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Obama Uses Mandela Speech to Jab Republicans

Oh boy. This is not cool.

It seems clear to me that President Obama took a smack at Republicans during his remarks this morning in South Africa at the memorial for Nelson Mandela, busting them for talking Mandela’s talk while failing to walk the walk.

In America, and in South Africa, and in countries all around the globe, we cannot allow our progress to cloud the fact that our work is not yet done. The struggles that follow the victory of formal equality or universal franchise may not be as filled with drama and moral clarity as those that came before, but they are no less important . . . There are too many people who happily embrace Madiba’s legacy of racial reconciliation, but passionately resist even modest reforms that would challenge chronic poverty and growing inequality.

Obama, as you probably know, has lately been doing his income inequality schtick, saying it’s the biggest thing that drives him and will be the focus of the rest of his presidency and secretly has been his focus all along and blah blah blah blah blah.

But now it appears that Republicans who oppose his statist and redistributionist measures to achieve income equality lack the moral fiber of people like Obama and Mandela.

Because the blood of Mandela, you see, still flows within Obama:

But let me say to the young people of Africa and the young people around the world – you, too, can make his life’s work your own.

Over 30 years ago, while still a student, I learned of Nelson Mandela and the struggles taking place in this beautiful land, and it stirred something in me. It woke me up to my responsibilities to others and to myself, and it set me on an improbable journey that finds me here today. And while I will always fall short of Madiba’s example, he makes me want to be a better man. (Applause.) He speaks to what’s best inside us.

Clearly, Republicans need to do a better job finding what’s best inside them. If they could only locate their inner Madiba, they might support universal early childhood education, Obamacare, a $20 minimum wage, and gay marriage.

Speaking at such an historic event overseas, Obama should have made damn sure to steer clear of any hint of partisanship and moral judgement against his political opponents. But he can’t help himself.

Because Obama’s central animating principle as president is not leading the nation; it’s his vision of social justice. He doesn’t view himself as Republicans’ president too, but as the man bearing the progressive banner against their immoral, discriminatory ideology of hate.

101 thoughts on “Obama Uses Mandela Speech to Jab Republicans”

  1. If you’ve had a conversation with a liberal lately you’ll see where the “hate” is. Obama is no Mandela because he doesn’t even try to reach out to people who disagree with him. That’s not leadership.

  2. Obama: “Over 30 years ago, while still a student, I learned of Nelson Mandela and the struggles taking place in this beautiful land, and it stirred something in me.”

    It wasn’t Mandela that was stirring something in you. It was the weed.

  3. Clearly, Obama is not the statesman that he thinks he is. And bowing to Raul Castro? Puhleese.
    I would rather he spend all his time on the golf course. The only damage he can do there is not replace his divots.

  4. “What difference at this point does it make?” MrsClinton’s offensive remark could apply to almost anything MrObama says in public as he is now a defeated, disgraced, and ignored President.
    Lame duck status doesn’t even describe where he’s at in the mind of the country or even among his fellow Dems who are now thankful that MrO ignored them for four years.
    “blah, blah,…” is exactly how this speech and any other he chooses to make will be received until his term is over.

    Most Americans don’t want a measly handout or some government goodie, they want a secure job, a future for their children, and a stable economy.

    1. I don’t know if “most Americans” don’t want a handout. Currently about 47% are taking handouts. And there are plenty of folks who are pretty happy to get on the disability gravy train.

      1. Good point, @ Car In.
        On a recent “60 Minutes” program, a certain town in West Virginia was showcased as a great portion of the community there was collecting or have applied for Social Security Disability status.
        It was obvious that most of them were NOT disabled, but a slick lawyer was able to get around the law (game the system) with a sleazy medical doctor’s assessment.

        What the program missed was Why? these people were desperate to become labeled as ‘disabled’. The answer; the government shut down the local coal mines that provided the jobs and kept the local economy thriving. With nothing more than a resume as a “coal miner”, these unfortunate people had to game the system or starve.
        That’s my point; the government took away their work ethic, their pride, and forced them into being handout takers.

        1. i understand your point, with that one example. BUT – what is it that makes a person decide they’d rather live our their life on disability, rather than MOVE and find something else to do? I’ve know (not young) people who just packed up and moved clear across the country to find another job. Leaving behind family, friends, and possessions. Studies show that once a person goes on disability, they hardly EVER go on to do anything productive.

