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Even if You Can Keep Your Doctor – He Might Not Keep You

What’s being touted in the  press as the single Obamacare “success story” is the dumping of hundreds of thousands of people into Medicaid, a process that forgoes the tricky signup maze of the Obamacare exchanges.

So these people now have health insurance. The question is, will they have doctors?

In a 2012 survey, a majority of physicians said they can no longer accept new Medicaid patients because of declining reimbursements.

Uh oh, here we go again. What the Ivy Tower intellects who brought us Obamacare failed to take into account is that, unlike them, ensconced in their government posts or think tank sinecures, doctors are in the private sector, seek to make money, and have employees and office space rent to pay.

So what’s the next step? Well, once the state take some power, and, you know, things aren’t working according to the five year plan, it simply appropriates more power to make it work. Bang that square peg into a round hole until dammit, everything fits.

Kevin Williamson, an excellent writer over at National Review, dropped by Fox News today to explain how this will happen: Force doctors take more Medicaid patients.

Doctors have licenses. They’re at the mercy of the states in which they practice, and this will be decided by the state legislatures.

Some state Democratic lawmakers are already talking about legislation telling physicians whom to see, Williamson adds.

But I doubt a state solution will be sufficient for the White House. I’m not sure how they will do it, but look for the administration to find ways to punish doctors who defy our leader by not taking a financial hit on Medicaid patients.

This is why Obamacare is so pernicious. By dipping government’s hand so aggressively into the private sector, it’s in position to start grabbing for all sorts of new opportunities to control our lives.

31 Responses to Even if You Can Keep Your Doctor – He Might Not Keep You

  1. When the state can order or coerce a private citizen to perform a service to another private citizen, then we’re done, cooked, fini.
    It’s state sponsored slavery.

    {come to think of it, it’s already happening. A Christian couple who own and operate a bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.
    The gay couple sued, and a court determined that the bakers must bake a cake for them.

      • If the government pays the insurers to pay your medical bills, then we will have “single payer” once removed.
        The next step will be the government bypasses the insurers and pays the medical bills directly.
        Presto Chango! Single payer in three steps.

    • Did the judge rule that the baker discriminated against this couple? Apparently all businesses need to throw away their “We reserve the right to refuse service” signs since this judge has made them useless.

  2. One degree of separation and 10 years (or 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.) later the gap is noticeable. This is what happens when you compromise values, freedom, personal liberty, etc.

  3. Don’t forget telling the ins cos that hey, even if they just send SOMETHING, reimburse their providers. This is really new–and didn’t they say they would kick over money to the cos for the time being and true up–as they put it–later. Did some irksome lawyer say no to that?

    • Saw that, too. Since when can you claim to be insured for anything with a partial payment?
      I think they used the term “down payment”, too. Again, who makes a down payment on their car, house, rental, or any insurance?

      Pre-paid insurance isn’t unusual in the business community, but individual policies don’t allow for that. Again….that’s another issue, too.
      Oh, what a mess.

  4. We are cooked well done when the day comes that the govt orders
    high tech medical implants at birth. They will be touted as a medical “breakthrough”. Yes they will monitor our bodies,aliments, etc.
    What they wont tell us is how they will monitor EVERY move we make.

  5. This whole mess is a travesty!!! Wasn’t it all about ‘affordable h/c for every man, woman and child’? We started out with 15M uninsured and we’re going to end up with AT LEAST 30M uninsured. And we still have the elephant in the room – 15-20 illegals! It’s insanity!

    Obama swindled us out of our affordable Q U A L I T Y healthcare and lied his skinny rear end off for 4 years. It’s never going to work, nor should we ever be forced into a third-world system of socialized medicine. This monstrosity must be repealed. It is doable – it’s based on LIES! What is everyone afraid of? A commie thug?

  6. Ironically it was government wage controls that started the de-coupling of healthcare and patient payment in the first place when employers began offering “benefits” to entice workers to work for them over competition since the wage market had been frozen.

    Then along came Johnson hell bent on having a larger legacy than Kennedy and the wonderful “Great Society”. Don’t get me wrong, Medicare has saved millions of lives from ending pre-maturely BUT that is funded by it’s own tax. (And it’s STILL going broke because of government waste in operation.)

    Medicaid on the other hand is a monster of its own. Should have never been started and certainly should have never been allowed to grow to current size and absolutely should be being expanded.
    The entire system gives a false sense of security, distorts the market and forces cost shifting onto the commercial and private pay market driving up costs across the board.

    A smaller, smarter, and simpler solution would be an expansion of community clinics staffed by community service nurse practitioners and physician assistants with physician oversight. Yes, it will cost money but nothing compared to the direct costs of Medicaid and the indirect costs from all the ER visits now and the inflationary price pressure as providers try to compensate for the lower than cost Medicaid reimbursement.

    Repeal the hospital mandate that they must treat all no matter what to funnel the non-emergency patients back into clinics where they belong, institute real tort reform to address the “standard of care” trap that lines lawyers pockets and does nothing to help the patient (see small rural hospitals having to drop OB/GYN services as one consequence), develop a Peace Corps type medical service here in the states to give young people experience in the healthcare fields and treat the poor and under-insured as well.

    Yes, I know there’s a lot of “ramble” here but I’ve been in and around this business since 1979 and I promise you all, Obamacare fixes nothing and makes a broken system even more dysfunctional.

    There are fixes and reforms that would work and help millions more than Ocare ever will but they don’t give the government more control so don’t expect the current Democrat party to endorse any of them. Because after all, it really isn’t about health “care” to them is it? It’s all about health “control”. They could care less what quality it is.

  7. Doc’s have licenses , but they also have feet and can vote with them . Some states (the usual cast of NY NJ Ill and Caly) will no doubt requisition their MD’s . The MD’s are not obliged to stay in those enlightened states and can flee to sunnier climes , literally and figuratively . No doubt they will .

    • Yes this Big Lie of the year is a dangerous snowball gaining the
      power to ruin the American Medical System as we know it forever.
      Now that saying ‘Nixon lied nobody died’ takes on a different meaning Obama lied people will die. I see the commercial for
      St Jude’s late at night what will become of them I wonder. If the
      big cancer hospitals are out of the picture where will adults go?

  8. In CT, families making up to $90K per year are FORCED through the health care exchanges to put their kids onto Medicaid. This is outrageous. Medicaid is for POOR people. And, good luck getting good doctors for your kids near you willing to accept Medicaid.

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