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Uncle Omargate

Strike another blow for White House credibility.

One day in August 2011, Obama’s Uncle Omar, who was in the United States illegally, was pulled over for drunk driving and inconveniently exclaimed, “I think I’ll call the White House.”

The White House denied the two had ever met. But now Omar, who was granted asylum Wednesday, says they did meet. And it turns out, Omar is right.

Obama stayed with Omar while waiting for his own apartment after arriving in Boston in the 1980s for law school and then saw him every few months afterward, though they eventually lost touch.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said staffers had done some research back in 2011 and found that “there was no evidence that they had met, and that was what was conveyed.” What Carney now claims the White House failed to do was ask the president – or apparently Omar for that matter.

So Jay says he asked Obama this time and got the answer confirming Omar’s statement.

Your takeaway from this: Don’t trust what you hear out of the White House. Okay, you knew that. But especially don’t trust them when they say something, like they often do, such as We are not aware of any evidence or We have no reason to believe.

It means nothing other than somebody didn’t ask enough questions or, more likely, somebody didn’t ask questions they were afraid they might get and answer to.

17 thoughts on “Uncle Omargate”

  1. A simple If / Then test to determine whether or not President Hat Stand is telling a lie:

    IF he is breathing,

    THEN he is telling a lie.

    You’re all welcome…

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  2. Obama — his drunk uncle who should have been deported years ago and the aunt who has lived off of this country for the same amount of time. Grifters, all of them.

  3. My guess is it would have been politically inconvenient for Preezy Revenge to acknowledge another illegal alien family member living off the benevolence of the American people. Especially one who had been involved in a drunk driving incident with the local police. Now that he’s safely imbedded for another term, he doesn’t give two shakes what the voters think. I also seriously doubt whether Uncle Omar and Aunt Zetunia are the last of his Kenyan relatives who are living in America illegally and on the taxpayers dime.

  4. So every day Carney comes out to meet with the press and the press has assumed he’s at least spoken with the president, that’s their job, but even that is too much work for Obama to handle?

    Keith, do you have any idea who attends the daily briefings? Is Carney there for them? Or is it like at the hotels where they slip your invoice under the door? Is that what his briefing is?

  5. It pays to have the president as your relative. Even so, illegals here don’t have to worry much. Soon they will be given amnesty and millions more will follow until the transformation of America into the hellhole the Progressives want to make it is accomplished.

  6. Jay Carney is ever impressive. How the man stands up at that podium, day in and day out, and flat out lies to the WH Press Corps is astonishing. In fact, he has gone so far that even Jay cannot tell fiction from fact any more. Who the heck is going to hire this guy when he slips out the back door one day?

  7. We get the double whammy from Obama this time. The usual ignorance excuse “I don’t know Omar”, then to find out, in fact, he did know Uncle Omar and he lied about not knowing him. This will certainly help boost Obama’s credibility.

  8. Also, don’t believe anyone from the WH when they say, “As I’ve often said” or “Let me be clear about this”, or “As the President has often said” (a Jay Carney favorite), or “I was re-elected because people supported ObamaCare”, or, well, just about anything that they say.

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