          1. Moving takes money. It’s pretty easy to say move. I moved to AZ and look how that turned out. I lost everything I cared about. Obama set out to kill coal and he’s doing it…people are left in the dust.

          2. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, but if my town died and there was no work, I would feel that moving was my only option. I wouldn’t sit and die with it on government aid.

          3. Circumstances alter cases–maybe your whole family is in the town, maybe you don’t have the money to move (thousands), maybe that place is your place in the sun, maybe you can’t start your own business or maybe so many people have moved, you can’t get customers, or maybe without money you are pretty laid up if not actually completely unable to work, or maybe you wonder if there would be work someplace else even…often there isn’t…and even people who go back to school, can’t find anything…

          4. A whole town of such people with these circumstances? Nope. Not buying it. There are always exceptions – some people stay where they are because there is nearby family to help them. But if there is no opportunity – Merely saying you’ll go on the dole for the rest of y our life?

          5. It’s easy to sit in your comfortable place and say what you would do. Reminds me of the people that say what they would have done “if that so and so had pointed that gun at me”
            Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked in his shoes.

          6. Well, if Congress and other government leaders let HIM shut down coal, then we are lost, to let one political party ruin so many millions of Americans because of a crazy President, then we as a country are lost.These democrats do not care one bit about our people, just their dumb stupid ideas, to hell if people starve without their coal mining jobs. Let ’em eat cake, but even she in France was stopped? You mean to say, no one in Congress can stop this lawless administration? It shows ya, no one in Washington gives a damn, not Congress, not the Supreme Court, no one, we have been taken over by a bunch of old hippies from the 60’s. This administration is only about control and hatred and are being enabled by Congress and everyone in Washington. Selfish pigs all of them will wind up in jail one day I hope.

          7. There’s the whole issue of leaving those you are closest to, but also, if they are in that tight a spot, they probably don’t have the financial means to “move clear across the country.” Coal mining isn’t exactly near the top of the food chain as far as wages go. These people are broke.

        2. Obama said he would bankrupt coal and he did. He also brought misery hardship and increasing poverty to all those involved in that industry. This one example speaks volumes about Obama’s dedication to the destruction of the American way of life. And the Democrats have purged the party to accommodate this destruction.

          Words fail.

  5. “It woke me up to my responsibilities to others and to myself,”

    If only that sentiment were embraced by those who choose to let the government take care of them from cradle to grave it could revolutionize this nation. However, you have the likes of Obama who think their life mission is to take from one to give to the other.

    I sure wish some of those “others” would learn to start giving to themselves. I sure wish they would wake up to the responsibilities to others and to themselves. If people would stop expecting handouts and actually apply themselves with the ample opportunities presented to them, perhaps a good portion of the “poverty” would be eliminated.

    1. Honestly, that is so much BS. His time as a “community organizer” did nothing but help HIM. His wife’s job at community outreach – again, profited HIM. He has NO tract record of actually helping the lives of anyone.

      He makes me sick.

      1. Isn’t it ironic? The greedy wife hit the lottery with her $317K salary, courtesy of her crook husband and IL taxpayers, and was paid this enormous sum to dump indigent patients out on the streets. All of this so that the U of C could show a tidy profit.

        They went from patient-dumping to felony grand larceny. Stealing our affordable, quality h/c out from under us and forcing everyone onto Medicaid Plus – unaffordable, rationed, third-world h/c.

        Are we going to let them get away with this???

      2. I hear ya! I only wish that portion of his statements were not just fluffy words for him to appease his followers. If he wanted to be responsible to others he might try a completely different approach. Self-reliability comes to mind.

        He is a fraud – through and through.

  6. Spot on, Keith. He’s been doing a ‘drive-by’ on the middle class for 5 years…and he’s STILL kvetching. In South Africa, no less. Keep stoking the flames, Barry!

  7. It’s amazing how it’s always about him. Who cares? Certainly not the residents of South Africa who are there to mourn Mandela.

    And I guess he bowed to Castro because they are one of the great countries that has achieved true income equality. Everybody is at $0! I guess that’s what Obama sees for us?

    1. And once again we got stuck with bill. And not only for him — but his limitless corrupt inner circle as well – Holder., Rice and Ferret Jarrett.

  8. Did you see the “selfie” Obama took along with Cameron and Helle Thorning Schmidt ? At the memorial ceremony ! Looks like they all forgot the grieving and the occasion. ( Check Pajamas Media ).

