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Obama to Make IRS Tea Party Targeting Legit

And just in time for 2014!

Democracy is such a quaint notion. Why let it get in the way of doing so much good in the world? I mean, what if it turns out people don’t want their money redistributed? That they want it for themselves and will vote to keep it. Greedy bastards.

Writing today in the Wall Street Journal, columnist Kimberly Strassel outlines how the White House is seeking to legitimize the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups by issuing a regulation that would reclassify them as political outfits that don’t qualify for tax-exempt status.

From her piece:

“The committee has reviewed thousands of tax exempt applications,” says House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp. “The new regulation so closely mirrors the abused tea-party group applications, it leads me to question if this new proposed regulation is simply another form of targeting.”

Here’s how it works. To get or keep tax-exempt status, 501(c)(4) organizations must devote a majority of their work to their “primary” social-welfare purpose. Most tea party groups were set up with a primary purpose of educating Americans on pressing problems—the size of government, the erosion of the Constitution—and did so mainly via nonpartisan voter guides, speakers forums, pamphlets or voter-registration drives.

What the proposed Treasury/IRS regulation would do is to re-categorize all these efforts as “political activity”—thereby making it all but impossible for tea party groups to qualify for 501(c)(4) status. Say an outfit’s primary purpose is educating voters on our unsustainable debt, which it does mainly with a guide explaining the problem and politicians’ voting records. Under the new rule, that guide is now “political activity” (rather than “social welfare”), which likely loses the group tax-exempt status.

The rule, in other words, is not designed to provide helpful “guidance” on allowable activities. It was designed, rather, as Mr. Camp explains, “to put tea party groups out of business.”

As Strassel suggests, the renewed effort to target Tea Party groups, this time with the Kosher for Passover label, indicates that the White House was aware all along of the original supposedly “rogue Cincinnati operation,” was caught red handed, and that it now wants to try again in a way that cannot be challenged.

Further, Strassel notes, the new rules would seem to legitimize the previous targeting as merely a misunderstanding that is now being “ironed out” for the sake of clarity.

This is Orwellian.

And as I wrote Wednesday, Obama’s hiring of John Podesta means we’ll get more White House power grabs. Pretty soon, we may even get used to it. Which is exactly what Orwell understood about how the Left gradually erodes liberty.

39 thoughts on “Obama to Make IRS Tea Party Targeting Legit”

  1. They should should never have went for tax exempt status to start with. It is understandable why they did file for 501(c)3 or (c)4 status. But asking the person that you oppose to approve that you are the opposition is insanity. We have better court decision in citizens united and 527 groups. So become for profit, no one said it had to be a large profit. Use the principles that this country was founded on and embrace them with out reservation and WIN. Take our Freedom back. They will not give it up willingly.

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  2. I don’t have a problem as long as OFA, Media Matters, and a host of other leftist causes also lose their tax exempt status under these new rules.

  3. Just to be clear; is this is the same “tea party” that the Dems declared as irrelevant, dead, hated by most Americans, and the reason our government is hog-tied from throwing good borrowed money after bad?

    As this IRS targeting scandal unwound, it seemed that the tea-party organizations were small, grass root outfits located here and there and not a national organization with a defined leader.
    The Dems, in their panicky minds, have elevated what was an expression of national disgust with the antics of the Dem controlled Congress into a quasi-third political party.

    This proposed action by the IRS won’t deter the voters from expressing their views on the elites in DC, but is freezing all of us with their nonchalant use of power for partisan political gain.

    Former PresNixon was hounded from office in part because of his use of the FBI and the IRS’s power to punish his political enemies.
    PresObama should take heed, as the next seated Congress might not have so many friendly faces as sit there now.

    1. Tea Party gatherings are “required” to pay fees to hold their rallies, yet the OWS people weren’t ? OWS also left no paper trail for the hundreds of thousands of dollars “donated” to them.

  4. What about OFA? They do nothing but push Obama policy and they are tax exempt! Unions spent hundreds of million last election cycle on all democrats.

    This is tyranny.

  5. GOP leadership actually likes this because it deflects from their own targeting. Steve LaTourette is a close ally of Boehner and a former Congressman. He is running one of these groups that is actually getting money from the left. Strassel is also part of the elite media and has disdain for conservatives. She backed the Senate immigration bill.

