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WSJ: United States in Talks with Syrian Islamists

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that the Obama administration has opened talks with openly Islamist militias fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad.

From the piece:

The U.S. and its allies have held direct talks with key Islamist militias in Syria, Western officials say, aiming to undercut al Qaeda while acknowledging that religious fighters long shunned by Washington have gained on the battlefield.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia is taking its own outreach further, moving to directly arm and fund one of the Islamist groups, the Army of Islam, despite U.S. qualms.

Both the Western and Saudi shifts aim to weaken al Qaeda-linked groups, which Western officials now concede are as great a danger in Syria as President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Over the past two months, the militias, which command the loyalty of tens of thousands of fighters driving the conflict in Syria, have begun to consolidate their ranks. In late November, they announced they were banding together and forming the Islamic Front.

The more secular groups the U.S. has been backing have lost major ground to that group and the al Qaeda-linked forces, as well as to the Assad regime. Western diplomats estimate the new coalition accounts for about half of the rebels now fighting in the conflict.

This is the result of Obama’s feckless indecisiveness. Instead of seriously supporting rebels we might be able to deal with, Obama sort of, kind of backed them, afraid to really arm them.

Meanwhile, he tried to cutely force a stalemate and maneuver everyone to the bargaining table. As if Assad was going to bargain away his power. Obama simply doesn’t understand how these people think.

Gosh, it’s almost getting boring. Another Obama foreign policy failure.

I truly hate to say this given that he is a mass murderer, but Assad is now the best option among bad options in Syria.

To install an Islamist regime there will not only invite much more bloodletting and repression, but it will create decades of problems for the region and the United States as yet another band of Mullahs seeks to export its fanaticism. Not to mention the terrorist training camps that will dot the landscape.

Obama is now negotiating with people who want to establish a modern Caliphate and, if at all possible, cut off our heads while doing it. It’s our president’s latest journey to the Land of Dangerous Absurdities.

32 Responses to WSJ: United States in Talks with Syrian Islamists

  1. When will people wake up and realize that Obama is, if not a secret Muslim, a Muslim sympathizer and supporter, and will put Muslim concepts ahead of U.S. concerns.

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    • Throw in a measure of his wanting to do something, anything, to distract from his Obamacare woes. He swings from doing one thing without rhyme or reason to doing another without rhyme or reason. Fickle and capricious pivots.

      • Agree Julie, no rhyme or reason.
        I also agree with what Keith says, “it´s almost getting boring”. Well, I can not take little Barry seriously anymore. It´s like trying to nail jelly to the wall.

        • “Nailing jelly to a wall”. LOL. Our Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is doing the same thing on immigration ‘reform’. Very slippery.

  2. He may have been born in America, but he shows no loyalty to her. I’ll never forget what the fraud said in a UN speech he gave two weeks after the Benghazi terrorist act on 9/11/11:

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    • Nor her traditional allies. Remember one of his first things was to send back the Churchill bust because of O’s hatred for the man. Also remember how they tried to cover it up by pointing to the other bust that was still there.
      Obama has no more respect for this nation’s founding and her principles than the Islamists who seek to destroy us.
      The Presidency is just a tool to him. A tool to transform us into what he and his ilk think we “deserve” for our arrogant, imperialistic past.
      There is ample material for articles of impeachment but in the current climate of media fawning and ignorance of millions of Americans it would go nowhere and only hurt our chances to remove Harry Reid as majority leader in 2014.
      So in the mean time all we can do is support in anyway we can, anyone, anywhere who stands against Obama.

      • Indeed. It would be difficult to expect different behavior from Obama given his close, very friendly, lifelong association with the worse leftist/Marxist radical, countercultural elements of our society. With the help and influence of Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers and every one in between, Obama has been coached, trained and formed to do exactly what he is doing now. He has been love-bombed by these influences to be the strange political creature we see before us.

  3. These aren’t even shocking any longer. I kind of wondered what he’d
    have to take our attention away from the ever deeper hole of doom that
    is Obamacare so we’ve got no payment system in place we’ll just guess
    and use the honor system. That always works.

  4. Assad was always the best option for Syria just as a repentant Daffy Gaddaffy was the best option for Libya and Mushariff who had been a US ally for three decades was absolutely the best option for Egypt.

    It is now rumored that President Obama will be making a State visit to Iran where he will make a deal with the Mullahs to give them the entire Middle East including Israel.

    • The Persians, now called Iranians, have had at least two empires in the past. Obama is helping them build a third. Not only should the Israelis be very afraid but the Arabs too.

      • You are exactly correct. Persians have historically viewed Arabs as inferior and culturally deprived. If we look at the lands Persia occupied in the ancient past, we can’t easily see why they considered themselves the center of the world (in spite of the same claim by various dynasties of China).

  5. How can Reid exempt anyone at all?
    Is he King Reid now or still the Courts Jester?

    If this lawless regime continues, you will see mass civil disobedience and massive tax cheating. I will not wait.

  6. This just goes to show that he, Obama, has no clue to the Middle East. Syria borders Israel, and has been lobbing missiles across the Golan for years. Israel will not and cannot have an Islamist regime on its borders. The threats coming Teheran, and the looming threats that will come from Damascus may be too much for Israel, and rather then wait to be burned alive by Iranian nukes, and gassed by Syria, Israel might just take the preemptive step of parking a mushroom cloud over both capitals. Better to go out fighting, than to allow the enemy a victory.

    This could very well turn into another Masada moment. Pray for Israel and the USA.

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  8. let’s see: sucking up to Iran? check. sucking up to Turkey? check. sucking up to Morsi and the Muzzie Brotherhood? check. sucking up to Hezbollah? check. sucking up to Syrian Islamists? check.

    that just leaves Obama’s outreach to Hamas, right?