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Video || It’s Hump Day Folks!

These weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially trying. It feels like holiday time, but you’re still working. So celebrate hump day.

I realize this has nothing to do with Obama. I just love this commercial and thought you might need a fix.

16 Responses to Video || It’s Hump Day Folks!

  1. Love this commercial! Am around camels quite alot these days…and I find them to be fascinating creatures. Camels are bred for beauty (and those camels are quite beautiful) and for racing. They have distinct personalities – and most of them love to be photographed!
    And…they are very uncomfortable to ride.

  2. I too have lived in countries where camels are common. Admire them but don’t like them — smelly spitters.

    That said I LOVE this commercial. It makes me smile every time.