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Obama to Travel to South Africa Next Week

President and Mrs. Obama will travel to South Africa next week “to participate in memorial events,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said this afternoon.

Carney did not say exactly when Obama will leave, and it’s not exactly clear which events Obama will attend. A memorial for Mandela will be held Tuesday at FNB stadium in Johannesburg. After that Mandela’s remains will lie in state for the following three days. But he’s not scheduled to be buried until December 15.

59 thoughts on “Obama to Travel to South Africa Next Week”

  1. Can’t be bothered by Margaret Thatcher’s services, but wouldn’t miss Mandela’s even though it will interfere with the Hawaii trip.

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      1. We drove by one of the local schools today, and they were johnny-on-the-spot with lowering it. If I had a private business, I wouldn’t comply.

    1. I don’t know if this is the trend, but why are we lowering the US flag for a foreign leader? Or for a foreign anybody for that matter.

          1. I think it’s wrong. The flag is the US flag. For America. People have fought under it, carrying it, in defense of this country and its principles.

        1. I’m not. Lowering the flag is for American citizens. Have we ever lowered it for a non-citizen before? I doubt if any other country is following Obama’s lead.

  2. Remember Michelle Antoinett’s trip to Africa, in which she forced herself and The Daughters into the company of a feeble Mandela in order to get a few “historic” pics?

    Has anyone seen that pic revived for this trip? Sort of a “she knew him, too” proof? As for The One, he has never wanted to be President, so it would make no sense for him to speak as one; he’s just another man whose ego requires a trip to South Africa so he can be photographed at the “funeral orgies,” as the King put it in Huckleberry Finn.

    1. Remember when they visited Mandela and they told the press photographers that because the visit was a very ”personal” visit they didn’t want to ruin it with photographers?
      BUT then they had the official White House photographer send out photos of the visit?

      Controlling the media is what they do best.

  3. I believe it is important to MrO to be viewed by the world as another Nelson Mandela, that is, the first black leader of the country. I think that will be MrO’s only legacy, and he knows it. He doesn’t care about our country, just his standing in the world.

  4. Think Obama will speak t the funeral? They need to make sure the teleprompter is dressed for the occasion. And please Mr. President, do not use the words “I”….”ME”…..or “MYSELF”……it is not about you.

  5. So we are sending AF1 next week minus wee wons and Granny. That
    means they will fly separately for the funeral. Then either straight to
    Hawaii or two planes and two trips…I’m so confused:-(

      1. Oh Julie, just for some good photo options. Preferably with some relatives, he will surely elbow his way next to them .But isn´t the first Mrs Mandela ,Winnie, in prison for a gruesome murder of a young boy ?

          1. And Obama is President of the United States. What’s your point?

            A sliver of Winnie:

            A controversial activist, she is popular among her supporters, who refer to her as the ‘Mother of the Nation’, yet reviled by others after the South African Truth and Reconciliation commission found “Ms Winnie Madikizela Mandela politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights”, concluding that she had personally been responsible for the murder, torture, abduction and assault of numerous men, women and children, as well as indirectly responsible for even larger number of such crimes.[3] In March 2009, the Independent Electoral Commission ruled that Madikizela-Mandela, selected as an ANC candidate, could run in the April 2009 general election, despite her suspended jail sentence for fraud.[4]

          2. “What’s your point?”

            What’s that mean? All I did was write the truth. I didn’t add that I think she’s one of the nastiest assholes in politics in a long time. That bitch was responsible for many people getting necklaced, and she belongs in a deep, dark dungeon.

        1. She is a murderer, but she’s not in prison. Ironically, the people the ANC murdered were black. Winnie Mandela approved of the gruesome custom of “necklacing” people.

  6. He knows all about Mandela’s life and death but knows nothing about Benghazi, nothing about the IRS spy jobs, nothing about the obamacare computers being down, nothing about America in general.

    Have a good trip and don’t hurry back, I say.

  7. Obamas invite GW and Laura to go on AF1 for Mandela memorial. I think I just heard this on the five.

    Michelle will probably be muzzled and in cargo for security reasons. Ex Presidents trump sitting First Ladies.

    1. And if this is true, then maybe, just maybe Obama will hold his vicious tongue and not criticize the US while he is on foreign soil.

      Christmas — time of miracles.

  8. If we’re lucky, we’ll be rid of the Grifters for 3 weeks. I believe the liar-in-chief was planning to take the Obamacare circus on the road every day this month, no? Now he can pitch it to the Afrikaners.

  9. No doubt that a key objective of the trip will be to make both of the Obamas the headliners at the events that they attend.

    It will be nauseating to watch the pre-staged crowds fawning over America’s royal couple. Hopefully people won’t forget that it’s all really about Nelson Mandela….not Barack and Michelle Obama.

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