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More Deceit from the Openness Administration

Okay, let’s give President Obama some credit. He promised openness, not honesty. You get to see the village. If it’s a Potemkin Village, that’s your problem.

What HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wanted you to know during her hearing Wednesday before a House healthcare subcommittee is that, as HHS announced the same day, 365,000 people have enrolled in Obamacare as of the end of November.

Obama SebeliusLet’s talk about this. First of all, we actually have no idea how many people have enrolled. Because enrollment, as defined by insurers – who unlike the federal government have businesses to run – define enrollment as payment for a plan. These 365,000 people have merely selected a plan. HHS won’t tell us how many have paid.

I may have gone through the Internets and selected the Abs of Adipose Athletic Club to trim some fat, but I guarantee they won’t consider me a member and start letting me use the medicine balls until I’ve paid up.

Also, only about 137,000 of these selections occurred on the federal exchange. We’re nowhere near the numbers we’re supposed to have for Obamacare to work, and we don’t know how many of those signing up are the sweet young Obamamaniacs whose cash is needed to float the system but who now appear to be making rational choices to stay a thousand miles away from it.

At 110,000 selections in November, the pace increased fourfold from October, Sebelius hopes you’ll understand.

Let me check my abacus for a second here. Yes, four times nothing is still nothing.

Sebelius was primed with other misleading information, such as a rejection of the FACT that Obamacare is making people lose their doctors.

“There’s nothing in the law that has their doctor lost to them,” Sebelius said.

This is such rank dishonesty by a smart woman who knows better. No, the law doesn’t specifically fire your doctors for you. But any idiot understands that if you lose your insurance – which even the White House acknowledged occurs under Obamacare – you lose your doctor.

Sebelius clearly thinks we’re not just any idiot, but some kind of special idiot.

Politico reports that all this congressional oversight is getting on the poor woman’s nerves. I mean, no autocrat likes to go through this.

Sebelius is getting sick of these hearings, and so are some of the lawmakers themselves.

That much became clear at several points in the proceedings, as Sebelius came as close as she ever does to telling a couple of Republicans to shove it.

Shove it? Putting aside the coach of the 3-10 Washington Redskins, Sebelius is second on the list of people in the United States who should have been fired the day before yesterday. And unlike Mike Shanahan, Sebelius’ incompetence has harmed people across the nation, not just Washington area football fans.

Here’s Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) comparing getting answers out of Sebelius to eliciting information from Kim Jong-Un.

32 Responses to More Deceit from the Openness Administration

  1. Everything about the left is perception, manipulation, and lies. Everything. Everything is ‘Wag the Dog.’ Everything is a structured deception.
    – Rush Limbaugh

  2. Obfuscation is transparency, obfuscation is transparency, obfuscation is transparency, obfuscation is transparency, obfuscation is transparency, obama is a traitor, obfuscation is transparency, obfuscation is transparency, obfuscation is transparency, obfuscation is transparency, obfuscation is transparency………….

    We all know what they want us to believe but the truth IS in there.

  3. No, the “law” did not say you lose your doctor, but the law did result in narrower networks and weirdly arranged “plans” that may make your doctor quit or take him off your roster of approved docs. This woman, as you say, knows that…just another straw man–they have an endless supply. They are also saying–thru regs that the ins cos are following–that certain hosps will not be cost-effective–this would be the good ones. But of course, we are all so stupid–duh. drool–we don’t know this compared with their fine intellectual selves.

  4. Just an anecdote on Obamacare failure: the state of Oregon has spent $300 million on CoverOregon and has only 44 sign-ups. I don’t know how much of this is federal money, but I do know that $300,000 of it was given out as a prize for the best CoverOregon commercial. Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber intends to run for a third term, but this time I just can’t see him winning.

  5. I for the life of me don’t know why everyone is missing this. How may of those 365,000 enrollees are people that lost their insurance? If you subtract those out how many “new” enrollees do you think there are – 100,000?, maybe 50,000 of the 7 million that need to enroll? Someone should be keeping these numbers.

