In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread || December 8, 2013

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    1. Good find, @Star.
      Makes me wonder, too. Are the Dems so far out of the bag now that the Obama WhiteHouse is starting to worry enough to call in someone to handle them?
      Those vulnerable Dems can read their own polls and what they see isn’t very promising for their re-election. They’re liable to make some poliitical legislative moves against Obamacare that MrO won’t like.

        1. I tried to mention on a different thread, that I knew something was bound to happen, death, weather, astroied, etc. to get everyone’s mind off his MESS.
          As far as the ugly everyone has to remember this is America, and we have always had to the right to change our mind about a person in polotics.
          As far as a trip, I only hope the ladies behave themself, no screaming and keep the bad lunch menu push at home.

    2. “(Phil Schiliro) will work with the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, other agencies and members of Congress.”

      Umm, isn’t that what Sillybus is supposed to be doing?

    3. Ah, right out of the gate, Schiliro is blaming Republicans for the O-care debacle. Brilliant! That’ll fix it, Phil. Now he expects to work with them?

      1. There is a group called Generation Opportunity which is urging youth to opt out of Obamacare. They were at yesterday’s Notre Dame game. All the best to them. I have urged my daughter (who still has insurance) not to sign up if she should lose her present insurance.

  1. Good golly, this global warming effect is really taken a turn for the worse; instead of gamma rays from the sun, it seems the frigid air from outer space is leaking through the holes in our atmosphere.
    Y’all stay warm and dry. And safely at home, too.

    On a related note; even non-football fans might enjoy watching grown men try to catch a brown-ish chunk of ice shaped as a football thrown their way. The slipping and sliding on the football field should be very entertaining.

    1. Oh, boy. If you get it, turn your TV to your local FOX station and watch the football game between the Detroit Lions and the Philly Eagles…it’s a whiteout. lol. brrrrrr.

      1. This is the best. Growing up the best games were played in snow and or muddy rain. Of course as a kid I loved playing in the rain and mud puddles. The best.
        How are they keeping the numbers on the field from being covered up with snow?

      2. I didn’t have to turn on the TV, the whiteout is visible from my windows. It’s our first snow locally. I love the first snow from an indoor perspective.

        1. When I was a little girl I saw an inch of snow once. When my 30 yr. old son was a little boy. We built a 12 inch snowman, got picture of the carrot hanging off his face. Five years ago, it snowed a whole bunch. My other son was in middle school. As I was waking him up for school, I kept going back out in the dark playing in the snow. I lost 3 cups of coffee that I kept placing in the snow. I thought I would share happiness in between everything we have to deal with and be concerned with. Be careful everyone. We just got massive amount of rain here.

      1. I remember back in the day, when I worked on the Hill, Bill Proxmire was amped up over a program to wire the state of Wisconsin (underground) to send low resolution tones out to subs under the ice or something–the dairy farmers where not charmed–would it stop the cows from producing? Much less the people? What was the name of that program…let me think.

  2. OK, it works !
    I think the media is absolutely hysterical about Mandela and the funeral. No proportions at all.
    The Daily Telegraph had 5 – 6 posts that was over the top on the subject ( he compares with Christ etc etc ) but interestingly enough the comment sectors were closed. Finally it opened on one post but while the commenters were somewhat critical of the man and his legacy and the disastrous situation in South Africa it suddenly closed. When Margaret Thatcher died, posts and comments had mixed reviews of the lady and nothing was censored. And Mrs Thatcher was without doubt a far more important politician than Mandela, at least to the Western world. It´s almost like politicians that are non.white are untouchable in the media. Well, Obama is a good example of that, is he not ?
    By the way, I wonder if the Mandela family is a tad cold towards Obama because of what happened to the dear friend Khadaffi.

      1. True Star, whites and non whites, especially blacks, are held to different standards. How can anyone believe that lying and whitewashing will help ?

      1. Thanks for the link Sadie. Yes, pc journalists and politicians who want to bask in the limelight paint Mandela as a saint who changed the country to the better but ordinary people who actually go there, have friends and relatives there and who can read local newspapers know that South Africa beside the tourist spots is no wonderland. Especially not for women. The government is corrupt and brutal, remember the bombing of the mine workers ?

    1. Several journalists, and I see WHD bloggers, here are already measuring their enthusiasm and admiration for Mandela. Of course he was a mixed bag. He WAS a terrorist when he was a young man–that’s why he was in prison, not because he was black. He also was a communist. I give him credit for undergoing some sort of conversion during his prison time and coming to realize that violence only begets violence, and I give him credit for bearing this out during the South African transition of government. What will happen now, we will see.

