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But Enough About Mandela

Uhh boy. Looks like we’ll be hearing another Mandela and Me speech out of the president.

National Security spokesman Ben Rhodes, who gaggled along with Jay Carney during the flight to South Africa, previewed the remarks Obama will make at the memorial to Mandela. Self-references aplenty. Man, this guy really can’t seem to get outside himself.

I think, for the president, he’ll reflect on what Nelson Mandela meant to the people of South Africa, to him personally as well. You’ve heard him speak in the past about Nelson Mandela and the impact he had on the president.

Obama will also some commentary about how Mandela came about his legendary status.

I think remembering him as a truly multifaceted figure with a wide array of different skills and abilities reminds us that his success wasn’t preordained — it had to be earned over a lifetime.

Sometimes when you look back, when the story has a happy ending, it all seems as if it was meant to be. I think one of the points the president will make is that it took decades of persistence and talent and a wide range of very unique skills to make Nelson Mandela the figure that he was and make him capable of bringing about that change.

Sounds like Obama was planning to ghostwrite a self-help book for Mandela.

Meanwhile, aboard Air Force One, Obama, George W. Bush – who probably will get blamed for Mandela’s death the moment he turns his back – Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Bush and Hillary Clinton are swapping Mandela stories in the conference room.

The president and the first lady have been able to spend time with the Bushes and with Secretary Clinton.  And so I think it’s a unique experience obviously.

And I think they all are remembering their different interactions with Nelson Mandela and his family, because again, he is a leader that intersected with so many different American political leaders of both parties over the years, and so each of them has their own experience with Mandela.

Also aboard are Attorney General Holder, senior White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice

47 thoughts on “But Enough About Mandela”

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  1. Outside this political group of press hounds, does anyone else in the US actually give a hoo-ha about MrMandela’s passing?

    As for MrO’s latest ForrestGump imitation as he injects himself in the story of Mandela’s life, it would be disappointing if he didn’t claim that someone he never met, and never cared about wasn’t a prime force in his pampered, privileged life.

    1. I think–Keith, correct me if I’m guessing wrong–that he’s making a very sly reference to a certain limousine liberal filmmaker.

    2. ” Not give a speech …”
      He can’t resist. The world stage, worshipping crowd’s and the media waiting to hear another of Obama’s epic speeches.
      Hell, we may even have people fainting.
      Oh, the humanity.

    1. In view of some of the comments about the transgressions of America attributed to NM, BHO might have been imprisoned in that cell if the latter had been the former’s prisoner.

  2. Reading over at Drudge that Putin has dissolved the State Media in order to strengthen his image.
    When Dear Leader hears this, he’ll wet his pants with envy.

  3. a truly multifaceted figure with a wide array of different skills and abilities reminds us that his success wasn’t preordained — it had to be earned over a lifetime

    In other words–the opposite of Obama.

  4. “This guy really can’t get out of himself” = Narcissistic Personality Disorder which unfortunately was conveniently removed from the DSM several years too early

  5. Can we play the usual game of “let’s guess how many times the personal pronouns I, me, mine and myself appear in this little speech?”

  6. O/T and in other news from Zero Hedge

    The spin does not get any better than this… As they reported they would,

    That is a $10.5 Billion loss!

    1. nothing new to BO & Company.. what’s a few million loss here and there? BO’s Green Initiatives losses show how they don;t give a crap. Unfortunately neither does a good part of the American public

  7. Pity the Bushes. Stuck on the plane flight from hell with Dictator Obama, Moochelle the First Flotsam, the American evil Iranian born Valerie Jarret, Hillary Pantload, the loathsome, lying, lickspittle, Jay Carney, the racist, felonious, Attorney General Holder and the souless, dishonest Susan Rice. My Lord what a cast of villans. Bet halfway through the flight the Bushes will have to be forcibly restrained from tugging on one of the planes emergency exit doors in a frantic effort to leap into the ocean from 40,000 feet without a parachute mind you, just to get away from these evil beings.

    The Obamas, Jarrett, Hillary, Holder, Carney and Susan Rice will all one day be passengers on Satan’s train to hell for a well deserved stay for all enternity.

    1. Wouldn’t the passenger list also include Pete Souza? Can’t have the “leader of the transformed world” going halfway across the globe and not coming back with more inspirational photos.

      I’m guessing Obama will talk about how long it takes to really make a difference as a subtle excuse for his not changing the entire world in only eight years.

      Anybody know if Snoop Dogg is on AF-1? He was at the awards ceremony the other day, again giving a rather clear reflection on POTUS’s standards. (Along with Carlos Santana, who said if it weren’t for the first Black President as a presenter, he would have just had his award mailed.)

    2. Looking forward to that day as “they” board the ‘Soulless Train to Hell”…………………………………………………………………………

  8. Wondering what happened to Bubba. Maybe he is the only one with enough sense to turn down Obama’s invite. Can’t imagine a long flight with Holder, Rice and Valjar bringing up the rear. Ugh! Poor George and Laura!

  9. You gotta wonder if Obama feels that he will be remembered as the “American Nelson Mandela” for all that he did for America.

    If that sounds ridiculous, remember that Obama’s ego and sense of self-importance know no bounds.

    1. In his own mind he might, but he doesn’t have the “street cred” tha t most American Blacks might have experienced.
      He probably can’t name one incident of racial discrimination in his pampered, privileged life.

    2. O wants to be the Only President to have 2 ‘undeserved’ Noble Peace awards.When he was given that iconic award I thought they should rename it a “Noble Me Award”…..
      Open for other renames……?

  10. Recently read that bios of past presidents are featured on WH website so students could look up necessary info as needed. Seems every bio has been altered with Obama’s infinite achievements incorporated into these bios. For example, how JFK incorporated the Peace Corps program and Obama has continued to support these programs. Not sure where I read it but I’m going back to check. WHAT a multiple Douche Bag.

  11. George W. Bush – who probably will get blamed for Mandela’s death the moment he turns his back

    Best laugh I’ve had all day.

    BTW, not a one of these pieces of s*** attended PM Thatchers funeral, although former VP Cheney was there. Priorities.

  12. a wide range of very unique skills

    There’s no such thing as “very” unique. It’s either unique or it’s not. A real bug of mine, but not likely to bother our shuck and jive president.

  13. “Uhh boy. Looks like we’ll be hearing another Mandela and Me speech out of the president.”

    You got a mouse in your pocket, Keith?

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