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Another Obama Foreign Policy Success!

The White House’s man in Syria HAS FLED THE SCENE

General Salim Idriss, supreme leader of the Supreme Military Council of “moderates” the United States was backing, noticed the other day that his Islamist allies were seizing his group’s warehouses, which contained trucks, food, medical supplies, laptops and radios.

And so he put two and two together AND DECIDED TO SPLIT.

So long Salim.

He’s in Turkey, which coincidentally might not be a bad codename for President Obama’s Syria policy.

Long ago, when there was a chance of installing someone a little better than our enemy, Bashar Assad, as president of Syria, the White House decided to think on it. Bashar would soon be gone anyway.

Begone, Bashar! said Secretary of State Kerry.

Then the Russians and the Iranians, who don’t dawdle, gave Bashar lots of heavy weapons. And al Qaeda, which doesn’t dawdle unless we have a gun to its head, dispatched its fighters to “join” the rebellion.

And so Kerry and the White House noticed Bashar wasn’t leaving as he’d been asked. Meanwhile the al Qaeda Islamists were starting to kick our guys around. And so America began, hesitantly and with much hand wringing, to give our fellas some light arms to play with.

Well, alas it didn’t work, and the United States looks feckless to the world once again. Better to have just not gotten involved than look like we’re a bunch of indecisive ninnies.

As a public service, White House Dossier has decided to provide Obama and his aides with this video, which we believe explains what happens when one side has superior arms to the other.

30 Responses to Another Obama Foreign Policy Success!

  1. Gimme a break, Keith! Are you impLYING BHO or JK are Indiana J? The Capitol may be the Temple of Doom and America may be on its Last Crusade because Washington’s Crystal Skulls are clearly empty and leadership is the Raiders of the Lost Cause.

  2. Keith:

    Nice message. But, really? At the anniversary of Sandy Hook?

    Couldn’t you have found a video of somebody eloquently talking the bad guy to death? And didn’t Indy’s gun qualify as an assault weapon?

    Then again, isn’t Indiana Jones just a manly thief with great PR?

    BTW: With the Washington Post soliciting stories of <> gun experiences, perhaps you could solicit accounts of <> guns saving lives (or maybe even great speeches…)

    • Idea!!!
      Attention Willie Nelson: Please get a writer and sing a song about The mess we are in.
      Maybe a song with lyrics comparing what we knew and had several years back, compared to the fear I / we have of the road our Country is heading.
      We don’t have the Beatles anymore, but another Yesterday song with different lyrics and tune.
      Weeks back I suggested that all the older musicians come out of retirement and start singing songs of any/all of the Mess.

  3. This war, or whatever it is, must have the professionals at the StateDept pulling out their hair in frustration. We have the Syrian nationals, the Russians, the Iranians, the Saudis, foreign mercenaries, and of course, the US all involved in fighting with or against the different sects of Islam who can’t seem to decide which version of their Koran is the right one.
    This is no way to have a proper war, and Salim did the only sensible thing by thowing in the towel.

  4. BO to MO.
    Let’s go to Hawaii this year.
    I need a diversion from all this presidential stuff.
    Hey,.. what was that blonde babe’s name that I met in Africa, at that guy’s funeral ?
    Maybe she would like to have a vacation too.
    I’ll have my staff contact her.
    No problem MO, I can’t remember her name either.

    • LOL
      Speaking of his next vacation. If he cared for this Country!
      He would give up one of those long, expensive, far away vacations. Instead of having fun, he could be sitting down ravaging though all the files of all the scandels, Benghazi, etc…
      to learn ( ha ha) and find out (ha ha) what went wrong, and who is at fault (ha ha) and have someone answer to those issues,
      (ha ha). There are many people who have had to give up vacations and time off to get a job done!!!

    • Did you see the video of the Dem congresscritter Kuster. — she was asked about Benghazi and was genuinely confused. Finally she said — we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about the Middle East.

      Someone pointed out to her — Benghazi – Libya – Middle East.

      Pathetic beyond belief.

  5. now Keith, I don’t think you’re being fair to Obama and Kerry and the brain trust at State. they were actually referring to Martin BASHIR from MSNBC, not BASHAR al-Assad, when they talked about him “having to go.”

    it’s an easy mistake to make, especially for these people, who keep mistaking jihadi-enabling Islamic dictators as allies.

  6. Huh?

    The top Western-backed commander of the opposition forces in Syria, General Salim Idris, has denied US claims that he was run out of the country by Islamist militants.


    Gen. Idris fled to Doha, Qatar on Sunday after leaving Syria for Turkey “as a result of the Islamic Front taking over his headquarters,” a senior US official said.

    However, on Thursday, the Syrian National Coalition’s (SNC) official spokesman dismissed those claims as “laughable,” saying the commander is currently holding talks with the Islamic Front.

    “General Selim Idriss is in the south of Turkey on the border of Turkey and Syria,” SNC spokesman Khaled Saleh told AFP in Istanbul. “Yesterday [Wednesday] he was actually meeting with the Islamic Front.”

    “General Idriss is still in contact with the FSA brigades that are on the ground, he’s still in contact with the Islamic Front,” he added.

    The Islamic Front is a coalition of the largest Islamist rebel factions, excluding two top Al-Qaeda-associated groups, the Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria. It is considered more moderate among Islamist militant groups.

    On Friday, radical militants from the organization seized several premises containing non-lethal aid from the US. The aid belonged to the Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army at the Bab al-Hawa crossing near the Turkish border, Reuters reported.