      1. Yes Julie, today the media and the politicians don´t want to mention why he was in prison and the low-info reader/watcher then believe it was pure racism.

    2. About Gaddafi, that might be the case. I also think the Mandela family is aware of how the Obamas want to use Nelson Mandela for their own purposes. Michelle Obama forced herself and the two girls on Mandela when he was very sick in spite of all the hints to leave him in peace. Then the Obamas tried to get a photo-op with the dying Mandela but had to settle for a disgusting photo of themselves in Mandela’s old prison cell. (Have you seen it: Sasha sitting in Obama’s lap while he hugs her?)

      1. Yes, that picture was so ridiculous. I saw a comparison between that Pete Souza picture and the ordinary photographers picture of that moment and it was so obvious how arranged the Souza picture was. And the family play along, pretending. What a disgusting lot they are. Everything is just a big photo op. Life is a theatre.

  3. The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is sending out letters telling gun owners to turn over their rifles and shotguns — or else face the consequences.

    New York City’s ban on rifles and shotguns that hold more than five rounds is now being enforced, according to a letter the NYPD is sending out to targeted city gun owners.

    “It appears you are in possession of a rifle and/or Shotgun (listed below) that has an ammunition feeding device capable of holding more than five (5) rounds of ammunition. Rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than five (5) rounds of ammunition are unlawful to possess in New York City, as per NYC Administrative Code 10-306 (b).”


    1. Afternoon MM. Hope things are better weatherwise.

      About NYC, of course this is complete and total crap…IMHO. The NYS SAFE act is primarily about “magazines”, background checks and buying /selling. The law limits magazines to 10 round magazines but allows only 7 rounds loaded in a “magazine” unless on a gun range or during competition. NY City, has gone further with 10-306 for any rifle capable of holding more than 5 rounds.

      Back to the total crap part, an M1 Garand was the main battle field rifle for the US Military for WWII and many years afterwards including the Korean Conflict. It’s a lethal weapon but uses the classic 8 round “clip” of 30-06 ammo. That’s the “thing that makes the ping” in the movies. Because this rifle uses a clip, it does not fall under the limitations of the NY SAFE Act. The NYC 10-306 act is another matter since the law simply defines ammunition feeding devices and I’ve done no research there. However, the M1 Garand is not classified as an assault weapon since it does not have a detachable magazine. I wonder what the Axis powers would have to say about that.

      Get ready for the Law of Unintended Consequences to take effect in NYC.

  4. South Korea on Sunday announced the expansion of its air defense identification zone, extending it farther south into an area that overlaps with similar zones of Japan and China.

    The South’s decision, widely expected after a week of government discussions, marks the latest move in a regional struggle over airspace above the East China Sea.

    South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense said the new zone would include two small islands and a submerged rock historically disputed with China. Air defense identification zones are not territorial claims, but they mark the airspace that countries feel are important to monitor. Officials in Washington and across Asia say the competing aerial zones raise the risk of mishaps that could trigger a broader conflict.


          1. Perhaps a clarification: late lunch and there are A LOT of lights on the tree. This tree is wired up like a death row inmate. All I gotta do is flip the switch!

          2. GG, did you clear all those light with EPA? Wonder how long before there are restrictions on the amount of electricity we can use for Christma…, er, I mean Holiday decorations. LOL.

      1. It’s not about the objects, it’s about power and control. I fear what’s coming the world’s way; especially for America. We’re led by a feckless, lawless, anti-American sociopath, at a time when this country needs a George Washington.

        1. I read the article myself. AMERICAN CITIZENS getting letters to turn in their guns. I would like everyone from the top down in this administration to do the same. Than everyone can use spatulas, bats, crockpot, etc.
          I trust the criminals currently there or arriving from overseas have received their letters as well.
          The next step will be people having their books burned or the internet turned off.

  5. The WhiteHouse might seriously consider putting a muzzle on DrZekeEmanuel. His arrogance, ignorance, and elitism is stunning.
    As he parries with FOX’s Wallace, he shows himself to be the worst of the progressives and someone who believes that he is the final word on health care.

    He’s just a horrible person. The Dems might as well give him a brown-shirted uniform to wear when he appears in public.

        1. I saw him, interrupting, etc with that irritated little ivy look on his face–you stupidos just don’t get it, we know this is great for your dumb selves. You should expect to pay more if you want a certain doctor–say the one who is trying to get rid of your cancer for you.

    1. I loved it when Chris Wallace confronted him with the WH statement that they need 7M to sign up befire the deadline in order for the whole thing to work. Zeke said that’s not true – that came from the CBO. No one in the WH said such a thing. (paraphasing).
      Anything to downplay the dismal signup numbers. ‘We don’t need no stinkin’ 7 million enrollees!” What a skunk!

