a great article on FrontPage Magazine by David Forsmark about the coming insurance company meltdown and the effect it is going to have on the stock market. It goes hand in hand with what Keith is reporting.
    Made me think twice about increasing my 401K contributions.

  9. For years Americans have mocked and criticized Canada’s health care system which, while not perfect, isn’t half bad. From my perspective, it appears that the “new and improved” American system of health care, as envisioned by Barry, will be much, much worse.

    1. The population of Canada is just north of 33M. How many illegals do we have? 20M?
      It’s impossible to provide h/c for 310M – almost half the country is on some form of welfare as it is. Medicaid expansion will bankrupt us – the govt will cover no less than 90% of Medicaid on a permanent basis.
      I wonder if there will be a stampede by Medicaid enrollees on Jan. 2 when everything kicks in.

    2. I’ve read that the Canadian government doesn’t keep track of how many people die while they’re waiting months to get treatment for serious illness. Nor how many people have trekked down across the border and paid cash for treatment that the Canadian system says is unavailable, or won’t be available for several months.

      A radio host here has a Canadian relative who was told his brain tumor was untreatable. He came to the States and bought treatment. That was about a decade ago.

      The Canadian system, like the British, seems fine unless you’re really sick. Look for the American system to tell more and more people that their condition is untreatable.

  10. Did no one in the media read the “fine print” before the law was passed, or before Obama was re-elected to find that pesky lie about keeping your plan and doctor?

    What exactly were the Supremes given to read, especially John Roberts, and they were okay with it?

    Anybody know if anyone involved with Ocare with The Tides organization? Glenn Beck mentioned a few years ago Obama’s linked to it somehow and he’ll become a billionaire, this may be how?

    My inquiring mind is in overdrive now :D

    1. The Supremes have been focused on the specific issues being challenged — such as the “you must buy insurance” mandate. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems that many of the horribles in this law would be difficult to challenge on legal grounds, to find standing to challenge, etc.

    1. ‘Sebelius said, “The President and I believe strongly in having one person, with strong experience and expertise in management and execution, who is thinking 24/7 about ” ‘ — But they didn’t believe that strongly enough to act accordingly three years ago.

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