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Obamas Mark Newtown in Peculiar Style

The Obamas marked the one-year anniversary of the Newtown shootings Saturday with an odd little ceremony in which the two of them dressed up in dark outfits, entered the White House Map Room at exactly 9:29 – about the moment the shootings began – lit some candles, bowed their heads and then . . . left.

Honestly, this seemed a little thrown together. Have a look.

Better planned was President Obama’s weekly address, in which he used the tragedy to promote gun control and lecture Americans, declaring, “we must change.”

From the very beginning, our efforts were led by the parents of Newtown . . . their example has inspired us – to be better parents and better neighbors; to give our children everything they need to face the world without fear; to meet our responsibilities not just to our own families, but to our communities.

Really? What does this mean, exactly? Did this barbaric murder happen because we’re not good enough parents and neighbors? Why are we all responsible for one deluded, sick individual?

Obama continues:

We haven’t yet done enough to make our communities and our country safer.  We have to do more to keep dangerous people from getting their hands on a gun so easily.  We have to do more to heal troubled minds.  We have to do everything we can to protect our children from harm and make them feel loved, and valued, and cared for.

Obama is not going to get any major new gun control legislation out of this Congress. Why not just just use the anniversary of Newtown to promote healing instead of lecturing and pressing an agenda?

Can’t our president unite us and salute the brave people of Newtown instead of hectoring us to do better when the only one who did anything wrong is currently rotting in Hell?

44 thoughts on “Obamas Mark Newtown in Peculiar Style”

  1. In honor of the presidential observation of all solemn events and based on the genuine concern he displays, I recommend American change the time honored saw “paying lip service” to “paying ear service.”

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  2. That was kind of creepy to us.
    Also creepy is the life-size tapestry of Obama’s face in the American Embassy in London.
    After their candle lighting ceremony they had to don their gay apparel for the evening’s festivities.
    Gosh, and four days still left to work before leaving for Hawaii.

    1. I swear many of the parents asked last year for Obama not to politically gravedance on their children. In that case, yes, it was creepy, politics before the wishes of the victims’ parents.

      In other news, the Arapahoe H.S. shooting was over in 80 seconds because of an armed resource officer on campus. The system can work if we let it.

    2. Oh gosh! That tapestry in the American embassy! It’s like one of those big Marxist posters of Lenin, Stalin, Mao. And now I’m going to make an awfully racist remark: it’s awfully dark, isn’t it? The ‘real’ Obama is not that dark skinned.

          1. According to Team Obama, circa 2008, the columns were supposed to represent the Lincoln Memorial, like the Gettysburg Anniversary Obama missed last month ?

            It’s so hard to keep up :D

          2. Remember when he wanted to speak at the Brandenburg Gate before the election? He was trying to equate himself with both Kennedy and Reagan.

  3. I am offended by the quasi religious remembrance the Obamas acted out. They co-opted the Catholic church’s visual symbols which are called ‘sacramentals’–the lighting of votive candles, dressing in black, the hushed atmosphere of the map room as if it were the interior of a church. It’s some sort of weird gesture of them creating their own religion out of the old, the new priesthood. They get weirder by the day, but I wouldn’t put it past their pr wizards to think that in some way they are identifying the Obamas with Pope Francis.

    1. The problem with the Obamas is that they’re not consistent on how they want to be defined. They try too hard to be all things to all people without a clue as to who they really are.

    2. What kind of genius lights a tower of candles from the bottom up?

      Note the clear sounds of the cameras going off — a sop to those claiming photographers don’t have access to “events”… At least when we see Souza’s official White House portrait, we’ll know it wasn’t photo-shopped.

      Odd. I don’t recall a similar “ceremony” for the dead in Benghazi.

      Wax on…wax off…

    3. Stranger still, National Cathedral has so many votive candles to light it must keep the fire marshal up nights. And it’s not that bad a drive: Penn Ave to M Street, go left, take a right on Wisconsin Avenue, and from there, you can’t miss it. Heck, it’s only a couple of blocks from Sidwell Friends.

      What this tells me, is that they view the White House itself as a sacred space in its own right. Which, to me, says that they worship government power, and not the true Divine.

      That really ought to scare lovers of liberty across the land.

    4. i, too am offended by this mocking of a Catholic tradition.

      This is how he described the birth of Christ:

      Obama pointed out that while he loves getting Christmas presents, it’s “a time to remember the story of a child born to two faithful travelers on earth.”
      He’s no more a Christian than my cat.

      1. I’m not a religious person, I choose to keep my faith in my heart, not on my sleeve. Butt, when my daughter went through rehab last year, I did show up at St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC to light a candle for her. ONE candle and said a prayer for her. It seemed to work :)

  4. Bizarre behavior. Expressing deep sorrow and grief over the tragic death of these children and their teachers is admirable, but to create some temporary shrine in your hallway is beyond weird. Sending a personal, private note to the parents and relatives would have been more suitable, not some cheesy 2min clip that can be shown on tv.

    True acts of kindness, tenderness and caring are never public…..


  5. Just another ‘item’ to include in the yet to be built Eternal Shrine of Obama. The search for a Pilgrimage site is ongoing – Lourdes, Mecca and the Temple Mount have been ruled out. Kenya may be the last hope.

  6. The candle thing is rather odd, to say the least.

    Doesn’t he have anybody who can tell him what is appropriate and what is not?

    For being the smartest guy around, he sure doesn’t act like it.


  7. The stroking of Michelle’s back at the end is weird. It looks intended to suggest that Barky is trying to console her in her deep personal grief over the tragic loss. So phoney.

  8. They just don’t stop!
    He was not in a church. He is not a priest, and I don’t know what she was trying to be.
    The things these two do: I can only imagine what answer they give their children, when at dinner they ask, Why?
    I use to talk to my father about history, and current events. So if my fatheer would have held that position: I certainly would have asked him many, many questions.

  9. Weird and surreal. Did I mention: Weird.
    I counted over 200 camera snaps. How many reporters were there in attendance with machine-gun cameras?

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