    • They can’t get the real numbers.
      Izza has reported that the HHS is stonewalling the congress on the true information.
      Sound familiar ?
      Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandals ?
      Same song, over and over again.
      Congress had better grow a set,….soon.
      The Kabuki theater is getting stale.

      • I just read the Press Room finally speaking out.
        As well as my other suggestions, maybe they should all start asking questions about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS Scandels, and the entire list of Scandels. In other words AF Vet,
        ask current question and quickly refer to one of the scandels. They will have to talk super, super fast, before being interuppted.

  6. I live in Kansas she’s not smart crafty and crooked. She like her boss
    can get away with stupid you know I didn’t know nobody told me crap.
    She will never be fired and as this Trojan Horse moves along to a single
    payer plan everyone suffers except those in the Ivory Tower. In the long
    run they don’t need death panels Obamacare is one.

  7. And the poor (punned on purpose) suckers in the hood believed / thought that he was gonna be “different”. Boo hoo hoo. Not OUNCE of empathy. Couldn’t care less. SCHADENFREUDE. :)

  8. Cold-hearted doesn’t even touch the lack of understanding that these Dems show towards the real people, not numbers, but real people with serious medical issues, real families scrambling to do the responsible thing and replace what the government has taken from them.

    People are going to die, find that health-care is non-existant for them, or that they are priced out of the health insurance market because the Dems want to control everything without regard to the humanity of their actions.

    BarackObama, MrsSillybus, and every Dem who is supporting this monstrosity of evil they have thrown on the backs of the middle class should be impeached, fired, and forced to explain themselves to the loved ones of those they hurt with their actions.

  9. Sebelious can’t talk about the problems she wont let folks tell her of, and Obama can’t talk about things he dos not hear from his staff…progressive solution…’lets have an investigation’.
    Then we can say, as we do on Fast and Furious, Benghazi etc. that “we can’t comment while the investigation is in progress”
    And so again Conservatives and democrats that care for their country are stymied.

    • The investigations will continue to be in progress due to the fact that the information is being stonewalled, hidden, redacted.
      All of these criminals should be incarcerated until their trial.

      • That quote “In Progress” is getting old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        They are should at least look in the dictionary and find different words that mean the same thing.
        They should say “We are getting over all of you”
        I don’t know what to do? I am to afraid to got out with a T-Shirt to show my thoughts on the issues.
        I still can’t believe I feel this way in the same Country I grew up in.

  10. What fresh hell is this, as Dorothy Parker would say. In Mich, they passed a law saying since we don’t allow abortions for any reason, if you think you will suffer rape or incest, you have to by separate abortion insurance to cover that. This is being blamed on…wait for it…the Repubs, naturally. Could anyone really propose, much less pass, anything so stupid?

  11. Simple solution for Mr. Issa: Subpoena the CEO of every health insurer in the US to testify one-after-the-other, daye-after-day as to the actual number of “paid-through” new enrollees for each insurance company. As a betting man, I’ll take the “under”

  12. This is the Catholic Sebellius.

    Sebelius is a member of the Catholic Church; however, in early March 2009, then-Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke, prefect for the Apostolic Signatura, the Holy See’s highest court, declared that Sebelius should not approach the altar for Communion in the United States, and he noted that, “after pastoral admonition, she obstinately persists in serious sin”.[83] Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Fred Naumann also asked that Sebelius no longer receive Holy Communion because of her position on abortion. Naumann criticized Sebelius for vetoing HS SB 389.[84] The action received mixed reviews in the Catholic press.[85][86][87]

    I mention this because Sebellius will never be called to answer for the corrupt ACA. So, being old school and a Catholic I say we should simply throw her to the lions.

    • Anyone who would even tolerate a butcher like George Tiller is most definitely no Catholic. People like Sebelius and Pelosi, who go on about how devout they are, make me sick.

      I left the Church because of people like those two. I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy. I would rather simply try to live according to Jesus’ teachings that associate with a person like Sebelius.

  13. About half, and growing, the country is dependent on govt. If the Commie’s aren’t removed, it’s pretty much over to me. “Other People’s Money” will eventually run out. I think Ayn Rand’s “We The Living” pretty much paints where this county is headed under these knuckleheads.