      1. Thanks a lot, Owen. Really funny ! The Danish PM, often called Gucci-Helle in Denmark , certainly made Michelle angry. None of them seem to care about the occasion.

      2. That is childish. She needs to be told to act like a First Lady. When she got home she could have fussed all she wanted after the golf game, about him talking to a woman.
        Now I wll go research to see if HIllary switched seats!!!!!!!

          1. They call this Selfie-gate on Daily Telegraph. Please, please, may these photos go all over the net and hurt these hypocrites image. Make even the most low-informed person see that Barrys bombastic touchy-feely sermon was just an act.

          2. Later reply. I think it is going viral, Swedishlady. And, would you believe, there is a blog devoted to people who take selfies at funerals, mostly teenage girls. Obama made it.

          3. I agree. But she is the one who really made a fool of herself–and by extension, us. Men just do stuff–but yes, the gum, the grinning, the yakking, the back patting, the chatting up–very immature. There is a new term–mychiatry–meaning being your own shrink with phone apps and so on. But I heard he can’t use his iPhone anymore bec of hacking.

          4. I don’t know if I’d go that far in such a public venue as that, but at the very least I’d have beckoned him to lean over to me and I’d have whispered in his ear to stop that nonsense immediately.

          5. She made it worse. That’s my take. Called attn. She should have leaned over, smiled, introduced herself and talked with the two of them if talking was OK. She can whisper later—a technique that has never worked for me. Bill O’Reilly (yes, I am a fan) said she was “personable” at the KenCen thing. Not sure what he meant–but this was not personable.

          6. Yes, she really came across as a vindictive shrew with glaring eyes. Barry has to put up with her because she knows too many things about him. United with manacles, certainly not love.

          7. I don’t agree about her making a fool of herself. Maybe it was jealousy, but also maybe she sensed he, the leader of the free world, was making an ass of himself with the yukking it up “stuff”. Special euphemism for you.

  9. Because Obama’s central animating principle as president is not leading the nation; it’s his vision of social justice. He doesn’t view himself as Republicans’ president too, but as the man bearing the progressive banner against their immoral, discriminatory ideology of hate.

    That’s it exactly. He is president only of those who view the US his way.

    1. If he would do anything to benefit someone, besides handouts.
      Idea. Start with Brides. We have many bridges thoughout the United States, that are to very old.
      I am sure the tax payers would rather see the bridges being fixed, along with putting people back to work. United States Citizens back to work.
      Pull straws to see who gets the job!!!
      Also, All material used for the bridge will be bought here in America. All the people hired to answer the phone regarding the bridge issue will be answering from America, Not Tim Buck To.
      However there has to be a time limit on the bridge. We had an interstate expansion that took years to finish.
      My thought was that someone, somewhere was hoarding the money that was already paid by taxpayers.
      Am I forget anythingt that would make the brige project productive for everyone?

  10. For those of you keeping score at home, there were 12 “I”‘s, 5 “me”‘s, 5 “my”‘s , 2 “myself”‘s, and only 1 “United States.” And even that was in a negative way: “We know that, like South Africa, the United States had to overcome centuries of racial subjugation.”

  11. If he’s in favor of spreading the wealth, why doesn’t he show by example? How many millions does he have in the bank and how many will be continue to amass after (hopefully) he leaves office. Oh, I see, he’s only talking about other people sharing their wealth! You know, the ones who worked for their money . . . who contributed to making America better, created jobs and opportunities for others.

  12. This isn’t new, but I hope the idiots that voted for this clown have figured him out or at least see what he has so far done to this country, he has no morals, I believe this is what he wants for his own kids I hope they too get what he dishes out, in the end he has done anything positive, but the opposite, sorry example for a president he sure has shown his true allegiance, to us all

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  14. Obama shook Castro’s hand!!! Obama probably didn’t even know whose hand he was shaking, he’s so out of it. He probably didn’t even know it was Castro. i wouldn’t doubt it and even if he did know it was Castro, he still would have shaken hands with the devil himself. His speech was as mean as he is, always constantly putting down whoever doesn’t agree him in his depressing speeches– at the end he said something like we can all change?? He really hates his country, Change to what? His image? To baby murdering and race baiting? Like him? And throw in stealing Americans’ hard-earned money and giving it to the illegals and non-working bums. And on top of that we should all change to being liars too?

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  16. Whoa. The guilty rightwing conscience on display for all to see! You know you’re on the wrong side of history if you find partisan offense in boilerplate.

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