In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Obama Morning News || December 6, 2013

40 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || December 6, 2013”

  1. Regarding question about Hillary or Biden as Pres.
    He said either one would be a great Pres.
    He put his foot in his mouth.
    He should have said that he respects them both etc, but not claim either one would make a great Pres.

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  2. MrObama’s mental state is fast going downhill as he imagines things that happened and things that didn’t happen.
    He blames someone for being upset because the IRS office in “cincinnati” was being diligent as they stymied tea-party/concervatives from getting a tax-free status , and tells a Jewish gathering that a non-deal with the Iranians stopped their goal of owning nuclear weaponry; both proven lies.
    He blames the “press” for dividing the country, as if he’s just an innocent bystander who never said, “reward your friends and punish your enemies”, or suggested that Repubs sit in the back of the bus.

    1. The biggist joke: Was telling bartenders to push this healthcare issue. Don’t get me wrong you can have an outstanding conversation with a bartender. My grandfather was one after he sold his buisness, but I feel most bartenders would want to avoid that subject. It would be like cheering for a customers rival football team.

      1. That is funny–like the tonsil docs. What is the innkeeper supposed to say–you are cut off if you don’t buy insurance? Or looks like the hooch is getting to you–you better get some health insurance. Stupid as hair.

      2. You have cited another example of MrO’s unfamiliar knowlege of things that Americans do.
        No one goes to a bar to hear what the bartender thinks about politics or events of the day; they go to forget politics and events…….

        1. He forgot to tell the bartenders to include tarioki (sorry for the poor spelling) time to include songs for the health mess.
          Of course there are no songs about the health mess: The customers however, will not have a hard time after a couple of drinks making up their own songs. That would be simply funny as can be. Saturday Night Live has to come up with a skit about this.

  3. As far as the Obamacare gone.
    My mother just retired 2 years ago. Worked everyday of her life.
    She is covered now, however her doctor told her. Get eyes checked and anyother test you can think of before the end of the year!!!
    My aunt same as mom worked all her life, now retired. Her doctor told her do something about your weight NOW!!!
    Please let me explain my mom never had weight on her, as well as myself. However my moms sister was heavy since childhood. She eats hardly anything and does exercise.
    This is going to be an absolute nightmare for many people.

        1. No one can explain The Biggest Loser–it’s a show about heavy people being browbeaten into losing weight by some hardbody woman. I was referring to your mom’s doctor–what if she doesn’t do ”
          “something” about her weight–what happens…

          1. I guess the doc meant suddenly lose the weight you’ve had all your life bec when it makes your knees hurt or you keel, your Medicare will be cut back so much you will lie there and not get up. Already happened! Yay! I don’t know how much more of this I can take–honestly.

  4. Obama chose not to meet with Sebelius over a 3.5 year period while she was in charge of rolling out his signature legislation. Nothing makes sense about that. Nothing. He wasn’t too busy, we’ve seen his schedules. So why didn’t he care? Why was he so disengaged?

          1. Well, they won’t get it on repeal-new legis basis. If the exchange programs turn into a big high risk pool and govt has to pay those deductibles eventually, too–then it will be sort of single payer–with the richies buying from fabbie thing for themselves, like they probably will anyway.

      1. That’s one big difference. He also would never have borne that imprisonment–or tried for peace and reconciliation after. He would have punished his enemies, like he says.

  5. So at the next Muslim celebration Obama is going to lecture them on their goal of eliminating Israel and Jews? Of course not. Obama is a coward and a bully.

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