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Obama Schedule || Friday, December 6, 2013

9:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
5:00 pm || Delivers remarks at the National Christmas Tree Lighting; Ellipse

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

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  1. Ahhhhh….that laser focus on the economy. Oh yeah, those numbers did look pretty good this week. Guess he’ll just relax with his feet up on the resolute desk, again. All is well in utopia.

    • Planning the logistics? The state funeral is not for 10 or 11 days and Mooch and the girls are going along. Do they all go to Hawaii afterwards, or does MO take a separate plane and he returns to DC on Air Force One with the official entourage? If he goes to Hawaii immediately after the funeral, do the dogs get their own plane from DC to Hawaii? So many things to think about!

      • MO probably started packing five minutes after they were notified of Mandella’s passing. The skies are going to be filled with cargo jets flying hither and yon. No way are they going to return to D.C. The timing is perfect!

        • At the rate the Obama’s fly we will probably be getting a special ‘fun AFI’ just for little fun trips. Read where all the
          Presidents will be attending no room for them I guess. Yes
          the timing is perfect but what isn’t for the chosen ones.

        • I don’t know how comfortable our fraudulant President will be with this situation. While he’ll certainly enjoy shifting the spotlight to HIM as always and delight in the opportunity to once more demonize White people, remember that deep down our Barry would feel inferior to such a one, as it will inevitably highlight his OWN shortcomings. Mandela had many, many flaws, but since death puts a bright shine on even VERY tarnished metals, they will not be spoken of. Orators OTHER than Obama will have Mandela floating ABOVE his coffin before all is said and done, and Mandela WAS an effective leader, for better or worse – which is more than you can say about Obama, and he KNOWS it. Also, Obama’s root insecurity has always seemed to be that he’s never “enough”; he’s not “Muslim” enough for the Middle Eastern Arabs; “gay” enough for his homosexual base; “liberal” enough for his extreme leftist base; “Leader” enough to actually be able to direct the Country without resorting to subterfuge and outright lawbreaking; “athlete” enough to compete with his basketball “dream team” in public view; and – this is the one that REALLY stings – “Black” enough because his mother was White. Whatever else Mandela was, Obama can’t compare himself favorably in THAT regard; and that alone will be like fingernails scraping on the blackboard of his soul…

          If you look at his actions, they all seem to be compensatory for his “not-enough”ness, as he tends towards extremes in vain attempts to prove himself “enough”. Obama is clearly uncomfortable when confronted with actual statesmen like Prime Minister Netanyahu, and in the presence of even the minions of strong leaders like Vladimir Putin. There’s no reason to think that he’d be any more comfortable in the presence of the sort of strong African man that Obama can only dream that HE could be, even IF that man is dead. This is why Obama’s speech last night turned into “me, my, I” etc., because he can’t stand to look at a list of even dubious accomplishements that he can never compare favorably to, and therefore must change the conversation back to his favorite subject – and out comes the perpindicular pronoun. Look for WAY more of that during the Mandela funeral ceremonies.

          Obama will do a grip, a grin, a long speech about – well, himself, of course, but also on how this is further proof that White people are such a source of evil that massive government levelling is the only way to deal with it, and then jet off to some sunny party destination with his posse arriving in separate planes, ideally with Moochie and the kids arriving at a separate destination. He won’t dwell on the subject any longer than necessary, unless it looks like it might take away from Obamacare; even then, he’d rather go back to familiar campaign themes than keep the focus on a person that just highlights him for the leader he’s NOT.

          On a side note, my local Fox affiliate gave me a chuckle when the Obama speech was on, because someone let the scheduled commericals run RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! I’m sure it was some racist plot that will be vigorously pursued by Eric Holder, and I expect the IRS to be shutting WXIX-TV down any day now, but it DID demonstrate how even an obnoxious sales pitch for “Chia Duck Dynasty” can seem WAY better than an obnoxious sales pitch for The Angry Caliph – which is what ALL of his speeches devolve to, regardless of advertised content.

          Hmm, I wonder if the Chia people would do a Chia First Family? Naaah, guess not, if you watered an Obama Chia, the only thing that would grow is bad government…

      • Barry is probably fuming that he was not invited to the Mandela family camp when he was visiting South Africa. He probably planned to bring along Pete Souza for some glorious photo sessions .
        By the way, on a day like this everything not so saintly looking will probably be cleared away from the news. Mandela had for example very, very close ties to Khadaffi. Mandela was of course not the saint media wants to make of him. And the efforts of De Klerck in the shaping of a new South Africa are mostly forgotten. De Klerck never was the darling of the media and the celebrities the way Mandela was and is. Difficult to win that one when you are a balding white man. However, the new leadership in South Africa has some things to learn from these two gentlemen and I doubt that they will and want to. The future of that corrupt country is somewhat uncertain.

          • Langley Spook – “Very true, the propaganda for “Saint” Mandela from the ‘media’ will be over-the-top.”

            Hey, it distracts from Obamacare, lets Obama steal afterglow from another historic figure, AND lets Prezzy Divisive highlight – AGAIN – how evil White people are, even those that voted FOR him! WIN-WIN-WIN!

    • I don’t think he’ll be invited since his security requirements are a nightmare for any country he visits and it’s just not fair to the real citizens mourning their leader.

      It’s why he and Michelle were dissed for the Royal wedding after security required MO to have her own traffic lane for the Olympics visit. Not to mention taking up several floors in a swanky hotel for her entourage which we probably paid for. Nah, tell them to stay home. :)

      • You mean he will not be invited to the funeral? It’s a state funeral and he has been invited. What I hope you mean is that he will not be invited to speak.

  2. By the way, the White House claimed that Barry never met his uncle Omar. Up till now. I read in Daily Caller today that Barry has now changed his mind on the subject. He did see and live with that dear uncle. Oh, just pressure Barry enough and the fabrications unravel.

    • When you make up your life story, complete with composite girlfriends, it’s hard to keep track of what was true. Doubt this will get much media play.

    • That whole story is BS. They never asked the President whether he had met Omar? Yea right …

      Truth be told, they know it looks horrible to have this man admit he basically has no relationship with his uncle. He’s his brother’s keeper? b a haa haa haa. what a joke. THe only excuse – which is now to be revealed as a lie – is that he didn’t know him.

      Plus, after all the waxing nostalgic about dreaming about his dad … @@

  3. Wow: 9:45!!! What an early day!!! I am sure everyone recalls, most days start at 10:00.
    If he spends quality time etc. with his daughters before school, fine.
    However he should do that once or twice a week. Better yet start the day early, and spend time with the kids instead of golfing. Most parents with jobs, give up personal joys, to spend needed time with their kids.

  4. LOL, the local DC news I follow on FB is mentioning that the 5pm tree ceremony and Prezzy’s remarks will create a traffic nightmare since most of the roads are being shutdown in downtown DC during rush hour.