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The Kids are Alright

Uh oh. This is bad. RED ALERT. Message not getting through.

One of the conceits of Obamacare is that the ingenious geniuses who designed it can get average people to do things THAT ARE NOT IN THEIR INTEREST because geniuses have decided IT IS IN THEIR INTEREST.

Don’t they realize? How stupid can people be – to act rationally when Obama knows better?

And so we got this Sunday on Fox News from Ezekiel Emanuel, godfather of the Obamacare disaster:

No one has launched a big PR campaign to get these people signed up because of the problems with the federal website . . . We are about to launch a big PR campaign, and that, I think, is going to persuade a lot of people to sign up.

Really, Hillary’s book should have been titled, “It Takes a Genius,” because it take a genius to tell a village what to do. And, if the village resists, to force the village to do what it was told to do.

When it comes to Obamacare, we’re all gonna be village idiots in the eyes of Ezekiel, Barack, and Hillary.

Here are some of our fellow village idiots on the campus of Howard University. They are the young adults whom Ezekiel hopes will sign up for expensive insurance they don’t need in order to fund the provision of insurance to their elders and the less healthy.

Howard is a largely black school in Washington. As both students and African Americans, they represent two of Obama’s most enthusiastic constituencies, and yet somehow THEY’RE NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE either.

They’re making rational choices that could RUIN OBAMA’S BIG PLANS.

Et tu, Howard?

Because the kids are alright. Nice and healthy looking, as you could see. Trying to get a start in life, and don’t need overpriced insurance, thank you, even if it’s Obama who’s selling it.

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  1. I thought the PR already started–the dumb song, the commercials with Mom and Dad trying to get junior to sign up or the ones with the woman who is a sexpot because she has birth control.

  2. A heartfelt Thank You for NOT linking the video of that creepy guy here. He might be blessed with historically biblical names, but there’s nothing holy or reverent about his message and agenda.

    re: students and youngsters on Obamacare
    My twenty-something Grandchildren tell me that there are phone-trees and FB admonitions against signing up or even logging on to the Obamacare website.
    They believe they were lied to, misled, tricked or whatever they call it today, and are disgusted with politics AND especially MrO.
    They also have great concerns about the NSA snoopers, and the wickedly unsecure website.

  3. Howard University student: “I thought Obamacare was supposed to be like free.”

    It is a hard lesson these young people will one day learn. Nothing in life is free – especially your freedom.

  4. I found the interviews upsetting, particularly of the young lady wearing the Obama T-shirt, who had no plans to buy Ocare. What the hell is she advertising – cognitive dissonance?

    • This ?


      I shall not sign up for their despotic insurance plan.

      I shall not pay their fine even the temporary pittance that it is., if they come after me for not paying their ‘protection’.

      If I get sick, I’ll pay cash to the doctor, hospital, like I have for the last 20 years. If I don’t have enough money or assets, I’ll suffer or die.

      I shall not comply.

    • Noted that, too. All something like that will do is draw anger from the hard-core Obots who will counter with “free” contraceptives and “why do they hate poor people?”.
      IMO, what will really kill this thing is grass root anger and refusal to participate.

      The latest numbers give out on this fiasco is one million people have signed up for Medicaid. The worst health care plan ever…it’s meant as a last resort, a cheapo way to care for the poor (or illegals), and most reputable doctors won’t accept Medicaid patients.

      OH, oh. Even is calling Obamacare a “fiasco”:

      “Races to watch: Will Obamacare fiasco sink Democrats in midterms?”
      (The headline links to a piece about the vulnerable Dems in the next election. )

  5. Wait a second. If this is the population that the government needs to sign up in order to fund the rest, why are they allowed to stay under their parents’ coverage until they’re 26?

    • They gave away a “freebie”, so to speak, to counter any negative or truthful facts about the program.
      One of the problems with this popular feature is that when employer-generated health insurance has to meet Obamacare standards, most of them will drop family-type insurance policies.
      And, that will be “all she wrote” as the children of all ages will have to have their own health insurance policies.

      This ACA/Obamacare is so poorly written, so devilish in the details that it boggles the mind that educated people actually thought it would work, or that Americans would be so happy to be part of it. .

        • That won’t happen until after the mid-term elections, but won’t employers start notifying their workers of the plans before the elections?

      • “One of the problems with this popular feature is that when employer-generated health insurance has to meet Obamacare standards, most of them will drop family-type insurance policies.
        And, that will be “all she wrote” as the children of all ages will have to have their own health insurance policies.”

        As these students said, they’re students. They can’t afford these plans. How many families can afford to give them the money to pay the premiums and deductibles?

  6. One wonders if the genius realized leaving all young people on their parent’s policy would mean his funding source –one of them anyway — would not be sighing up, duh.

  7. Many of the “kids” are taking a look at their paychecks, the large deductions which the government is stealing to “help” them with social decisions and are none too happy. My own are learning the lesson that words are much different than reality in the dreaded private sector. The UN- ACA us just that and they are seeing it for what it is.

  8. Obamacare is counting on 18-30 year olds to sign up, but 2/3 of that group can stay on their parents insurance until they are 26 years old. The dems are so stupid they wrote their own Achille’s heel into the law!

  9. On the Howard video, they saved the punch line for last: “I thought Obamacare was supposed to be, like, free”.

    You mean we have to pay for it?

  10. Thanks for the song from The Who, Keith. I’ve spent a large amount of time blasting my speakers to pieces. After I went through my favorites from The Who, I went back to the first one, “The Kids are Alright,” and of course that one got me thinking about this one from Cheap Trick. I never got to see The Who in concert, but I caught Cheap Trick twice.