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Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 12, 2013

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

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Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

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    • By bringing up Mandela’s memorial, you remind me that Obama should hire that man who did the signing for the deaf. After all, his meaningless signing would be a perfect match for Obama’s empty speeches.

      • Julie, you asked me before about that blonde. Well, it is Danish PM Helle Thorning Scmidt and Danish media reacted mixed on the selfie event, some giggled, some bashed her and we Swedes giggled. She is sometimes called Gucci-Hellle because of her faiblesse for elegant clothes and shoes. I am sure she is a flirt, she is a pretty girl and she likes to have fun. I do hope there will not be diplomatic troubles for our dear neighbours now. Thank heavens for our PM, he is bald and serious looking, nothing flirty about him at all. But dear Helle, you made that memorial memorable and you made Michelle show her true nature. You also made Obamas fake speech look….just fake.

        • Grumpy Cat took 2nd in the voting compared to 1st placed claimed by MOTUS during the selfies being taken at the celebration. Boy did she show her dark side to the public.

      • Maybe Obama could use the hand sign guy instead of a TelePrompTer next time? It would give him someone else to blame for his failings, and we all know how he LOVES to do THAT…

    • “11:00 AM / Pick-up prints at Walgreens of Selfie with that hot Danish chick and guy from (I think England)” – WNY_ROC

      Actually, I suspect Obama’s apparent bent would make him more inclined to write it as ” Pick-up prints at Walgreens of Selfie with that Danish chick I could care less about, and the HOT guy from (I think England)”

      Just seems more like how he rolls…

  1. Whatever. The next couple of days it will be Harry Reid in charge. Check out this newest wrinkle in the Ryan compromise budget. As this link suggests — no wonder Boehner and Ryan want to rush it through.

    And then John Boy and Paulie will be on to immigration. John already hired on Tallent — the primo pro immigration aide who cut her teeth on McCain Kennedy while working for McCain– and had a meeting with Texas businessmen regarding immigration. And we know where Ryan stands.

    • Boehner needs to go, and I don’t mean to some obscure chair of the house.
      Maybe cincycinco can clue us in as to whether there is anybody in the wings to run against him.

  2. Note to readers,…
    I have been corresponding with Keith through e-mail.
    It seems that our missing comments were going into the site’s spam filter.
    He is working on the problem.