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Video || Obama Shakes Hands with Raul Castro

This might have been done with a little less cheerfulness.

29 thoughts on “Video || Obama Shakes Hands with Raul Castro”

    1. Thanks for the link, and thanks to the Brits, too. The photos are really interesting. Too bad none of our MSM thought we might like to see someone other than MrObama.

        1. Since the fashion bar is set so low for her, she gets cred for wearing something dark colored and with sleeves.

          But ya’ know, considering the celebration of Mandela’s life that the people of SA exhibited with their songs and dance, maybe a bright, joyous frock would have been appropriate there.

    2. Thanks for that link. Mooch wore sleeves! And did ya notice that guy glancing up her skirt. Bet he’ll have nightmares!

      There’s a photo of the Clinton family walking down stairs. Looks like Hill’s BFF Huma went along too.

      And lastly, did you notice MO’s outfit when she got off the plane? She was wearing another one of those little shrunken up sweaters. Don’t they know how to do laundry in the WH?

    3. Hillary looked rather frumpy. Was that a wad of fat or a fanny belt? Don’t mean to be so catty, but this event is so over-hyped. Then there’s a photo of Obama taking a selfie and others in which he is nyuk-nyuk-nyuking.

  1. This American/Cuban conflict has gone on long enough. It’s good he shook hands with MrCastro.
    If we can talk to and negotiate with our enemies like Iran, then we should be able to do the same with Cuba.

  2. It was the secret handshake of the banana republic dictators club… of which Raul holds the Karl Marx Emeritus Chairmanship.

    Raul: Hussein. It is a pleasure to see you again. You know you were my favorite student in my Advanced Destabilization of Countries course in Moscow.

    Barry: Thank you. Those were the days. All of us have come so far. It was so sad to see Hugo pass this year. But he has inspired me to double my efforts to crush capitalism.

    Raul: I still can’t believe that no one has ever found out your Columbia education was actually a cover while you attended revolutionary school in Moscow. What control over your media!

    Barry: Raul, the student has become the master. Gotta go, come by the house sometime!

  3. Safest assumption in the World: Dictator Obama has never met a Communist or Islamist dictator he didn’t like. ‘Cept for ole’ Vlad Putin of course.

    What’s the next logical step for Dictator Obama, vacationing on a Caribbean cruise ship with Kim Jong Un of North Korea? Obama is running out of Dictators to suck up to.

  4. Keith, you put it exactly right. it would probably have been awkward for Obama NOT to shake Castro’s hand in the situation, but did he have to be so clearly delighted to do so?

    I really don’t know if Obama truly does love dictators and communists, or if he’s just clueless about who all of these people are. sorry, but “the smartest guy to ever be president” strikes me as a pretty dim bulb.

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