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Cheney: IT WAS A LIE

You know, the thing about Washington is, nobody ever says anybody else is lying. Even when they’re lying. They’re accused of “saying something erroneous,” being “misleading,” or, if things look really bad, “making a false statement.” It’s a very high bar to call someone a liar. Honestly, I’m hesitant to do it myself, though on Obama’s lies about Obamacare, I got over it.

Because there just ain’t no gettin’ around what went on with the Obamacare con job.

When someone of the stature of a former vice president calls something the sitting president said a lie, you know there was serious mendacity going on.

That’s what we got this morning when former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on Fox and Friends and said unequivocally that the White House was lying about being able to keep your insurance if you like it.

Steve Doocy: Is it a matter of lying?

Dick Cheney: Yes. They knew it when they did it. That’s what really offends me . . . What they said was “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. You can keep your insurance policy. And, it was a lie. It was deliberate. They knew if they told the truth the bill would have never passed.

Note the video below also includes the remarkable statement by former White House Obamacare guru Ezekiel Emanuel Sunday that you can keep your doctor IF YOU’RE WILLING TO PAY MORE, putting on inadvertent display the capacity of the Obama people to sit in their offices and bend the truth beyond recognition.

I mean, how stupid does Emanuel think we are?

H/T Gateway Pundit.

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  1. “Misspoke” and “fudge” are two more of my favorite euphemisms. You know how stupid Emanuel thinks we are. Which one, by the way?

    1. Miss Speak and Miss Poke are Messrs. Liars, unless it’s Miss Sillybus, Mrs. Lerner, Madame Pelosi and Mrs. Hillary flapping their lips – then it’s a harem of liars or is it a flock of fibbers?

      Oh, that other word “fudge” – it’s like passing off a lie as something sweet.

        1. I’ve always thought of them as a coven someplace in the WH
          is a really large caldron of ‘bubble, bubble lies and trouble’
          and it’s boiling over now.

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    1. Denise, you’re so good at linking photo galleries! There’s a great one on NRO called It’s All About Obama. Obama at Pearl Harbor, Obama in Mandela’s prison cell, Obama looking at the moon when Neil Armstrong died, Obama sitting on Rosa Park’s bus, Obama looking at JFK’s portrait and MLK’s memorial statue, and of course, the famous shot of Obama looking in the mirror. I don’t know if NRO lets people replay their posts, but it would be great if you could here.

      1. Great idea. I was looking this morning at the Pearl Harbor picture and saw the Mandela prison cell yesterday. I had forgotten the others…the Rosa Parks bus was so “Obama.”
        The man is staring to really creep me out.

        1. Yesterday on the open thread srdem drew a comparison between Obama and Forrest Gump with the caveat that Gump was a nice person, and someone else asked if Obama will be photoed right next to Mandela on Tuesday. Maybe he will get into the coffin with him.

  2. The only decent thing to do for the American people is to repeal this massive turd.
    Shouldn’t be too hard. After all, Obama is always saying how is for what is best for the “folks.”

  3. How stupid does he think we are? Very. We’re not nearly as educated as he, and he probably looks at the rest of as cogs in his master’s machine that will transform this nation. Here’s his Wiki:

    Emanuel graduated from Amherst College in 1979 and subsequently received his M.Sc. from the University of Oxford in Biochemistry. He simultaneously studied for an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from Harvard University, receiving the degrees in 1988 and 1989, respectively. Emanuel completed an internship and residency at Beth Israel Hospital in internal medicine. Subsequently, he undertook fellowships in medicine and medical oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and is a breast oncologist. Emanuel received dozens of honors and awards, including the Toppan Dissertation Prize, the Harvard award for best political science dissertation of 1988.

      1. Would you want him practicing medicine–“You look peaked, let me tell you about hospice–it’s free.” Or: “You have done a lot in your life–time to pack it in, be a sport.” Or: “Why do you need a new hip–you can’t walk that well and you don’t go to work anymore.”

      1. Rove just needs to go away. I believe Zeke should be the face of Obamacare. To anyone who has read about his research thesis – the complete lives system – it is quite evident this creature has no respect for human life.

        The website should prominently display a picture of Zeke in a white coat with a big smile on his on face. Maybe put a little word bubble with him equivocating the Big Lie: “If you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor, you can do that”. For the rest of you rabble, just buy the bronze, silver, or gold, or off to the pokey you go.

      2. What? Keep Dr. Death off TV? He is sporting a warning label on his forehead: Caution: Obamacare may be dangerous to your health. (insert bottle of poison)

        1. I guess when they got sick of that Ken Doll talking pointer Von Hollen, that MacCaskill gal, that Rice woman, Jehmu, and the one with the sunken eyes McDonough carrying the water, they asked Dr E and he said sure, this plan is super dandy, don’t mind if I do. Healthcare for everyone worthshile who can pay–no problemmo! Everything great is difficult–what, that doesn’t mean if it’s difficult, it’s great?

  4. Thank you Mr. Cheney. We need you as much now as when you were Vice President.
    Someone has to speak out and tell the truth about the lies told to the American people by this administration.
    The Pied Piper may have run out of tunes.

  5. RE: “I mean, how stupid does Emanuel think we are?”

    VERY stupid indeed!! And judging by the results of the last 2 elections, he is apparently right about over 50% of the electorate!

