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Open Thread || Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thought I could, but turns out I can’t post today. You take over.

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    • A quick round of Nancy said:

      “Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or, eh, a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance, or that people could start a business and be entrepreneurial and take risk but not [be] job-locked because a child has asthma or someone in the family is bipolar. You name it. Any condition is job-blocking.”

      Let the ‘Big Apple’ choke on the core of the problems.

      • Yes, Nancy, yes… I can imagine such a world, where I become an artist and quit my day job. Where I can afford this magical health insurance you speak of. But wait, is that Prezy BigBadWolf at my door? Oh, no. He tells me “you didn’t build that”. He thinks I need to share my meager income. He offers me healthcare, but it is far more than I can afford.

        Nancy, looks like you should have read the bill BEFORE you passed it and made such ridiculous promises…

        Thanks, Sadie, for reminding me of this quote, which got on my nerves back then and still does. None of these people live in the real world.

      • LOL. From the comment section:

        As one doctor who called into a talk show in response to Nancy Pelosi’s famous comment about “We have to pass it to see what’s in it” said “Isn’t that the definition of a stool sample.”

    • Thanks for the line (you’re really good at that).
      Betcha most of those hi-falootin’ liberal professionals all made large contributions to MrO’s re-election. awww.

      The fall-out to the ACA seems to be one of three thoughts:
      1. I thought it was going to be free
      2. I believed I could keep my insurance, MrO said so
      3. I was in favor of it, but I didn’t know I would be paying for it.

      If so many millions of us weren’t facing such horrible consequences of Obamacare, it would be amusing.
      Experts are predicting that less people will have health insurance on Jan1 than they did before it all became “affordable”.

        • Years ago, My husband pack up move away from my home town and family for a job! A job that offered good insurance.
          That’s what I thought people were suppose to do. I could have stayed and made visits to all my family members all the time without the security we wanted. I don’t want any government telling me what I can and cannot do with my health. What is wrong with these people who are giving up their freedom here in America?

      • 4. There’s a good percentage of the population that is/was/has been/always will be tuned out. Diagnosed with terminal cluelessness.

        Not covered much or at all is Puerto Rico.
        Obamacare, has mostly arrived on the island in the form of a $6.3 billion social welfare check allocated to the government to continue to pay for its Medicaid and for its separate, free state-run insurance program called “Mi Salud,” between 2014 and 2019.

    • It is not lost on many of the professionals that they are exactly the sort of people — liberal, concerned with social justice — who supported the Obama health plan in the first place. Ms. Meinwald, the lawyer, said she was a lifelong Democrat who still supported better health care for all, but had she known what was in store for her, she would have voted for Mitt Romney.


    • It is not lost on many of the professionals that they are exactly the sort of people — liberal, concerned with social justice — who supported the Obama health plan in the first place. Ms. Meinwald, the lawyer, said she was a lifelong Democrat who still supported better health care for all, but had she known what was in store for her, she would have voted for Mitt Romney.


      I wonder how many others think the same way.

  1. The power of the legislative branch has been going on for decades. My husband and I were so busy working and raising our kids that we never really noticed what was happening.

    I had opinions and always voted but I wasn’t really an informed voter and citizen. As my kids grew up, I had more time to pay attention to what was going.

    My interest in what was happening started with the banning of incandescent light bulbs. Why the heck was the government getting into the business of telling us what kind of light bulbs we could purchase?

    Next was the switch over to digital television. Our area was one of the first, if not the first, to go digital. News stories all the time about it. This is not a rich area and people were trying to figure out how to deal with digital. No longer could we use our little black and white TV without getting a converter or using cable. Why for heavens sake?

    So, our country is in the pickle it is now, I think, because of many people such as myself, who were busy trying to do the right thing for their family and, unfortunately, trusted government to do right by its citizens.

    • Many (never all) reach their “light bulb” moment. The important thing is once the switch is on – it’s impossible to turn it off metaphorically speaking…because we both know the smart meters will do that for and to us.

    • Ah, the light bulbs. It used to be if the homeowner dropped a light bulb and it shattered on the floor, he cursed, then swept it up into a trash can. Now, if a bulb shatters on the floor, the instuctions ask that a HazMat team be called, everyone evacuate the home until it can be cleared. Progress, hmmm.

      I got the TV issue, it made sense at the time. However, progress in tech things have swept past the TV as the only medium for watching , viewing, or listening to any news or entertainment. It’s as if the TV itself will be obsolete soon.

      I know what your point is, @Marjo-Jimbo, and we all question our government deciding things for us without our participation. The legislators actions are usually available for viewing, but the hundreds of agencies who throw out thousands of regulations are beyond our perview.

      The most compelling issue in DC today (aside from the deficit, Obamacare. etc) is reforming our immigration policy to allow millions of illegal aliens to remain here without interference.
      All the polls show that this is the least of concern to most Americans, as it usually polls around 3-4% interest.
      That won’t stop our betters from fiddling with it, and again, shoving down our throats whatever they deem doable.

