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Another Obamacare Zinger from SNL

6 Responses to Another Obamacare Zinger from SNL

  1. Actually, 123,000 people just signed up for panda Bao Bao to be their new primary care physician.

    And bamboo shoots are covered at 100%. But to appease the gun crowd, HHS has changed the name from “bamboo shoots” to “bamboo vitamins”.

    • Author Dean Koontz sends out a newsletter – “Useless News”…

      His latest one includes these gems:

      ‘INNOCENCE” is hugely more entertaining than the 2400-page illustrated gift edition of the Obamacare law, and it doesn’t contain pictures of diseased gallbladders” (from 15 reasons why this is the book you should give for Christmas);

      “Tried to sign up for Obamacare. They tripled my premium. But they sent me a nice commemorative rectal thermometer.” (from Twitter tweets [@deankoontz] ).