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Mandela Memorial to Provide Obama a Welcome Reprieve

Okay, no, I’m not saying President Obama is exploiting Nelson Mandela’s death. But one of the reasons I started this blog was to convey what every White House journalist thinks but none will say. So let’s be frank.

The president’s attendance at Tuesday’s memorial in South Africa for Mandela will, including travel time, ensure that the next three days at least are devoted to Obama the statesman, and not Obama the incompetent website designer and phony insurance salesman.

Instead of breakdown updates and stories about good people losing their health insurance, the news will be focused on South Africa and Obama’s trip there. And Obama will have the chance to regain some sense of dignity about himself and his office.

Don’t think the White House hasn’t fully thought this through.

I wish him bon voyage and hope and believe that he and First Lady Michelle Obama will represent our nation with class during this historic and somber event.

No gum chewing please.

51 Responses to Mandela Memorial to Provide Obama a Welcome Reprieve

  1. This PR reprieve could become a PR catastrophe if the Afrikaner’s fears that the already astonishing Black on White murder rate in South Africa escalates to genocide comparable to Zimbabwe or even Rowanda while Obama is in country.

  2. Do I understand correctly that the Bushes and Clintons will travel on the same plane? Would be nice if even a small amount of presidentialness would rub off on him. And agree about the gum chewing. Please.

  3. Maybe the Mandela family won’t allow either one of them to speak at the memorial. That’s about the only way to prevent the grifters from grabbing the limelight and making it all about themselves. As far as representing America with class…impossible task. There is not an ounce of class or dignity between the two. No doubt their gaucheness will be on full display – with Mooch sporting some ill-fitting, sleeveless frock while preezy Revenge blows bubbles and snaps his nicorette during the service.

  4. I agree. This trip is no more than a get out of dodge dodge, and a respite from some really crummy weather in DC.
    Contrary to the headline stories and the sad faces on TV talking heads, neither the “world”, nor even America is mourning MrMandela’s death.
    Aside from a RIP for the man, and a sympathy for the family’s loss, we’re just not that involved in a controversial political figure from SA.

    • I’m sad to see private citizens complying with the lowered masts directive. A local Christmas tree market has done so, and if i bought a tree, which I don’t, I would boycott that one.

      • I feel the same, Julie. I just looked up the street and saw the flag flying there at half-staff. It’s the same at our police department and Historical Museum (although the Post Office flag is flying high…WTF?). Since when does the United States of AMERICA fly her flags at half staff for the leader of a foreign country? This is disgusting.

    • I am over the death, too–skipped MTP’s all-hour special this AM. But there will be a worldwide extravaganza–it was a life lived and lived according to positive princples–despite taking in all sides including the ever-unpopular “commies,” and having a shady wife, etc. It will run its course.

    • Sure there is a reason for Dictator Obama and the First Flotsam to go to this over hyped funeral for the latest patron saint of the communists, Nelson Mandela. This trip will serve a dual purpose of creating fresh propaganda photos showing Dictator Obama pulling somber face #4 at the funeral and enable Moochelle the First Flotsam an opportunity to run up an obscene tab at a 5 star hotel in South Africa at tax payers expense.

  5. If they do opt, against their better interests, to let ObeyMe speak, they need to cut his mike the second he tries to make it about himself.

    Which he will. He’s nothing if not completely predictable.

    Q. Why was Obama playing spades during the bin Laden raid?

    A. Because he always gets cleaned out at poker.

    Yeah, he’s that predictable.

  6. I’m flummoxed over all three presidents traveling together. I’m guessing Obama needs a photo layout chumming it up with his predecessors who did so much more for the Afrckaners than their ‘home boy’.
    Hillary and Laura Bush are working together on a project involving not abandoning Afghan women when our troops pull out – leaving poor old Mooch out in the cold. – a project MO and her feckless husband could care less about.

    • Obama needs a bump in the polls. Being with other Presidents gives him some veneer of credibility. No way was the offer to fly AF1 a gesture of good manners, civility or graciousness.

      • If the Bushes really cared about us they would have gracefully declined the invitation and arranged their own transportation. Bilderburgers stick together, I guess.

  7. We need to keep the repeal of ObamaCare front and center. Other than the expense to taxpayers, who cares if Barack and MooChow go to S. Africa to have a mini vacay? Obama is such a self centered schmuck he will think it is all about him anyway. Like Rosa Parks is, like Pearl Harbor is, like anything to do with anything is.
    The fact remains that ObamaCare is still the pile of dung it was when it was dreamed up and it needs to be repealed.
    The Conservatives and the GOP need to “focus like a laser” on this issue.