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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 10, 2013

7:05 am || Arrives Johannesburg, South Africa
11:00 am || Attends the memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela; First National Bank Stadium, Johannesburg
8:05 pm || Departs Johannesburg, South Africa

All times South African Standard Time, which is seven hours ahead of Eastern

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  1. Well, this seems like it might be a tad awkward, after Brazil’s recent cancellation of the state dinner:

    After interfaith prayers and tributes to Mandela from a family friend, family and four grandchildren global figures will speak: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, African Union Commission Chair Nikosazana Zuma, six foreign leaders will speak, with President Barack Obama the first.

    Obama will be followed by Brazil President Dilma Rousseff, who recently dropped a visit to the U.S. in the wake of NSA spying on Brazil; China Vice President Li Yuanchao, Nambia President Hifikepunya Pohamba, India President Pranab Mukjerjee and Cuba President Raul Castro.

    Source, which also includes a link to the program:

  2. I fell asleep with the TV on and woke up to two “snow jobs” – the voice of Obama droning on and on and the white stuff falling outside. As my eyes slowly opened and my brain got in gear, I realized the speech was delivered from the man in the glass booth – it seemed so fitting.

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