    1. I am wondering about the coincidence of this WSJ article with Boehner’s outburst against conservative members of the House yesterday. It is the one party system after all.

  6. The House has turned against the conservatives. There is union involvement and support of the Main Street Group. Boehner will allow the extension of unemployment benefits while cutting pensions of retired military — not all of whom are officers. Then comes comprehensive immigration reform and this House will vote for it. There are a range of issues that lead me to believe that anything I do will just be sticking my finger in the dyke. And with the suppression of political opposition and dissent I see nothing but dark days ahead.

    1. Don’t lose faith, gracepmc. It’s not the entire House that has turned against us. Sixty-two patriots voted for liberty, while 169 cowards voted for their corporate sponsors. We need to thank those who stood with us and let the rest know that their days in Congress are numbered. Bawling Boehner may be riding high with all the accolades from the crypt keeper and state-run media, but they will turn on him as soon as they get what they want. We were able to stop their gun grab, so we can stop their amnesty push if we fight back. We can’t ever give up or give in to tyranny.

      Roll call vote on the Murray-Ryan fiscal plan to bankrupt America:

      1. I hats that Boehner fights harder against conservatives than democrats. And there was no reason — except upcoming immigration — to throw the temper tantrum now. I am also disappointed that my normally conservative Rep voted yes on this, especially since we have a large segment of retired military in this district and there will be no cola increases for them and only them.
        I am heartened by the fact that thirty or so have sponsored resolution directing a lawsuit against Obama for failure to emcecute the law faithfully (Obamacare) . Even though this mightl go nowhere I favor any legal recourse that requires him to engage attorneys and fight back. I would also like to see impeach proceedings on his use of the IRS.

      2. Susan I meant to say thanks for the soldier on. But I am on a tablet and commenting with it is torturous sometime. And I do like to provide my NSA minder Shirley with somewhat coherent messaging. And I don’t want to appear illiterate at my trial — should there even be trials of course.

        I have a nice going to trial wardrobe assembled. But if there are no trials I am assuming the State will provide me with some appropriate sleeveless attire.

    2. Let’s see what happens in the Senate. Jeff Sessions is going to lead a fight there, and even McConnell is supposed to be against the Ryan-Murray bill.

  7. So with a change in administrations in three years , the staffers who made these determinations should be rewarded with promotions to new positions opening in the Houlton Maine and Minot ND offices of the IRS . Particular care should be made to promote staffers with working spouses to give them the chance to see if absence makes the heart stronger . If policy is personnel , it’s time to make policy personal .

    1. Great link Denise.
      I love that site.
      The tool box that the present administration is wielding against any opposing views to the liberal agenda is extensive.
      1 year out from the 2014 elections, and they are in full attack mode.
      The corrupt DOJ, the IRS attacking any conservative groups, the Speaker of the House against the Tea Party attempts to curtail out of control spending,…..
      We have a tough row to hoe.
      Obama and Reid,…two men are running this Country.
      That coupled with Boehner in the house and Ryan sucking up to the democrats,… Katy bar the door.

      Mark Levin has suggested a Constitutional Convention is needed to rectify the direction Country is headed in.
      I’m beginning to think that he is right.

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    1. I’m all for a Fair Tax / Flat tax type of solution to the debacle that we have now.
      Start by firing the 16,000 IRS employees that were hired to enforce Obamacare and go from there.

      1. Fair Tax has the best options, but the millionaire legistlators don’t want to give up their tax shelters and keep more of “their” money. It’s why it’s having trouble getting the the House floor.

        1. The loopholes are indeed the fly in the ointment.
          Lobbyists will fight tooth and claw to prevent it from happening.
          Our only hope is to eliminate as many corrupt heathens that are intent on lining their pockets while stripping Americans of the ability to make a living all the while expecting them to vote them back into office.

          Hopefully, enough people will wake the hell up and vote them out of office.
          The ACA should have an impact on the election of 2014.

