As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Thinks He’s President of Mars

Because Mars is where his program remains popular and relevant. But alas, Martians can’t vote in the 2014 U.S. elections. Even if an immigration bill passes.

Obama marsPresident Obama finds himself stubbornly stuck on this planet, promoting policies Americans don’t want and seeking to strike deals with enemies overseas who have no intention of complying.

The president Tuesday began yet another Obamacare PR offensive. Today he touted his plans for the economy.

If you want to know where America’s head is at, and how far it is from where Obama’s is located, think of the unpopularity of Obamacare, of course. But also have a look at something I recently became aware of: the failed Colorado initiative to raise taxes to pay for education.

One of Obama’s signature initiatives is universal preschool funding – what I like to call the Daycare Entitlement. But Colorado, a state that leans a little left with two Democratic Senators, a Democratic Governor and Democrats controlling both state chambers, on Election Day 2013 overwhelmingly rejected Obama’s Statist vision.

It is a very clear sign of the direction in which the nation, startled awake by Obamacare and surging debt, is headed.

Liberals greeted with shock Coloradans dismissal by a nearly two-to-one margin – 66 percent to 34 percent – of what was called “Amendment 66,” a $950 million tax increase to allot more spending to K-12 education.

The vote halted in its tracks what could have become a national movement at the state level. Amendment 66 was rejected even though its proponents far outspent the opposition, using their big bucks to sell smaller class sizes, music in schools, and expanded pre-school.

But voters knew better. They’re learning that despite decades of throwing increasing amounts of money at education, the results aren’t there.

Just yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported:

U.S. 15-year-olds made no progress on recent international achievement exams and fell further in the rankings, reviving a debate about America’s ability to compete in a global economy.

The results from the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which are being released on Tuesday, show that teenagers in the U.S. slipped from 25th to 31st in math since 2009; from 20th to 24th in science; and from 11th to 21st in reading, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, which gathers and analyzes the data in the U.S.

The hardest thing for a Republican to oppose is spending on the dear ones. Liberals love to frame every proposal as good for kids. Do you evil bastards really hate children too? is the question that’s implied.

That Coloradans went into the voting booth, saw goodies for kids, and said Not with my hard earned money suggests that the disgust with government, which has escalated under Obama, may be brewing a low-tax, small government revolution of the kind we haven’t seen since 1980.

Watch for it. It’s coming.

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  1. “the disgust with government, which has escalated under Obama, may be brewing a low-tax, small government revolution of the kind we haven’t seen since 1980.”

    The Republican establishment is just as afraid as the Democrats. So-called immigration reform is really about the elites consolidating their power with votes and donations from big business. If so-called immigration reform passes then there will be a small window of about 15 years where the TEA Party can make in roads, but beyond that point we are in trouble because 40 million new Hugo Chavez-loving naturalized citizens will take to the voting booth.

    • I have more faith in our ability to restore America after reading Mark Levin’s book, “The Liberty Amendments”. Our system of government is broken, and an Article V convention is probably our last chance of restoring the Constitution, short of revolution. In fact, there is going to be a convention planning meeting of the states on Saturday at Mt. Vernon.

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  2. But alas, Martians can’t vote in the 2014 U.S. elections.

    They can if they vote ‘Dem’. If dead people can vote Dem, then Martians should be able to vote Dem as well.

  3. Great news about Colorado rejecting ‘daycare entitlement’. There is hope after all!
    Interestingly, the dramatic plunge in the PISA results began in the year 2009 (the year of our Savior) and have continued the downward trend. Obama neglected to mention those stats this morning during his little tutorial.

    The ‘red’ planet is a perfect place for our resident communist-in-chief.

  4. “But alas, Martians can’t vote in the 2014 U.S. elections.” – Mr. Koffler

    Never say “never” when it comes to Democrats and vote fraud! If the DEAD can vote, and CARTOON characters can vote, why NOT Martians? I suspect if you looked long enough, you’d find Marvin, Amy Wong, The Great Gazoo, and the entire cast of “Total Recall” (both versions) voted Democrat in every election before, so why would it be different now? Of course, since they already rolled the fraud train full-on in 2012, THAT vote is ALREADY counted so it doesn’t make up for any NEW deficit in 2014…

    Other planets may be allowed to vote, too, Obama probably lets Dr. Frank-N-Furter of the planet Transylvania vote too, but only after intensive one-on-one “vote counseling” sessions…

    Of course, Pluto’s been made a “non-planet”, since it was the only one discovered by an American, but I’m sure it’s namesake AND the rest of the “Mickey Mouse” cast can STILL vote as well. After all, the “Mickey Mouse” folks were apparently Obama’s Web designer, so why NOT let them vote for him, too?

  5. “That Coloradans went into the voting booth, saw goodies for kids, and said Not with my hard earned money suggests that the disgust with government, which has escalated under Obama, may be brewing a low-tax, small government revolution of the kind we haven’t seen since 1980.

    Watch for it. It’s coming.”

