As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – December 12, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. They’re showing a lovely shot of an empty podium right now.

    Come to think of it, that’s pretty much what we’ve had for the last five years…

    • While we’re waiting, someone on another thread asked you about how John Boehner is doing in your district. Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Mr. Bohener is actually in a district to the north of the People’s Republic of Cincinnati, so I don’t have the pleasure of voting against him in the primaries, but I am close enough to get flood warnings every time he becomes verklampt.

        JohnB reps the district that the rich folks have fled to in order to escape the socialist regimes in Hamilton County, Ohio, but it allows them to be close enough to limo to the various world headquarters down the 75 corridor. These folks have by and large been pretty happy with the pork sandwiches Johnny’s been serving, and the folks from the less prosperous small cities such as Hamilton have actually seem to enjoy his capitulations to Obama. There have been rumblings against him of late, particuarly after he teed off on his base yesterday; but unfortunately, rumblings are all they are ever likely to be.

        This is a rather RINO district because of it’s “Tale of Two Cities” character, with the Prius-driving guilty rich on the one side who – as always – want to assuage their guilt by having OTHER people’s money spent on their behalf; and with larger numbers of food stamps being handed out in Rust Belt cities like Middletown producing bumper crops of dependant Democrat voters that were permanantly damaged by terrible city schools, along with burgeoning illegal populations, it is not a district that would put an ACTUAL conservative in Washington. Add to that the ultraliberal college that is Antioch in Yellow Springs, and the college town of Oxford where they couldn’t even keep the name of the sports team “Redskins” because, well, it’s offensive and stuff, then you can see where we’re at with this for yourself…

        Also, I don’t know the name of the current Tea challenger, but I don’t feel bad about it because no one else does, either. That’s a problem for him. No local radio, no local TV, nothing in local papers = no name recognition = no votes. No danger for The Red-Eyed Wonder there, either.

        Sorry, but I have to call ’em as I see ’em. I don’t see any hope of Boehner being “Primaried” into irrelevancy, and wishing won’t make it so…

        BTW, I’ve also got Pinky McConnell to my South. He’s done a bang-up job of tarring HIS conservative opponent after going after him with a venom one could only wish he’d use on Democrats, and likely won’t face any serious opposition there either, despite the demo being a little more conservative, again because of dependancy and name recognition. Unless the Democrat – who he’s been very civil with and has no attack ads against (in marked contrast to his primary opponent) wins, I don’t see Mossback Mitch walking the Canterbury road this time, either.

        Wish I had better news, but my pied-à-terre is perilously close to a city that can’t even rid itself of grasping Federal sugar to purchase a 2 mile “streetcar” system through a shooting gallery while it passes legislation making non-Union contractors unable to bid for City projects no matter the violence this does to City budgets; and that city recently turned its “projects” inside out like socks, spilling it’s unwanted, self-created multigenerational dependant class into the entire Country via Section 8, while using Federal Government muscle with that program to sue the few remaining surrounding municipalities into accepting these destablizing hordes. This is metastizing into Boehner’s district as well – and they won’t vote conservate – ever. So RINOs only if you please, at least until they can be fully converted to the Devil’s – eh, Democrats’ – way…

        I know – TL, DNR. It’s all local politics, but you DID ask…

        • I have seen some talk at Red State and elsewhere about challengers in the District. They may not be good or acceptable at the moment, but if they can find someone I think there will be a lot of outside support for a primary challenger to Boehner.

          He is beginning to act and sound like Barack Obama when it comes to conservatives. Also I think it was at Red State where I read an article about the Main Street organization and how unions are now signing on to support Boehner and his ilk.

          One can hope that Boehner stays long in his cups and gets unbearably cocky.

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