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  10. If “We the People” want to rid ourselves of the IRS [American Gestapo] than we need to demand that the 16th Amendment be repealed, which was passed in 1913 despite Supreme Court declaration ruling in 1911 that it was unconstitutional and a ‘direct tax’. Once the income tax system goes into the garbage bin of history where it belongs, so will the IRS and the only thing remaining will be a much smaller and less powerful accounting agency for the federal government – AND – issues about tax exemptions and income redistribution practices. What the People earn from their work should not be the business of government, especially to rob it and take it before YOU decide how to spend it. The only deductions from payroll should be Medicare and Social Security until they can figure out a better way. The Fair Tax act has been languishing in Congress since 2002 – and every president and congress has ignored it, despite undergoing a two-year study with economists before it was submitted. It is time to listen to people like Ron Paul instead of progressive socialists that have infiltrated our infrastructure much like the Jihadists are doing and have been doing since the Bush administration.

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    Also: Educate Yourself on the Constitution

    This a link above is about the proposal of the “Convention of the States”

    This article gives us deep insight on what the Federal Government powers should be under the Constitution of the United States. Also exactly (WHY??) do we need a Convention of the states?

    WE need to clean house as fast as we can !!! PLEASE E mail these to as many people as we can.
    Can we make this go Viral ?? I sure hope so.

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  13. It’s time to stop the Left COLD. It’s time for the military leadership to “come out of the closet” and into the light. We need to know where the Admirals and the Generals all stand. They may not be allowed to be openly political while in their respective services, but NONE OF THEM ARE WITHOUT AN OPINION. Just ask any Drill Instructor. Its time for every right-thinking American to buy that high capacity magazined pistol, and to buy a tactical rifle and a tactical shotgun. Let’s clear the shelves of all the ammunition, and buy up all the raw components. Just like our forefathers did before the Revolution of 1776, WE NEED TO PREPARE. Because it’s time. The day has finally come for all Americans to realize that “the British aren’t coming. They are HERE”.

    1. There is an episode from the Andy Griffith show.
      He is trying to teach Opie and his friends how important History is. He told the story in a very dramatic way, all the boys were listening! Andy Griffith saying The British Are Coming, etc.
      If more people had paid attention in hIstory class, they would have a better understanding and fear of what is happening.
      Picture this: In high school classroom. Three boys 1/2 asleep in the back of the room. Three girls putting makeup on. One student making a football with piece of paper.
      Yes in highschool I did think about what I had to do after school:
      Part time job, I had to have money to buy my designer jeans,
      The Lake Front: I had to go have fun at the lake.
      The list goes on of what other fun things on my list.
      HOWEVER: As I stated a couple of times, because my grandfather served in WWII, and because of everything of the 60’s and early 70’s catching my attention: I did pay attention in History class.
      Everyone: I believe keeps telling themself in the back of their mind: It can’t happen hear. We will pull though etc.
      Only first cup of coffee: I hope the point is taken well.

  14. I’ll Never understand, why or how so many, otherwise intelligent and educated people continue to think and refer to the united States as a ‘Democracy’ when we have Never been such and entity.
    The USA was established as a Constitutional Republic and remains one, to this very day, despite efforts to ‘Change’ it into some other, less desirable form of government. The 14th & 17th Amendments did a lot to take Constitutionally directed authority away from the various States and to give it, to the National government. Having said that, the 10th Amendment Still reads; ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.’
    James Madison, often called ‘The Father of the Constitution’ has said much the same thing, in Federalist #46; ‘The Powers given to the national government are few and enumerated, while those left to the States are numerous and infinite’.
    It would seem apparent, to any reasonable scholar, that the USA was Not designed to be any sort of ‘Democracy’ since our Framers absolutely Detested such ; ‘A democracy is like two wolves and a lamb sitting down to discuss what to have for dinner. Liberty would be a well armed lamb, contesting the vote.’ ~ Benjamin Franklin
    They referred to democracy (Left Wing) as ‘Mob Rule’. Knowing, very well, through historical precedent, that democracies are frail creations, short lived and most always devolving into anarchy (Far Right Wing) , then further into tyranny (Far Left Wing). They chose, instead, to give us a far more stable form of government, a Constitutional Republic; the Rule of Law, instead of man, with adequate checks and balances, designed to keep any one fraction of our government from attaining any more power, than any of the other branches of government.
    Sadly, both political parties seem intent upon destroying our given form of government, by breaking down the barriers between the checks and balances, so as to try to cement some form of Socialist government into the places where our, former, liberties used to reign.
    I could say more, but I believe it would only be redundant…

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