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Obama’s Eloquent Tribute to Christmas

President Obama delivered some graceful remarks at the annual “Christmas in Washington” show, which was taped for broadcast Sunday at the National Building Museum in Washington.

Here’s part of what he said:

Every year, we mark the holiday season with celebrations and good cheer. And I should remind my girls that I like getting Christmas presents as much as anybody. (Laughter.) But this is also a time to remember the story of a child born to two faithful travelers on a holy night, long ago.

The sacred birth of Jesus Christ was God’s gift to man on Earth. And through His example, He taught us that we should love the Lord, love our neighbors, as we love ourselves. It’s a teaching that has endured for generations. And today, it lies at the heart of my faith and that of millions of Americans, and billions around the globe.

No matter who we are, or where we come from, or how we worship, it’s a message of hope and devotion that can unite all of us this holiday season. It compels all of us to reach out and help our less fortunate citizens — our poor, our sick, our neighbors in need — and to serve those who sacrifice so much on our behalf.

It’s nice to see the president dispense with political correctness and express the religious aspect of Christmas instead of some anodyne platitude designed not to offend anyone and be “inclusive.”

This country was founded not based on a particular religion, but nevertheless as a nation under God. It is appropriate, then, that the president honor the nation’s major religions. And as a Christian believer celebrating Christmas, it is natural that he state his belief directly.

It doesn’t threaten anyone else’s right to worship as they please. Rather, for the president to freely express his belief, it honors and supports the free exercise of religion.

I’m glad he did so, and glad he did it well.

25 thoughts on “Obama’s Eloquent Tribute to Christmas”

  1. Keith, good job, as usual. If only I could trust what BHO says as much as I have come to trust what you report. If only I could trust BHO.

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    2. Good luck with that “trust” thing. Don’t forget, he’s still the same
      heretic who attended a so-called church (for 12 yrs.) run by a maniacal racist who had no real Biblical concept of Christ. Was quoted as calling republicans as “enemies to be punished” and
      continually shows outrageous favoritism to the religion of his
      father which is killing innocent people across the world.
      Still, barry spews the words of Christ. Why dont people put down the koolaide & see him as he is?

  2. At least he didn’t pass off Joseph and Mary as some homeless couple like Hillary did a few years back.

    I thank Obama for his words as I ask G-d to reveal to me His love for this man and make me a better person. And I thank G-d for the fulfillment of His promise to us.

    אלוהים איתנו

  3. His words belie his actions. In deference to the holy season celebrating the birth of our Lord, I will refrain from expressing my thoughts regarding the former member of Rev. Wright’s church of racial hatred. That said, his reference to ‘my faith’ is a bridge too far.

  4. If Mary and Joseph were “faithful travelers”, then Moses must have been a faithful wanderer by MrO’s reckoning.
    Like all pretenders, he doesn’t get it quite right.

    His call to help the poor, the sick, and neighbors in need is nice. We’ll all be waiting to see how he and the Missus help the poor, the sick and neighbors in need while as they enjoy their lush Hawaiian vacation.

  5. I count two “I”s, two “my”s, one “Jesus Christ,” one “His,” and one “He.” So Obama still managed to refer to himself 33% more than he did to Jesus.

    And somehow, that doesn’t surprise me one bit.

      1. Ah, yes, all caps, the first resort of terminally inept internet opinionmongers.

        Yes, there are speechwriters in the White House. But the job of a speechwriter is to get the basic speech in place, then let whoever is delivering it have his or her say. Obama may not have written the whole thing, but he certainly would have had the final say in what would be in the speech.

        So the narcissism is still ultimately on him. Nice try, thanks for playing, lovely parting gifts backstage, and all the rest.

  6. Keith,

    I appreciate that even though you have a different perspective on Jesus, you can look past that as well as your political differences and examine what was actually said. This is what shows that you are a real journalist – keep it up!

  7. Good luck with that “trust” thing. Dont forget, he’s still the same heretic who attended a so-called “church” run by a maniacal racist who had no Biblical concept of Christ.

  8. Those are indeed nice sentiments. But I have to point out that they are consistent with the Islamic view of Jesus, and barely scratch the reality of the Christian belief about why Jesus visited the earth. Still, it’s better than the Christian-bashing we normally endure. If he’s going to make a big deal of Ramhadan, would that he would also acknowledge Yom Kippur, Channukah, Christmas and Easter.

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