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Video || Uproar! Press Erupts Over Lack of Access

Reporters in the White House briefing room erupted in rebellion today on behalf of their photo-taking brethren, demanding to know why press photographers were banned from snapping shots of President Obama and his august guests – including Mrs. Obama, George W. Bush, Mrs. Bush, and Hillary Clinton – on Air Force One during the trip to South Africa while official White House propaganda photo taker Pete Souza got the run of the house.

Have a look:

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  1. You want some whine with that cheese… majority of the fools in that room voted for this dictatorship and when they don’t get things their way… its mini-tantrum time. Never mind the millions of us who’ve been screwed over by this government. This is not a game anymore.

  2. The “reporters” in the “WH press corps” got uppity about “Obama acess” -LMAO!
    Where the H#ll have they been for the past 5 years ‘errupting over lack of access’ to Obama…?

      • and the “press/MSM” allowed themselves to be “restricted” by this regime.
        (re: “Barack Hussein Obama”‘s birth, early life, school records, college-law school records, job records, being a Chicago Democrat/corrupt Illinois politican, how he became a ‘US Senator’, etc.)

  3. As we’re already saturated with everything Obama, a few more photos won’t make a difference.
    If we want to see the real Obamas, there’s always the UK’s DailyMail for that.
    Occasionally, we even get news from our foreign friends that our boot-licking MSM won’t report to us. We just learned that secret talks have been held between the WhiteHouse and Cuba for 6 months from foreign news sources.
    When the American press wants to do their job and actually report the good and the bad, then we might not have to go overseas to find out what’s going on in DC.

    • Yes they are a whinny bunch and who cares about a pic that we
      can see in the Daily Mail. They carried his bucket of lies and reported it as news and they’re peeved about a pic? Boo hoo.

  4. Good for them, but that is a whimper compared to what this WH and Jay Carney deserve. Carney is as big a liar as his boss. Obama has a constant look of disdain in addressing the public and Carney has a constant smirk and snarl.

    I did like Ed Henry’s amusement. Glad not to be under fire I suppose and probably enjoying this little bit of rebellion.

  5. Thank you for posting, Keith. After five years, now the press understands what those of us studying Obama have known…he has a far-left, tyrannical agenda with no intent of giving the press access to him. He is the emperor, and he determines who takes his picture at all times…just like other dictators throughout history.

    Perhaps now the press will wake up to the forgery, conspiracy and other crimes which got Obama to where he is. It is about to break loose with or without them.

    • And where the Hell is the “MSM” reporting this…?!?! or even the “WH press corps” brining this up…?

      Being a US Vet & history major this really pisses me off.

      ~Afghanistan (that stone age sh#t-hole) is truly the graveyard of empires.

  6. Well it’s about time! They finally are now acting like they should!
    He still would not shut up, and kept interuppting everyone!
    They should have all stood up and walked out as far as I am concerned
    A dictator may pick and choose the people he that cover the news, but here in America it is suppose to be a Free Press.

  7. During Obama’s first term I used to keep a folder of pics from Daylife and Getty images in a special folder. They were mainly candid shots of MO – real doozies, if you know I mean. It was quite a collection. I didn’t know what I would ever do with them, but I felt they should be preserved for posterity.

    Much to my sorrow, I woke up one morning… my folder was empty . “Removed by photobucket”. The Daylife site is no longer available to the public. I know nothing about this process, but it does seem suspicious. Can’t imagine why MO didn’t want those pics circulating, lol. The camera doesn’t lie.

  8. They’re only mad because they didn’t get their chance to grovel before Lord Obama. They;ll never dig into anything of substance. Sorry folks you sold out your credibility over the last 6 years so I really don’t care about your hurt feelings.

    • I often wonder how our Keith Koffler can sit in that room with Propaganda Sec. Jay “baghdad bob” Carney and the sycophants of the ‘WH press corps’ under this Obama regime…

  9. I seriously hope Carney Barker is saving his money, because it’s all the money he’s likely to earn for the rest of his life. Having an honest job usually means one has to be, you know, honest.

  10. The american people had better wake up soon and realize they run this country, not these idiots in Washington. All of these fools work for US and we need to DEMAND the behavior we expect, not beg or request or cajole or whine. Just like bad parents who have inflicted ourselves with the worst bunch of brats (in Washington) by our permissiveness, we now need to lay down the law.