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Spanish Finally Launches. Dónde Outrage?

The Obama administration in recent days has finally launched the Spanish version of, more than two months later than it was supposed to go up and with just days to spare before everyone’s required to be all signed up.

Um, where’s the outrage?


This is no mere screw up. With everything about the Obamacare rollout going wrong, the Obama administration months ago decided to perform emergency triage, leaving some projects for dead while trying salvage whatever else it could. One thing intentionally chucked aside was the Spanish version of

See, that’s the thanks Latinos get for supporting Obama. No immigration reform and no Obamacare website.

Oh, and no economy, but that goes for everyone.

Let’s talk about what would happen of Bush, Romney, Reagan, or someone like that decided the Spanish language website didn’t merit the same attention as the English site.

  • Articles in the press about Republicans’ “tin ear” with regard to Hispanics
  • Vicious attacks from Democrats – led by people like Barack Obama – accusing the GOP of being the party of rich white people who don’t care about minorities.
  • Angry Latino leaders rattling the White House gates and storming the airwaves of MSNBC demanding to know why this act of discrimination occurred.

The website reportedly seems to work okay. Nevertheless, I notice that if you want to research plans, you have to do it in English.

Obamacare Spanish website

This would, you know, kind of seem to defeat the purpose.

But, heck, Obama is for the people. He must be working on it.

75 thoughts on “Spanish Finally Launches. Dónde Outrage?”

  1. Ditto for Obama’s War in Afgan. Yesterday a 19 yr old Marine lost his life. For What? 15 civilians in a wedding party killed. Where is Code Pink? I guess the answer is “What difference does it Make”

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  2. Ditto for Obama’s War in Afgan. Yesterday a 19 yr old Marine was killed. For what? 15 civilians in a wedding party killed. Where is Code Pink? I guess the answer is “What difference does it make?”

  3. It is absurd that we have used taxpayer money aka the government funds to support a website for those who do not speak the official language of the country.

    If you are willing to take American money, learn to speak English.

  4. every time I hear Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera talk about the “vast majority of Hispanics/Latinos” on any polled topic I want to cuss out loud. not once have I been polled on those “issues of importance to Hispanics/Latinos”, nor have my friends or relatives. who’s doing the polling and of whom? hijola!

    1. Beware of people who talk of vast majorities. My English teachers always said to avoid words like most and majority, but a VAST majority, now that’s a tip-off that there is a lie afloat.

  5. Maybe that’s where the Republicans fall down in the battle for minds. The Dems would have made this a big issue and scored points. The Reps are not playing the same game.

    1. If Republicans would have done that, Obama would be all over it, saying that they are more interested in politicizing this critical issue that providing healthcare protection for all of those deserving Americans who need it so badly….and, of course, the media would provide the strong tailwind.

    2. The only battle the Republican leadership is participating in is against their own conservative base of voters. As long as they can maintain an illusion of power in the halls of Congress, they are just fine with watching America be torn apart by the commies. They are too corrupt and spineless to lift a finger to stop the massacre.

      1. Susan: Spot on! If anyone had any doubts, the attacks on The Tea Party is proof positive of their intent. What a bunch of feckless reps and deceivers. I no longer believe they’re out of touch – they don’t want to be touched and prefer to be insulated. To hear Rush explain it, they’re willing to lose elections to do it.

  6. Hey, the Latino Obots have so many illegal alien relatives (aka “opportunists”) here that they don’t dare criticize The One who with his Executive Orders From Our Modern Zeus can deport or de facto legalize.

    I would be ashamed if so many of “my community” were here opportunistically sucking the economic blood of the nation that illegal aliens had become “my community’s issue.”

    1. Well, we better make sure all the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights are all translated for our newly amnestied. Because surely they want to know what they came here for.

      These people have no shame. Squatters.

  7. After 30 years of eating produce from Mexico, even I can understand the disclaimer “en inglese”.
    Of what possible use is that to the illiterate Hispanics who only know how to speak the language of Spain?

    On that note; their faux outrage that Anglos “stole” their country and they want it back, flies in the face of their colonization by the Spaniards.
    The Spaniards destroyed their Incan/Indian cilvilization, forced them to speak Spanish, and decreed that only the elite could have facial hair.
    Even today, many societies in Mexico deem it a measure of elitism that unlike the Inca/Indians, they can grow a mustache.