  6. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Sunday that last month’s nuclear deal with world powers has already boosted the country’s economy, as he continues a push to convince skeptics of the benefits brought by the pact’s partial sanctions relief.

    Rouhani told an open session of parliament that, after the “success” of the talks, investors were gravitating to businesses and the stock exchange.


  7. The legendary Pathfinders have taken their final jump and the Red Devils aren’t too far behind.

    The two paratrooper units — formally known as the 5th Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division and the 508th Infantry Regiment — are closing out long histories as a result of the U.S. Army’s reconfiguration and budget cutting. Among the changes being made is a reduction in the number of parachute positions across the service.


    Lt. Col. Don Peters, the team chief for Operations, Intelligence and Logistics with Army Public Affairs, told The Associated Press the reductions are being made in part because of reduced budgets and to reach the mandated maximum number of paratrooper slots 49,000. Peters said 24 units accounting for 2,600 soldiers across the country were removed from jump status. That includes 12 units with the 18th Airborne Corps and the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, N.C., and the Company F (Pathfinder), 4th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 159th Aviation Brigade at Fort Campbell, Ky.


  8. I am doing something completely different–trying to design a custom coffee mug that reads: POST COOL. The picture is of a rat in a trap and the line: I regret nothing. Do I want to pay almost $20 for this or just design it…prob the latter.

  9. Finkielkraut: Immigration used to go hand-in-hand with integration into French culture. That was the rule of the game. Many of the new arrivals no longer want to play by that rule. If the immigrants are in the majority in their neighborhoods, how can we integrate them? There used to be mixed marriages, which is crucial to miscegenation. But their numbers are declining. Many Muslims in Europe are re-Islamizing themselves. A woman who wears the veil effectively announces that a relationship with a non-Muslim is out of the question for her.

    SPIEGEL: Aren’t many immigrants excluded from mainstream society primarily for economic reasons?

    Finkielkraut: The left wanted to resolve the problem of immigration as a social issue, and proclaimed that the riots in the suburbs were a kind of class struggle. We were told that these youths were protesting against unemployment, inequality and the impossibility of social advancement. In reality we saw an eruption of hostility toward French society. Social inequality does not explain the anti-Semitism, nor the misogyny in the suburbs, nor the insult “filthy French.” The left does not want to accept that there is a clash of civilizations.


      1. LGF? I’ve been there a handful of times Sir Charles booted me when I wouldn’t drink his Kool-Aid about loving FCMABBHO and Muslims in general.

  10. The Grinch that Stole Christmas/OFA tweeted out the following. I am too tired today to add to the list, but I am sure there are a few of you that will be tempted to add to it. Can’t wait to see what OFA has in store for Valentine’s Day.

    “Give the gift of a good talk about health insurance.”

    “There’s something other than Christmas shopping that you should try to get done by December 23rd.”

    “Lights on the tree. Stockings by the fire. Health insurance on its way.”

  11. True to form, Obama honored Pearl Harbor Day by putting a photo up on his facebook showing himself in front of the Arizona Memorial.

  12. Gak! Obama ‘dishonors’ dead on Pearl Harbor Day by posting photo of himself at the Memorial on his FB page. In the photo, you can barely see the lettering on the Memorial – it’s all Obama!

    I shiudder to think of what he and Pete Souza are going to cook up at the Mandela funeral – a photo next to Mandela in the casket? Sorry to be disrespectful – but it’s sooo aggravating.

      1. It’s his own version of “Forrest Gump”, the movie.
        Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the same redeeming or loveable qualities that Forrest Gump had.

    1. I took my mom there her first boyfriend went down on the Arizona.
      When she saw his name she started to cry everyone around backed away so she was alone such respect. I have a picture
      of her alone from behind all alone. When we got back to the main building there was a bus load of Japanese tourist strange feeling.

  13. OT: way OT
    There is a current professional football player whose first name is
    “Joique”. We’re having a brisk discussion (between snorts of laughter) of the correct pronouncation of the name.
    Is it Joike, is it Joe-q, is it Yoke, Joe-key, or what?

    1. My best guess is that spelling is some version of Jacques. He should be grateful his last name is Bell and not strap. LOL

      I went to high school with a girl named Rosebud. Her last named was Bush.

    2. Oh dear, the Joyk is on him. Below is a snip of an interview he gave while still playing college football..

      One last thing, just for our readers I can write it out phonetically. How do you pronounce your name?


      And where’s that from?

      It’s French. What I was taught, it’s French-slash-Greek for “Conqueror.”

  14. Keith: Thanks for an Open Thread weekend. We were all very well behaved and we didn’t trash the place. We’ll keep the light on for you.

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