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Quote of the Day || Monday, December 16, 2013

“Well, I’m headed to Hawaii Friday. And that, folks, is a promise you can believe.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. Draw a red line across the beach of Kaui, Maui, Moloklai, Oahu, or the beach of your choice, and watch the Tsar step across it and call anyone who objects racist.

    • BHO is a contaminating leper whose presidency is accelerating the death of a fading nation, no matter what Josef Joffe and Kevin Williamson claim.

  2. Yeah, that is where I’d go to islands that are volcanic. Or they could go to Yellowstone and disrupt volcanic activity there. Or they could do the civil thing and stay home and save US millions of dollars.

    • That’s just nasty. Just plain, old nasty.

      People who are African-American have requirements about their skin and hair that go beyond anything we Caucasians can even imagine.

      I am sick-and-fucking tired of people who get their rocks off by sneering about Michelle’s hair and skin.

      • Naomi Campbell wouldn’t be doing a fashion spread in W as Michelle had she married a different snake oil salesman.

        She wouldn’t be a high-class fashionista if, absent taxpayers’ pockets to pick, she had to pay for it all out of her own pocket.

        And while some of her high-value accoutrements may be gifts–if so, she is paying taxes on those, no?–she wouldn’t be getting them gifted to her if she were still some no-name cog in the Chicago machine.

        From there, we can conclude that the only reason Michelle gets to feed her beauty jones the way she does, is because she’s the First Lady. As such, her lifestyle is financed by the public, so it is in play.

        • And I agree. It is not racist. And women everywhere have challenges.

          I am so tired of people making exceptions for the Obamas. President, First Ladies have been commented on for ages.

          Nothing special about commenting on the Obamas.

      • The problem with MO is that she is doing everything she can NOT to look Af/Am. If she let her hair go ‘natural’, no one would criticize. But the wighats look ridiculous.

        • As Han Solo said – “Let the Wookie win”. No matter what we or anyone else says or does, MOTUS is MOTUS and she will do as she pleases. And so far she has. What will be interesting is how she will present herself after they leave office and return to public life.

  3. I agree, Mandy. It is never OK to demean the physical aspects of anyone’s body.
    However, as a public figure, she should expect comments regarding her clothing and conduct. I believe her clothing choices do not always accentuate the more positive aspects of her figure. I believe her conduct has not always reflected a positive intent.
    And, for the record, although I will never agree with her perception of “white” America, I did like her bangs.

    • Colonel Bud Day* spent five years, seven months and thirteen days as a POW in Hanoi Hilton as an American Hero. If he was still alive he would have a lot to say about John Kerry’s visit to Vietnam…none of his words would be complimentary.
      John Kerry should have spent his entire life at the Hanoi Hilton..
      …Jane Fonda would have been a perfect roommate. They both need the letter ‘T’ tattooed on their foreheads.

      *American Patriot” The life and wars of Colonel Bud Day
      Author ‘Robert Coram…

  4. I think he should stay at the Marcos’ old place.

    It’s plush, in Hawaii obviously, they were good at keeping the peasants away from THEM, and they’re already used to dealing with election-stealing, bullying tinpot dictators and their rapacious wives…

    And, as a bonus, it would be familiar ground for SOS Kerry. He’s pretty familiar with Marcos too, having completely failed to stand up for little people as a member of the Congressional Observer Team against even a minor leauger like HIM, which makes it completely unsurprising that he’s just a piker when playing against ACTUAL world playas like the Iranians…

    “From Republican Party Reptile: Most of the Potomac Parakeets were a big disappointment. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was a founding member of Vietnam Veterans against the War, but he was a bath toy in this fray.

    On Sunday night, two days after the election, thirty of the computer operators from COMELEC walked off the job, protesting that vote figures were being juggled. Aquino supporters and NAMFREL volunteers took the operators, most of them young women, to a church, and hundreds of people formed a protective barrier around them.

    Village Voice reporter Joe Conason and I had been tipped off about the walkout, and when we got to the church, we found Bea Zobel, one of Cory Aquino’s top aides, in a tizzy. “The women are terrified,” she said. “They’re scared to go home. They don’t know what to do. We don’t know what to do.” Joe and I suggested that Mrs. Zobel go to the Manila Hotel and bring back some members of the Congressional observer team. She came back with Kerry, who did nothing.

    Kerry later said that he didn’t talk to the COMELEC employees then because he wasn’t allowed to. This is ridiculous. He was ushered into an area that had been cordoned off from the press and the crowd and where the computer operators were sitting. To talk to the women, all he would have had to do was raise his voice. Why he was reluctant, I can’t tell you. I can tell you what any red-blooded representative of the U.S. government should have done. He should have shouted, “If you’re frightened for your safety, I’ll take you to the American embassy, and damn the man who tries to stop me.” But all Kerry did was walk around like a male model in a concerned and thoughtful pose.” – P.J. O’Rourke

    I guess we know where Kerry developed his foreign policy skillz, and perhaps his affinity for election fraud as well. Perhaps he coached Obama on where Marcos went wrong, and the SOS job was a reward?

    Anyway, sorry Hawaii. Although not as much as I’m sorry for America…