    I think I lost the point of the Spanish/but really English Obamacare website. Too much early Christmas cheer, I suppose.

  8. The government can now order the Insurance companies to insure and cover people who have not paid. Thank you John Roberts and Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

    The insurance companies might deserve this because they were complicit with Obama. Americans do not. In the meantime, people’s health and treatment will decline and people will die.

    And no one — stands up. No one.

    I started the day with this and Susan and others see it not so bleak. The sun has set and I don’t see it any differently. The wheels of government — unless they are edicts and fiats and lawless pronouncements by Barack Obama — move slowly. So Congress is incapable or unwilling to effect any change. There is a lot of preening and speechifying. That’s it.

    Immigration will pass. The market will break out of its bubble or our Weimar Republic will limp along stuffed with Odollars. But we , as a free country, and as a free enterprise system are done. Three more years and if there is a climb back it will be long and hard.

    1. Well, I was one other who answered you. I am bleak as hell, Grace. My comment this morning was strictly intended toward what the Senate Republicans might do about the Ryan-Murray budget. But as the day went on, I became increasing bleak about that too. The Democrats only need FIVE Republican votes to make it pass.

        1. As a non-affiliated voter, I wouldn’t feel right defining the Republican Party. I too say I am a conservative. I was just referring to the Senators who call themselves Republican. There are a few who are also conservatives.

      1. Sucks. And there is a huge organizational effort within the GOP for immigration. No matter how I view it, the economic destruction of Obamacare and an influx of immigrants who will be amnestied and supported financially plus the liberal packing of the courts, the increasing lawlessness of this Administration, a thoroughly corrupt DOJ etc etc — Usually I can see a way out of things, but as I have said ad nauseum I don’t even see anyone standing up.

        Oh well, maybe that Resolution on Obama and Lawlessness will be a start.

        I don’t see anything coming from Congress. I see it coming from the people — I have no idea in what form or how. But Obamacare and immigration will affect individuals — hopefully it will be grass roots.

        1. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the RINOs are for a comprehensive immigration bill. It’s unpopular with the general populace and very unpopular with the grassroots, and they surely know that the Latinos will vote Democratic in spite of whatever they do. The only reason I see is that there is a quick and/or long term money fix in allowing a huge influx of illegals.

          1. Money. And business — all big business and tech. Lots of $$$ to their campaigns and also the I saw the head of the AMCOC on Cavuto I think and he said they were going to make an all out effort in the primaries and campaigns. So, I think that is it.

            I believe the term is “bought”. As in I bought a Republican today.

            Congress critters I now believe are totally out for themselves and their own power and lifestyle and pork. If the money from the pro immigration people will allow them to win their elections or keep their seats then that’s that. I have very little belief that either side is fighting for the country — hence Boehner and McConnell both coming down hard on Senates Conservative Fund and DeMint who is their enemy — in their eyes.

      2. murkowski and collins are two. and then probably mccain and where he goes kelly goes. and i don’t know about miss lindsey. i think i heard that the triplets were going be a no with mcconell but that’s not trustworthy at all.

          1. I think I saw that the triplets and McConnell are against it. So they must have the agreed upon Republican yes votes to carry it over the line and let these four look like they are doing something.

          2. Guarantee the RINOs have already lined up the Senate sellouts to get Ryan’s budget capitulation across the finish line. Like Rush said yesterday, this is just another act in the never-ending soap opera “Inside the Beltway”. They’ve been performing this act for years. The only difference is that now most of Americans are wise to their games.

            All we can do is keep the faith and resist government tyranny and intrusion into our lives any way possible. There are people fighting for us and making a case against this lawless government. Senator Cruz is one of them. Last week he issued a report on Obama’s lawlessness in implementing Obamacare. He’s laying out the groundwork for a legal case against this regime. One day, when the crypt keeper and his side-kick post turtle Mitch are removed from their seats of power, these reports will help to legally reverse some of the harm this regime has done to our beloved America.


    2. Any additional costs incurred by the insurance companies will be paid by the feds and our premiums. There is only one source of revenue – the tax paying public.

