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Karl: “What’s Taking So Long” on Keystone?

Yeah, what’s taking so long?

When the White House decided to delay a “decison” on the Keystone pipeline until after the election, I figured they meant 2012, not 2014.

It’s awfully precious that the White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, responding to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, revives the White House claim that President Obama put off the decision because of objections to the pipeline from “the Republican governor of Nebraska.”

SINCE WHEN DID THIS WHITE HOUSE GIVE A FLYING YOU-KNOW-WHAT ABOUT WHAT A REPUBLICAN THINKS? Or what a state thinks, for that matter, as they ram Obamacare, education standards, environmental regulations and so forth down the throats of the states.

Let’s be clear. The keystone pipeline, after years of study, was given the go ahead by the State Department. A bunch of enviros then got really mad, imperiling a key base of support and the political contributions of rich, Prius-driving donors from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Hollywood. And so the White House decided not to go ahead with the project.

Unless the Republican governor of Nebraska was planning on ringing up his friends and bundling $10 million for Obama’s campaign, he had absolutely nothing to do with it.

15 Responses to Karl: “What’s Taking So Long” on Keystone?

  1. Energy independence strengthens America; BHO has demonstrated he wants to weaken America. He can do that and ingratiate himself to his deep-pocketed environmentalist friends in the process. The popular notion he cares about less fortunate people is pure myth. Socialism takes all to exercise control and gives back only enough to satisfy the most basic needs of people. The proletariat is easily placated when his only feeling is despair.

    • Well written.
      I am not making light of the point you were making. When I finished reading it, I immediatly thought again, What can we do to open the eye and minds of so many people. We have so… many shows on TV that compete with one thing or another.
      How about a show that shows people, teams competing with one idea after the other of things that would benefit this country.

  2. This keystone pipeline controversy has been going on for so long it’s getting boring. The tree-huggers who think that all fossil fuel is going to be the end of civilization probably use more of it that the average person in America.

  3. Obama can’t push anything when he’s sleeping off jet lag in the basement after his amazing photo ops in Africa. Now, he’s resting until Hawaii take off for big 2week make-up Vacation with Mooch. I bet she’s already getting sprayed and shaved for her ultimate romp

    • “sprayed and shaved”…. a wookie beauty saloon

      Odds are that she will be taking a seperate flight (multi-million $ cost covered by tax payers) this year? or will the WH set up a photo-op for Barack & FLOTUS…?

  4. the “Republican governor of Nebraska” shtick is a straw man–surprise surprise. that person, whose name escapes me now, was indeed against Keystone at one point, circa 2010 or so. but they made changes in the plans, the gov. ok’d them, and he’s been pro-Keystone ever since.

    nice try, White House! nice try.

    • Correct. Dave Heineman was justifiably concerned about the pipeline route crossing the environmentally sensitive Sandhillls (the watertable is actually ABOVE the land surface in many areas and the Sandhills are the largest intact grassland/wetland region in the United States. However, the pipeline was rerouted, so that it now by-passes the Sandhills to the east. Heineman has supported the pipeline since that was worked out.

  5. If the Whitehouse truly believed that delaying something indefinitely until they “get it right” was in the best interest of the country .. then why didn’t they do the same thing with Obamacare ? Their intentional and painfully obvious DELAY on Keystone XL is propping up & causing higher fuel costs for consumers … and their intentional and (now) painfully obvious LACK of delay on Obamacare is propping up & causing higher healthcare costs. They used two completely opposite strategies and achieved the same result in either case .. higher costs. That should make everyone wonder what the true intention of their intentional strategies are actually designed to produce. Is it higher costs and higher profits for their favorite lobbyists, or lower costs and better deals for the Citizens ?