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The Obama Morning News || December 11, 2013

Deal struck on $85 billion budget . . . Washington Post
Conservatives balk, but passage likely . . . Politico
Reid casino buddies got fast track visas . . . Washington Times
Obama disapproval at all-time high . . . NBC News
Michelle broods as Obama takes selfie . . . Daily Mail
Intel chair: website works great for hackers . . . Fox News
Sebelius headed back to Capitol Hill . . . Politico
More bad Polls for Obamacare . . . Politico
Kerry: Iran deal likely to allow enrichment . . . The Hill
Obama’s fuzzy auto bailout math . . . Washington Times
Cruz walked out as Castro spoke . . . ABC News
The new Paul Ryan . . . Politico

17 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 11, 2013

  1. The move to overturn what is normally a non-appealable visa decision came despite concerns about “suspicious financial activity” involving some of the visa applicants from Asia, and it ultimately benefited several companies whose executives have donated heavily in recent years to Democrats, the documents show.


    Is there any credible challenger to Reid?

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  2. Isn’t it amazing, according to the Daily Mail, Obama was an hour late for Mendela’s memorial service. He’s not only late when he’s here in the US, but even late when he’s at a ceremony that is being watched by the entire world.

    Stay classy Barack!

  3. Cruz walked out. I feel that showed his support for all the suffering the Cubans have dealt with for years.
    Instead of bowing Mr. O could have at least shook hands and moved on. As far as the selfie picture: Some news sights are showing the proud picture he took with lady. Some are showing how he had to switch seats as well.
    As for as the $85 Billion budget, still have to reveiw details on that.

  4. PJ Media had a short article about the flight to SA. The highlights below. Can’t wait to hear about the return trip.

    The Obamas have stayed in their cabin for the flight, according to the White House pool report from the refueling stop in Senegal, while President Bush came to the press cabin twice for a total of about an hour and a half.

    Susan Rice, Attorney General Eric Holder and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett were also on the flight but avoided the press. The pool report noted that Holder wandered into the press cabin “before realizing the treacherous territory he’d ventured into and moving on.”

    • The WhiteHouse ministry of propaganda just released some photos of everyone on the flight being all friendly and chatty.
      It’s not clear if it’s the flight over or back.

  5. Mark Levin’s interview of Paul Ryan last night was very enlightening. What really struck me is how frequently Paul Ryan used first person pronouns throughout the entire interview. Then there was the old word play with “taxes”. Ryan insists there are no new taxes in his bargain with the devil, but there are airline “user fees” and an increase in employee contributions to federal retirement. Mark Levin’s response to that – “This is really Mickey Mouse”. Mark is right. Ryan folded to the Democrats on the sequester by trading $23 billion in savings (over 10 years) in return for $65 billion in immediate spending. Ryan sold us out, once again.

      • Disagree–someone has to break some ice someplace–this had bad news for everyone–isn’t that the defn of OK? Remember–WTF–Win Then Fight. If the Repubicans balk and the govt shuts down, forget 2014.

        • I disagree. It was a win for Preezy and the Democrats. These RINOs are so accustomed to caving to the left, they have no idea how to WTF. As Senator Cruz once said, “I’m no military historian, but I’m pretty certain that you lose 100% of the battles you begin by surrendering.” Ryan surrendered before the fight even began.

          • The only reason they didn’t lose is because they were too afraid to even join the battle. Our fearful leaders waived the white flag before the battle even started. Rest assured, we’ll find someone to vote for, Star. That’s what primaries are for. These frauds need to be held accountable for their doublespeak, and I’m not afraid to call them on it.