      1. It is not lost on many of the professionals that they are exactly the sort of people — liberal, concerned with social justice — who supported the Obama health plan in the first place. Ms. Meinwald, the lawyer, said she was a lifelong Democrat who still supported better health care for all, but had she known what was in store for her, she would have voted for Mitt Romney.


  9. Another squirrel. Yay for the Hispanics! Amirite? ;) Defintely not looking good for our 4th or 5th Estate News Corpse.

    If the WH is aiming for single payer, why are we spending all this money on sign ups ? Millions of taxpayer dollars, millions. Ugh.

  10. A long time ago, I was stating there is no reason why we cannot control the border. I didn’t know than or now, who is getting paid off.
    Than 911 happen, no one could figure out how to secure our border. Everyone said it is to expensive. We can have people make your grandmother take off her shoes at the airport, but those same people can’t work as well standing at the border all the way across 20, 30 feet apart. Yes I am sure there is a better system but at least I had a suggestion.
    As far the people for YEARS… bringing drugs into the US, that is where someone is getting paid off!
    I am fed up with calling a place of buisness and recording asking me to press one if I speak English! They can go back home and press buttons all day long as far as I am concerned. Years ago people who came to this Country, learned to speak English!!!

    1. I’m not a Repub, but I know a lot of Spanish. Taco, no mas, ola, por favor, carrumba, undela, pasta, saurkraut, nyet, pirogi.
      The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.
      , I’m good.

  11. “…the Obama administration months ago decided to perform emergency triage..” – Keith Koffler

    Not sure I agree with the use of the word “triage” here, Mr. Koffler. I was taught way back in squad school that the main principle of triage was to do the most good for the most people. The only way you could do THAT with Obamacare would be to scrap it entirely…

  12. “See, that’s the thanks Latinos get for supporting Obama. No immigration reform and no Obamacare website.” – Keith Koffler

    That’s just Obama being fair and equal. ALL of his interest groups get screwed by him just as hard as the rest of us. The fact that he’s visually “Black”, however, seems to cause a weird cognative dissonance that automatically deflects blame to Bush…

    1. The libs and Obots realize that blaming Bush has reached the end of any credibility, and are now blaming PresReagan for our country’s ills.

  13. Well shut my mouth! Both Spanish and English versions of Covered California contain a check box for voter registration (under Resources). It is not necessary to sign in or purchase a plan – anyone can access the Resource page. WTH?!?


    Inscripción de Votante
    Sí no está inscrito para votar donde vive ahora, ¿quiere solicitar su inscripción para votar hoy aquí? (Marque uno)

    Me quiero inscribir para votar.

    Ya estoy inscrito.
    Estoy inscrito para votar en mi dirección residencial actual.

    No me quiero inscribir para votar.

    NOTA: Si no marca una casilla, se considerará que ha decidido no inscribirse para votar en este momento. Puede llevar el formulario de solicitud de inscripcion para votar adjunto e inscribirse cuando le sea conveniente.

  14. How many immigrants over the years came through Ellis Island barely speaking a word of English? Yet not one of them demanded the government processing forms be given them in their native language.
    THAT is the difference between the lawful, orderly, legal immigration that made this country great and the lawless, parasites entering illegally today.
    I could care less your skin color, your heritage, your culture of where you come FROM but when you come HERE: Learn English, assimilate in English. If you want to fly the Mexican flag it flies UNDER the American flag not OVER it. If you want to speak Spanish in your home that’s your choice but in public and in government it’s ENGLISH.
    Just the idea that the federal government would spend millions of dollars setting up a website for a government run program in a foreign language is bad enough, that others say it doesn’t go far enough to “reaching out” to the “community”, even worse.

    1. Years ago not many people complained about this as much as I did: When calling a company and the recording telling you to press 1 if you speak English, etc. Right than and there, everyone should have put a stop to it!!!
      Another thing I have noticed. In certain places of buisness where the owners have immigrated here: They have a register, but the money is not being put in the register. They gave me change out of their pocket.

    2. As you know, Canada has two official languages, English and French. Expensive, unnecessary, a pain in the ass. Believe me, the United States does not want to go that route!

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