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Video || Obama statement on the Death of Mandela

“He belongs to the ages,” Obama said.

Today he’s gone home, and we have lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this Earth. He no longer belongs to us. He belongs to the ages.

I assume Obama’s invocation of Edwin Stanton’s comment upon Lincoln’s death, Now he belongs to the ages, was intentional. Not sure how I feel about that.

Obama spoke of the inspiration he drew from Obama:

I am one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s life. My very first political action, the first thing I ever did that involved an issue or a policy or politics, was a protest against apartheid. I studied his words and his writings.

The day that he was released from prison gave me a sense of what human beings can do when they’re guided by their hopes and not by their fears. And like so many around the globe, I cannot fully imagine my own life without the example that Nelson Mandela set, and so long as I live I will do what I can to learn from him.

Typically self-referential, but in this case, I think appropriately so. Obama, as the first black president is, like Mandela, an historic figure in the history of race relations. That he was influenced by Mandela is significant. Though of course, Obama overdoes it.

45 thoughts on “Video || Obama statement on the Death of Mandela”

  1. Of course he would plagiarize Lincoln or not attribute.

    I respect Mandela for the time he served. RIP. That’s as far as I am willing to go.

    As for this — The day that he was released from prison gave me a sense of what human beings can do when they’re guided by their hopes and not by their fears — Obama is totally driven by his insecurities, his fears and his hatred..

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        1. Not only did he post a picture of himself to Twitter, but the quote about the ‘arc of moral universe bends towards justice’ is a rip-off from Martin Luther King, Jr.

        1. Sadder still he’s so full of himself and his stolen words of wisdom he doesn’t think we mortals are aware of here he gets
          his pearls of wisdom.

      1. As soon as I heard Mandela had died, my first thought was that he’d release that picture of himself! Just like the picture of him to commemorate Rosa Parks! What an egotist!

        1. Robin,
          As I was listening to O’s Mandela ‘tribute’ ..I too was waiting for the ‘Me Too’ analogy. My expectation was met……….

  2. Obama was never really a civil rights worker, in my opinion. He is a civil rights beneficiary. I knew he would plunk himself into this, but still, it is a passing. I don’t feel like stating more of the obvious about his first reaction.

  3. Keith – I have to disagree that the self-reverence was appropriate here. I counted 9 “I’s” but couldn’t do the “me’s” and “my’s”. Will have to hit the tea trolley first. And his first political activity was a protest against apartheid? Really? Of course, documentation will be in his records. No, wait……………

  4. Knothead the Not the Nabob

    Almost 5 minutes of tribute. That’s four minutes wasted not fixing the economy and getting Americans back to work.
    My President Mandela Rest in Peace.

  5. As I posted below, Keith, when Obama first got the news of Mandela’s death, he tweeted a picture of himself and his family in Mandela’s old prison cell. Too self referential for my taste. In fact, it’s bad taste.

    1. “As I posted below, Keith, when Obama first got the news of Mandela’s death, he tweeted a picture of himself and his family in Mandela’s old prison cell”

      “Funeral plans include his body lying in state for three days and the Guardian UK also reports that there will be a glass-topped coffin so that people may see the body of the great icon.”


      Make of it what you will. As for me, I have some pretty sick ideas.

      1. I don’t know what sick ideas you would have–and don’t want to know. Lying in state, open casket or not, is done for our leaders, too. Sure, there will be hagiography surrounding this man, but his was a life richly lived, an inspiration for many, that to me transcended labels. Can’t he have his 10 days?

        why sick ideas

    2. The photo, incidentally, was staged by none other than Pete Souza. The same photo was used a few days ago to contrast the staged photo with the only shot the AP was allowed to take – a photo of Obama standing, solo, at the entrance to the jail cell.
      Obama is one sick puppy!

      1. Does the propaganda machine not have pix of Mandela and Obama together–did Mandela not want to associate with him or something? I don’t even feel like trashing Obama today–his me-me bad taste is so obvious it does not need me to point it out.

  6. Nelson Mandela’s funeral was planned a year ago, according to reports. The Guardian UK reports that it has obtained a full schedule of events which are very extensive. According to their documents, “all living presidents” will be expected at the funeral. Of course there will also be many other famous celebs, including Oprah. The entire course of funeral events will run for 12 days.


    Does the clock start tomorrow? If not, it could mess up FCMABBHO’s vacation.

    1. I saw that article too. As I understood it, heads of state would beginning arriving nine and ten days from now. MO and the girls are going as well as both the Clintons.

      1. A large part of me understands this. Mandela was a flat-out Communist, but he helped free millions from a system that was (almost) indistinguishable from slavery.

        As I posted earlier today, I protested against my school’s ties with South Africa. Many college students did that during the early ’80s. Apartheid was evil.

        But, I got over my self-righteous self and learned that, while the Marxist analysis of society might be highly accurate, it cannot be used to form a government because human beings are greedy-shits, and to try to force them to be non-greedy shits is bound to wind up with the deaths of millions.

        I spent my time in a graduate-level course in propaganda in J-School studying South Africa, the ANC and various Transvaal student groups. The necklacing to me is beyond comprehension.

        So is the murder of Steve Biko.

        Again, I offer this video.

  7. What bothered me more than what words Obama chose to say about Mandela was the fact he HAD TO READ IT FROM A PIECE OF PAPER. Obviously someone in his speech department wrote his remarks but wouldn’t you think that once, just this once especially, Obama could speak from the heart? Oh wait. Obama is really the Tin Man and has yet to get to Oz to get that heart!

  8. Nothing, I mean nothing that comes out of Dictator Obama’s mouth is to be believed. Regarding his so-called “inspiration” by Mandela, he merely repeats what has been written for him by one of his fawning PR flacks. More propaganda.

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