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Little Ballerinas Booted for Matthews’ Obama Interview!

For his no-news suck up session with President Obama Thursday night, MSNBC host Chris Matthews decided he’d take American University’s Greenberg Theatre, thank you very much.

Only, the theater was already booked by a dance school that was scheduled to do their Nutcracker dress rehearsal there.

No dice. The little ballerinas were booted out on their tiaras.

That prompted an angry email to Matthews from Melissa Carney, the artistic director of the Ballet Petite & Youth Performing Arts School’s Ballet Performance Company. It read in part:

Your interview has forced our young dancers out of a space we scheduled with American University in January. Wednesday night (12/4) was scheduled to be a blocking rehearsal and Thursday (12/5) a full technical and dress rehearsal for the dancers. We were given 28 hours notice of that our rental had been bumped by your show.

We intentionally create a rehearsal and performance schedule that allows for our young dancers to feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Since rescheduling 2 SOLD OUT performances is not an option for our patrons (keeping in mind that many fly in from around the country and world) and canceling the performances would crush the hearts of the young dancers who have worked endlessly since August, we have been forced to create an extremely long, overwhelming, and tiring schedule on opening day in order to bring this production of The Nutcracker to the Greenberg Theatre stage. The dancers now have a 12 hour day in store for them on our opening day (Sunday 12/8).

There’s no serious reason for Matthews to have interviewed Obama at AU, other than it provided an enthusiastic audience for the president, who likes to hang out with adoring students. Perhaps the live audience also sent an additional thrill up Matthews’ leg.

A ballet performance is an incredibly difficult technical feat to pull off. The troupe really couldn’t have done its dress rehearsal at Matthews’ empty MSNBC studio, not could it? I hope their performance is not affected by the selfish behavior of whomever instigated this.

29 thoughts on “Little Ballerinas Booted for Matthews’ Obama Interview!”

    1. Agree.
      She must be one formidable woman to take on MSNBC, President Obama, and the people in charge of the scheduling.
      Let’s hope her taxes are in order.

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  1. This one really is pathetic. Little ballerinas the Nutcracker the Christmas
    season joy good will to all. Except an idiot and a narcissist President
    who has two daughters. This takes the prize for shameful behavior and
    probably made little girls cry way to go Tingles and I Me My.

    1. Mandy, you are right.

      It’s not Matthews and MSNBC that is in the wrong.
      It’s AU for breaking their word and their contract.
      I realize the Obama interview means alot to the campus, i also know that a contract IS a contract. But not for liberals.
      Laws/contracts and other pledges are “flexible”
      They bounced one client for another.
      Terrible business decision.

  2. Dancing is very hard and time consuming. They did not blow off any football game scheduled!
    I think both of them should due a split to show their apology.
    He just keeps on doing the wrong things and not doing the right things.
    Anyone with common sense would have chosen another place. Like at the bar, I’m sure the bartender would have appreciated a break from all the health mess talk.

  3. I was in orchestra in school–performances were tense, rehearsals exciting and tense–imagine being finessed by these dreadful men, without a thought–sorry, kiddies.

  4. Everything, I mean everything is grist for the communist agenda and especially the communist propaganda mill. Healthcare, freedom of speech, class warfare, heathcare, private property, your hard earned money, childrens welfare are all nothing but useful items to be sacrficed on the altar of the democrat communists religion which is totalitarianism. Chrissy Matthews is a drunken, lying, low life propaganda hack with a very obvious gay crush on Dictator Obama. Like his Lord and Saviour Obama, Matthews is one seriously twisted human being who, in a sane and real world, be squee geeing the windshields of cars for dimes or in jail for panhandling.

    The corrupting and communist manure in the stables of Washington is piled neck deep and it will require a modern day Hercules to divert the waters of the Potomac River in order to clean out the stables.

  5. There’s no real reason for Matthews to interview Obama AT ALL.

    But Prez Campaigner just can’t stand not to be bathed in a warm glow of admiration.

    Why do I suspect that if the dancers had been doing a tribute to Kwanzaa or dance from Africa, another venue would have been found.

    Ballerinas? How boringly Western Civ!

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  7. The fault here lies with American University. The ballet troupe presumably had a contract that was not honored. Shame on the university.

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