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Chris Matthews Gets His Presidential Thrill On

Two legendary Washington egoists cohabit the same stage. Matthews’ first question: “So what brought you to Hardball?”

Why do you love me, Mr. President?

Anyway, here’s the top of the show.

37 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Gets His Presidential Thrill On”

    1. Yes, he is.
      He somehow believes that he must know everything about health insurance, and everyday health care, but he doesn’t.
      He’s such a bore.

        1. Plus I am not sure this “for the price of your cellphone” riff is so compelling–he also told them they were doomed if they didn’t go to college, so they have huge loan payments, that cellphone, and now–just for drills–should tack on this insurance, added to their car payment, car insurance, rent? Some are losting their health insurance from the college–is this a substitute–can it come out of scholarship money?

        2. I read that some hospitals are planning to sign up uninsured patients and pay their premiums to help keep hospital costs down. If this is true, then many may feel it unnecessary to buy their own insurance.

          1. Even now they will whip you onto Medicaid if they can. They want their money. I blogged today on ambulances–don’t get in unless you absolutely have to–spendy! As always, you won’t be making me any money if you go to this. And speaking of money, ambulance companies are relentless is trying to get paid. Yet, the NYT says they usually only collect 40% of their gigantic fees. They will send Vinnie, Vito and Carmine to your door. (Is that offensive–sorry, Italians.)

          2. Some cities in Kalifornia not only require victims of an auto accident to pay for the ride to the hospital; but they must pay for the clean-up on the street or freeway – regardless of whose fault it is.
            Since many accidents are hit and runs committed by illegals, it’s becoming an expensive proposition. You are injured, your car is totaled, and you have to pay to have the mess cleaned up!

    2. I didn’t watch. Did he actually say that? It would advertise that the young would be paying for something only for women over 40. Also, does that mean that women under 40 with a high risk of breast cancer could not get mammograms?

      1. No–he did not say they could not get them. He included mammos in his list of pluses–to collitch kids–this does not affect them except in the wallet, of course.

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      1. I have seen 29,000 last weekend at least think they are in a plan, though the ins co may not know about it—and another 29K in Oct. I guess the state exchanges would bring up the total, but my sense is it’s not that high.

  1. Obama has really given some bad advise here. As a male college student I can save $1,200 a year by just staying on my dad’s insurance plan. That may be a small amount of money to Mr. Obama but in my Dad’s day that is how much his college tuition cost for one year at the local state college. Also, for a young male like myself the mammograms are quite painful.

    1. Last night on Fox there was a mini survey from Howard University, a prestigious black school. Only one student said that he would sign up but he didn’t know much about it yet. All of the other students said that they would remain dependent on the parents for as long as they could, and most of the students said they didn’t know much about it. LOL to that last statement.

      1. That’s a shame–but poetically, this big interview was overshadowed by Mandela. Sorry, Chris. Also there is some feud betw him and the MJ cast–and Scarborough was very sarcastic about how great the interview would be–with Chris even being on the show! As our world turns.

  2. Brent Bozell and Sean Hannity had a field day with the interview. I guess at one time Tweety made a comment comparing Obamacare to a brilliant thesis paper in which the only ‘errors’ were the likes of misspelled words.

  3. Wow , what an incredible staging for the appearance by His Majesty…the huge Presidential Seal and the American and Presidential flags.

    All for a crummy interview with perhaps his biggest and most fawning fan.


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