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The Obama Morning News || December 13, 2013

Yet another Obamacare delay . . . Politico
HHS to Issa: We don’t trust you . . . Politico
Keep your health plan vow “lie of the year” . . .  Politifact
U.S. open to aiding Syrian Islamists
. . . Washington Post
Congress capitulates on Iran sanctions . . . The Hill
Obama makes a turn to the left . . . Politico
House overwhelmingly passes budget deal . . . Fox News
White House hails as a “positive step” . . . Examiner
Ryan dismisses talk deal could harm 2016 bid . . . ABC News
Rubio positions as a budget warrior . . . Tampa Bay Times
Does Boehner win pave way for immigration? . . . The Hill
GOP to reach out to minorities . . . Daily Caller
The 19 most ridiculous Obama 2013 photos . . . Daily Caller

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 13, 2013

  1. Obamacare delay:
    This isn’t a delay, or as Policito calls it- a punt, this is an attempt to divert the pain of canceled health insurance policies onto the backs of the insurance companies.
    It is probably an illegal move by the HHS, and one that insurance companies will resist.
    Insurance companies are regulated by state agencies, and they are not charities, but must answer to their shareholders. They can’t offer “free” coverage for those who haven’t been able to actually enter the market or don’t want to do so except if they become ill or injured.

    The HHS and the Obama administration is asking private insurers to pay the medical expenses of people who are not, or not yet, their customers. If their plan is to reimburse the insurers for their losses, then we have reached socialized medicine through the wormhole of private insurance companies.

    • re: the rest of the headline stories
      “Congress capitulates” would be an appropriate headline for all of them.
      The only exception would be the demeaning lineup of unfortunate photos taken of MrObama. There’s no news, or opinion expressed in posting the photos, but an attempt to ridicule him.
      No wonder the WhiteHouse clamped down on the press’ ability to take their own photos.

      Just a personal note:
      Yesterday, I found myself defending MrsO as she was humiliated on the international stage by her flirty and childish husband.
      Today, I’m objecting to the publishing of candid photos of MrO, as they have no value to the conversation.

    • I thought the HHS suggestion that people could make a partial payment and then get their chemo etc was weird–admission that no one could afford premiums? No–the ins cos do not have to do this stuff–but what about the sick, scared people?

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