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Video || Obama Remarks at Mandela Memorial

14 thoughts on “Video || Obama Remarks at Mandela Memorial”

  1. It was a rainy event on a half full football arena without much dignity. People shouted, danced and laughed. President Zuma got a well deserved boo and Obama got an ovation, I guess it was because he is a famous celebrity and from that rich Western country over there, the US. If Madonna or any other star had entered the podium they would probably get an ovation too. Well, Obama heaped empty phrases as usually and I guess, when all is said and done there will be a morning after feeling. Why on earth this gathering of world leaders for an occasion like this ???

    1. I agree. Why did they all come to this funeral? Well, I bet each had an axe to grind, a need for positive publicity, a desire to SOMEHOW associate themselves personally with Mandela, or the wish for a quick vacay. We’ll see if Michelle Antoinette goes directly back to the prison known as the White House or if she takes the opp to wander the world a little with a gaggle of family and friends.

        1. That added so much, you two. And we criticize HIS writers. Despite the emails I get privately urging me to continue to hold the line on tacky, unproductive language here, I am going to stop beating up my aging keyboard. Some people want to be tacky–so just play on through. I think Keith deserves better, but it’s on you now.

  2. The only thing missing in his warmed over campaign-style rhetoric was: We are not the Red states; We are not the Blue states; We are the United States of America.

    In 2004 he stood in the spotlight at the DNC convention in Boston and thrilled the world with his oratory skills — the promise of a new day. Thirteen years later, he stands in a half-filled SA stadium attempting to re-capture the magic – a disgraced, discredited, race-baiting, two-faced liar/hypocrite who has done more to incite class warfare than most of his dictator counterparts.

    During CNN’s live coverage, the TV cameras caught the fraud in an unguarded momemt before he spoke. He was sitting between the wife and an attractive blonde woman – looking bored and sort of slouched back in his seat – chewing a wad of nicorette with his mouth wide open. When he spotted the camera he shoved the nicorette to the side of his mouth, waved, and gave a toothy smile for the camera. At the same time, MO waved to somone in the stadium and then gave a weird hand gesture. Woud love to know what that was all about.

    And now for the bad news: He is returning to American soil TONIGHT!

    1. Would the attractive blonde been Bono’s wife? They were both there for the ceremony.

      re: the return to the US
      Talk about jet-lag syndrome! Everyone will need two days to recover.

      1. I think you’re right, srdem. Figures! Bono was rhapsodizing over Mandela yesterday (CNN).

        Heard it’s a 17 hour flight. MO is going to be claustrophobic from locking herself up in their private compartment to avoid mixing with Hillary and the Bush’s.

      2. The Clinton entourage looked like they were suffering jet lag already. Maybe they had to sleep in their Air Force One seats while the Obamas bedded down.

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