As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || December 5, 2013

More may lose coverage by Jan. 1 than gain . . . Politico
Obamacare costing Dems white women . . . National Journal
Millennials say they won’t enroll . . . Washington Times
Obamacare Medicare cuts soon to be felt . . . Daily Caller
Bad new site glitch threatens payments . . . Fox News
Reid gives staff an exchange exemption . . . Fox News
Obama propaganda funded by you . . . National Journal
Bipartisan anger at Obama’s Congress end-runs . . . Fox News
Lew to celebrate financial reform
. . . New York Times
Obama to declare new energy mandate . . . National Journal
Will Obama go to Tehran? It could happen . . . The Hill
Watchdogs criticize Obama prop secrecy . . . Examiner
Warren vows not to run in 2016 . . . Boston Herald

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 5, 2013

  1. Obama propaganda funded by you . . . National Journal

    That is one of the most redundant, tautological sentences of all time!
    Whenever Obama does something, it is for propaganda purposes.
    And he only does something if its on someone else’s dime. His whole life is living off someone else’s dime.

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    • Early on in this nightmare regime I read that she practices voodoo. Since there is probably a shortage of witch doctors in Washington, no doubt she gets the same coverage as the royal grifters…the finest healthcare America can buy. Healthcare paid for by American citizens who can no longer afford to see their own doctor because of her son-in-law’s liberty-stealing health insurance scam.

    • Medicare, of course. She must also enjoy the services of the same medical staff that looks after the President.

      She seems to be a healthy, hearty senior. As for her being included in the family’s activities. I approve. Her residence at the WhiteHouse is more practical than having her live alone in Chicago.