        • The public can comment and then what? Go into a spam filter or moderation. How many of us have emailed our reps with comments only to receive the basic form letter, “Thank you for your concern” followed by blah and blather.

        • Sure we can, but it doesn’t mean anything. Nobody is listening to what we have to say. I’ve seen comments go 99 to 1 against a regulation, but it still gets enacted. The leviathan is pumping out thousands of federal regulations (6002 over the last 90 days), that have the full force and effect of law. The Administrative State has become our 4th branch of government.


          • It can’t just be a Republican, Mandy. He/she must be a conservative or nothing will change. Many, probably most, beltway Republicans are neo-statists. Remember it was Republican committee chairman Fred Upton of Michigan who pushed the ridiculous incandescent light bulb ban. Now it’s Republican committee chairman, Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, who is trying to shove amnesty for illegal aliens down our throat.

          • My response is in moderation but I basically said the next president must be a conservative. Just putting a Republican in office won’t work. The people who gave us the lightbulb ban and who are working on amnesty wear the Republican mask too.

      • It was our own dim bulb, Fred Upton, who authored the incandescent light bulb ban. Fortunately, there are sellers on the internet who still have supplies of the banned bulbs. I recently ordered cases of them – my garage looks like a hardware store. I have yet to buy one of those mercury-filled squiqqly things.

  2. Turns out the latest Colorado school shooter was a self-described Keynesian, who was hunting down his debate coach. Thank God nobody died other than the deranged leftist himself. Of course, the Socialists, aka Keynesians, at the Denver Post attempted to hide the shooter’s political beliefs by editing out the word “Socialist” that was attributed to him by a fellow classmate.

    • The Denver Post couldn’t edit his rants on his FB page. If the shooter doesn’t comport to the prescribed narrative – you can hear a pin drop.

    • Thanks for the link, @Susan.
      If it doesn’t fit what the MSM narrative demands, they just ignore it or erase it.
      As for the young man; he was obviously mentally disturbed. Once again, we witness the mentally ill commit crimes as the MSM and the left denounce the means, not the person or the act.

    • I took particular interest in this story yesterday since my son is househunting in that neighborhood. Just when I thought after Columbine that area of Colorado would have the safest schools in the worrrrrrld. So I was gobsmacked, my twin grands will be going to high school in 3 years :(

      Then I saw the Obama Political Machine grind into action. Even the professional martyr Gabby Giffords and AstroBoy hubby got into the fray, they’re donating 300k to help gun control politicians get elected. Wait, What? I was sad about this, until I saw a Facebook friend post this:

      we live in culture that devalues life. It isn’t about the guns, knives, etc. It is about the person, their lives, their mental state, their upbringing. If we dont serious start looking at those hard to look at areas of our society this will continue and probably get worse.


  3. Today, the Obamas allowed a video of them lighting what appeared to be “votive candles” (as seen in Catholic churches) in remembrance of the massacre of the teachers and schoolchildren in Newtown.
    It was very nice.
    However, they didn’t light any “votive candle” for the children massacred by our drones, or killed in the streets of Chicago/Detroit/Camden or anywhere.
    Of course, MrO’s weekly address was all about gun control as he cited this tragedy. He never mentions the other tragic deaths, though.

    • Of course he never mentions the other children. The dead children who couldn’t have been his sons/daughters have greater political value to his cause than do the dead children of the Democrat strongholds who do look like him and Mooch. Children robbed of their future by a leftist ideology that dooms them to poverty or an early death. I just can’t understand how any sane person is still buying the grifters playacting.

    • If he wants gun control in our Free America: He needs to tell his secret service to use brooms instead of guns. He wants the right to have a gun near him to protect his saftey and home.
      I wish this man would read the Constitution. Than have someone explain it to him, if he still does not understand.

    • I had Fox on, my luck, they covered the candles live. The *clicks* and *whirrs* of the cameras were really distracting. In that, “Ok, Ok, we know it’s a photo op” sort of way. Or trying to send the WHPC a message….”see why we hate you guys” ?

      Still, it was a surreal viewing. Just using those kids and their families as another Obama prop for his agenda. :(

  4. In a sign of the increased tensions between the United States and China on the open seas, navy vessels from the two countries almost collided in the South China Sea when a Chinese ship cut across the bow of an American cruiser, a senior United States defense official said on Saturday.


    The Chinese vessel cut across the bow of the America ship at a distance of less than 200 yards, the defense official said. The vessel was similar to an American tank landing ship and was accompanying the aircraft carrier.

    The tactic of the Chinese ship “was particularly aggressive” and “unhelpful in trying to increase cooperation between the two navies,” he said.


  5. Full disclosure, yes it’s my site, no I haven’t turned a profit on it since it went online years ago so…….Any thoughts on the Chinese on the moon?:
    While China soars, Obama keeps America grounded on Earth:
    It’s just that I grew up during the “space race” and have to admit, never in my life did I EVER think I would see the day that the United States of America could not launch its own astronaut into space.