  6. Zeke Emmanuel is a poor excuse for a human being. His arrogance is insufferable, and he apparently has no moral or ethical compass to keep him from saying exactly what he thinks he needs to say at any given moment to hide his true motives. Just like his former boss.

          1. It is! Free to speak our minds all we want without being fired from the job or getting our kids in trouble with the teacher at school. Of course, we could still be audited.

  7. It’s been rather startling to me to see people on WHD calling Emanuel another Mengele, but he does seem to be missing that brain chip which supplies us with our humanity.

  8. I have to take exception to MrCheney’s last sentence quoted here: the lie didn’t get the act “passed”. The Congressional Dems voted for the act without having any clue what it entailed or what effect if would have on individuals.
    The lie, the big lies, were meant to protect MrObama’s reelection from any Repub’s attack on the act. If MrRomney, et al, did know of the drastic effects on individuals who were already insured, they kept quiet and never said a word about what was to come. (If they did use this in their campaigns, I missed it).

    SenMcCain lied to us here in AZ when he promised to close our border, and to finish building the fence along the US/Mexican boundry..
    All along, he knew he was going to vote for amnesty and damn the fence. He lied to get re-elected.
    Lying isn’t just a Dem feature in national politics.

  9. “I mean, how stupid does Emanuel think we are?” Plenty stupid and he has physical proof. After all the American people elected Dictator Obama not once but twice! Further proof if needed is that Americans keep committing suicide by voting by electing democrats into public office. Emanuel is absolutely correct in his assessment of the intelligence of the American people.

  10. Cheney is right. It never would have passed. The public outrage would have stopped the DEMS in their tracks – just as it has them scurrying for the exit door today.

    Cheney didn’t say it, but we would be looking at Presdent Romney today if the public had known Obama was capable of a lie of that magnitude. I do wonder, however, how Team Romney was not aware of the Big Lie. Is it possible they knew, and decided not to use it? If that’s the case, Romney deserves to be ostracized

    As far as that dirt bag, Zeke, he should be indicted for outrageous lying to protect Obama. Water seeks its own level – Obama and Zeke, two peas in a pod. Have we ever seen such vulgar, corrupt, sleazy liars in the WH? Too bad Cheney didn’t recommend impeachment. I know, I know….

    1. I can handle “wrong-headed” because it–to me, at least–shows that the person was thinking. What angers me is someone claiming a criminal action was a “mistake”.

      A mistake is putting on a blue sock and a black sock. Buying a gram of cocaine is not a mistake.

  11. Over the past two weeks the people of the Ukraine have been having massive protests against Ukrainian President Yanukovich, going so far as to tear down the statue of Lenin in the heart of Kiev, and beating it into pieces.

    The reason for the protests? Secret negotiations on the part of Yanukovich and Putin, negotiations that would draw the Ukraine back into the Russian sphere of influence. The people of the Ukraine have seen the lies for what they are, and are no longer willing to tolerate a president and his lackeys that are willfully lying to the populace.

    They have come to realize that this unfettered power is going to destroy their country, and they want to take back the power of the people, rather than secede it to a rebuilding Soviet world.

    People who have never tasted liberty, and who gain it, are willing to fight to maintain it. Unlike so many in the US, we who have always taken liberty for granted, who, whether by choice or ignorance, willing give away the liberty we have always known. The Ukrainians recognize the lie, and are taking steps to save their country, and their souls. We Americans? We see and hear the lies, but so many are too lazy, complacent, or have bought into the lie so deeply, that we are selling our country and our souls just as Robert Johnson did. We are at the crossroads, hopefully we don’t make the same deal Johnson made.

    1. Shofar: Excellent summary. I’ve been watching the demonstrations and news on cable (France24). My understanding is that the Ukraine wants to be aligned with the EU not Russia.

    2. “We Americans? We see and hear the lies, but so many are too lazy, complacent, or have bought into the lie so deeply, that we are selling our country and our souls just as Robert Johnson did.”

      How do you cook a frog?

    3. Sadly, the last generation who actually lived the fear that freedom really could disappear is dying off with each passing day. Roughly only 900 Pearl Harbor survivors are still with us and within the next decade is it highly probable that will we be without a single living veteran of World War II.
      The coddled, entitled masses that put Obama in power have not a clue as to what they are destroying.

      1. Just read that there are still 1.6 Million world war II veterans alive!

        Oprah has just announced that she will host a program about how to hasten their deaths. /sark off

    4. I could not have written it better.
      Sometimes it seems I am the only only taken notes, and mentioning the news in conversation.
      Keep this in mind, there are a geat deal of people who may not speak of it, but are paying attention.

  12. “I mean, how stupid does Emanuel think we are?”

    I try to imagine what it must have been like to grow up in the Emanuel household. A vision of Dante’s seventh circle of Hell keeps popping into my head. My lord! What a bunch of dishonest knuckleheads!

    1. Actually, he comes from a very prestigious family when it comes to fighting against the forces that tried to kill freedom and the light of knowledge in not just Europe and Southwest Asia, but the entire world.

      It’s one of this generation’s most bitter ironies.

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  14. Thenextelectionisbluetoo

    You Teahadists crack me up, giving Cheney credibility on who is honest is like Madonna pointing out the immorality of Lindsey Lohan.

    You guys sit on your tushies, and think people care what you say. When you lose the House in 2014, it will be the beginning of your permanent minority status.

    Keep those keyboards humming, deadweights, it is all you have now.

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