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Video || SNL Lampoons Obama’s Week

Because there was plenty to lampoon, as usual. Pretty funny.

9 thoughts on “Video || SNL Lampoons Obama’s Week”

  1. liberals are still defending Obama’s behavior, on message boards everywhere. No shame!!

    …and they are still referring to Conservatives as “tea baggers” which was funny the first 100 times, but now is just hackneyed.

    1. On my news alerts this AM, I see trend–Obamacare is now working pretty well, no worries. They may try to push this and I am sure the press will collude, but the cancellations, bad data, no premium payments, etc will continue and keep this alive…as these outrages should.

        1. Agree. Back in the days of John Belushi and Gilda Radner, SNL skits used to be hilarious and irreverent to politicians of every stripe. Too little, too late with this tripe.

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