    • How true. It’s hard to explain to the younger generation of the pride and awe we had for NASA and our astronauts of the day. My dear Grandmother who was born in the days of horse&buggy, lived to see an American walk on the Moon. She was dumbstruck and always mentioned the “miracle” (her word).

      For all the money we spend on silly things, or to line the pockets of profiteers, we should still be exploring our universe, no matter what the cost.
      We want to know what’s “out there”, and are we alone.

    • We’re in a ‘race’ to the bottom – all the way around. The Chinese are 40 years too late, nevertheless it still stings. The space age belongs to America.and this despicable commie deleted it from memory. Didn’t even offer a tribute to Scott Carpenter.
      Obama’s demand that NASA reach out to the Muslim world to boost their self-esteem really, really makes my head explode.

      Krauthammer rips Obama a good one on Muslim outreach:

      • Here’s Muslim outreach to Christmas.

        There is an ongoing ruthless de-Christianisation of British society by the elitists advocating multiculturalism and hell-bent on destroying their own culture, identity and heritage, while desperately not wanting to ‘offend’ anybody else’s feelings or beliefs. However this aggressive ‘secularism’ is not just an attack on Christianity, but an assault on the Judeo-Christian values that makes our society what it is.

        Multiculturalists have been stripping the nation of a spiritual soul and suppressing Christianity, the religion of the majority. This leaves a vacuum that actively encourages other religions to flourish, which would be fine in and of itself, but the predator of Islam needs no invitation to mount an attack. The only followers of a non-Christian faith intent on eliminating Christmas in their adopted country are Muslims.


      • Thanks for the link. One more thing, I have to shake my head and try my very best to wonder WHAT THEY CAN DO NEXT to surprise me? The thrill as a child! Now as an adult having to worry about being left behind in space, and also our Country getting behind one step and a time.

  6. A teacher’s union in Michigan is fighting to get a $10,000 severance package for a convicted child molester whose case that drew outrage earlier this year when his former school colleagues pleaded with a judge to sentence him lightly.

    Neal Erickson, 38, pleaded guilty in May to raping a young boy over the course of three years — from 2006 to 2009 — and was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison. The prison term came over the pleas of seven of Erickson’s former fellow teachers at Rose City Middle School, including Sally Campbell, who said in a letter to the judge that “Neal made a mistake. He allowed a mutual friendship to develop into much more,” according to The Ogemaw County Herald.


  7. What was on the President’s schedule today that was so pressing or important that he couldn’t attend the Army/Navy game? Frankly, however, I’m glad he’s NOT there. This game is not about him.

  8. Tomorrow, 14 DEC 13 is Bill of Rights Day.
    I ask everyone to read it, remember and cherish it and the Constitution.
    The light of liberty that shines from these documents seem to grow dimmer and dimmer.
    But let’s keep up the fight, because as my favorite NY Yankee catcher Yogi said, ” it ain’t over till it’s over “.

  9. I just saw the clip from SNL that ran last night.
    I still cannot believe how he acted like that at ANYONE’S memorial.
    The only thing that could have topped his behavior is the two of them
    (wife) standing up yelling at one another in front of the world to see.
    Did anyone have the time to read the news response from other countries after the memorial?

    • Don’t have any links offhand, but I doubt it went over well.

      Why do I get the suspicion that they picked that sketchy “interpreter” so that he’d be the designated scandal, to give cover to VIP’s behaving badly?

  10. Well, it looks like the Griswolds (or is BO Cousin Eddie?) are going on Christmas vacation Dec 20. They’ll spend 17 glorious days in Hawaii, courtesy of the US taxpayers. (we all know they live beyond their means and cannot possibly afford this type of trip on their own dime). The report said Obama will have a light schedule this week? What the heck does that mean? How much lighter can his already light schedule get?

    • They were dead broke when the ’07 campaigning started, but I will venture to say they could buy the entire island of Oahu with all of the $$$ they are stashing away. Not only OFA funds, but someone is managing a stealth portfolio of stocks, bonds, and RE investments for them — all offshore, of course.

        • He is allowed to keep every penny after he leaves office provided it is not spent on personal expenses – only political causes, foundations, etc,
          Every member of the Obama tribe will be heading up a foundation with enormous salaries.
          Just heard about Jane Fonda’s foundation – she hasn’t contributed one penny to charity in 5 years! It’s legal, but barely. Expect the Obamas to follow suit.l

    • i suggested the other day, that instead of the expensive trip to Hawaii they should visit his Uncle. The one that he forgot that he knew!!!
      His Uncle can spread a picnic table in the back. Serve some hamburgers and hotdogs. Have the kids run around the backyard. Watch a ballgame or two. Have the radio playing as well in the backyard.
      A nice Picnic with the family that most Americans have memories of having.

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