    I hope you are right Keith.

    But in my Leftcoast state of Washington where the first priority listed in the state constitution is education and the state is controlled by Democrats and a strong teachers union, with a recent court decision that basically told legislator’s they needed to spend even more than ever on education and there hasn’t been any awakening by the people to the ugly truth spending more has done nothing to educate the kids, I am a little skeptical, at least here in Washington State.

    • I’m right below you in Oregon and watch Washington closely. We’re not much better, if at all, when it comes to the teachers’ unions controlling the whole state. We’ve managed to cut PERS just a fraction but the teachers are taking it to court and, guess what, our judges are on PERS too. They keep getting more and more days off in lieu of pay increases and pretty soon the kids will be in school less than they are out. And they keep on empire building: the town next to mine passed a bond to build a new school even though the population has declined by 12,000 since the economic collapse in 2008.

  6. I knew it! All those Obots clapping like seals with goofy grins on their faces are all Martians, and not Earthlings at all.
    Martians love government control of their lives, because it’s so much easier to have someone else make decisions, or just take care of them.
    This explains why MrO thinks Americans looove Obamacare, and think he’s the cat’s meow.

    Of course, this raises the question of MrO’s missing birth certificate. It’s a well known fact that they don’t actually “give birth” on Mars. Everyone is created in a plastic egg just like the one Lady GaGa used for an entrance at some affair.
    OMG, is Lady GaGa an alien, too…….?? oh noes…

  7. I hope Colorado is the canary in the mine. Not that I want Colorado to conk off, but I hope it sounds a warning to the rest of the United States and a harbinger of what’s to come. Colorado was a conservative state like most of the West until not too long ago. It, like most of the country, tried the experiment called Obama, it has suffered the consequences, and now it’s time to move on. Experiment failed.

    • Julie, this 30-second spot ad may be a harbinger of things to come….

      LOL, a bible-thumping Democrat, who voted for Obamacare and is up for reelection in 2014. Even more amusing was DWS quote that Democrats would run on Obamacare – sure they will away.

  8. My daughter, taught at a Title One school for five years – the school improved its standing to a point where it is no longer considered an at risk school. Over the Thanksgiving Day holiday she came home and we were talking about schools and tests. One point she made, and a valid one I think, is that here in the US we have mainstreamed all special needs students, and therefore their scores are calculated into the scores for all students. This has driven down the average scores for American kids, and makes it seems as if our kids a stupid, and running behind the rest of the world.

    She also told me that other countries only calculate the scores of students that are on track for college or some form of higher education, and the other low performing kids, kids that are placed into vocational training are excluded.

    By using these tactics, we are being fed a line of BS as to where American kids actually are. Politicians are comparing apples to bananas, and feeding the US population mush.

    To truly get a feel for where American kids are at, we need to remove the scores of special needs kids, and those that do not speak English from the equation. I would venture that the scores of our kids would jump dramatically, and show that American kids are right up there with, or exceeding the rest of the world.

    • Good points, Shofar.

      When I first started teaching in the early 80s, schools were moving away from homogenous grouping. Someone thought that mixing kids of all abilities into one classroom would RAISE the level of the lower performing kids to the higher level.

      What I found was, however, that the classroom performance leveled off at the average. So, then, schools had to create gifted and talented programs for those kids who were bored at the pace of the classroom and provide classroom aides to help with the lower performing students. All increasing costs while not increasing student learning.

      I worked with special education students who were mainstreamed (I don’t believe that is the PC word anymore). Unfortunately, many of these students got nothing out of the learning environment, and were many times a distraction, dare I say hindrance, to the rest of the class. Yet, a special education teacher would sit in the classroom with one or two students. Again, raising costs while not increasing student achievement.

      • I have a cousin who is a special ed teacher in a Chicago suburb, and she complains about having to work with her kids in the regular class setting. She says it would be a lot easier to work with them in a special class setting because many of her kids need the basics like this is how we wash our hands, and put away our clothes. She knows many of her kids will never be able to function in the “real world” but she is required to work with them in a regular class, where they get little to no education for the things they truly need.

        Crazy if you ask me.

      • My school-teacher daughter finally found a job after two years of unemployment at a charter school for at-risk students. She was thrilled to be back doing what she loves.
        That job lasted three weeks; she quit after a student knocked her down to the floor for asking her(!) to turn off her phone.

        . No, the student was not arrested for an assault, nor was she disciplined by anyone. The staff suggested to my daughter that she should just let the students do what they want, and implied that she was at fault for being too “strident”. Sad.

        • The first month or two that my daughter was teaching at her school she pissed off some kid, and he stabbed her in hand with a pencil Went about half way through her hand. She got up from her desk, walked down to the office and told the principal that the kid had to go, or she was going back to the class room and going to beat the crap out of him. She still had the pencil stuck in the back of her hand. The kid got arrested. She is known as one of the meanest teachers in school, and not someone to mess with.

          She grew up with a dad that was in some form of civilian law enforcement or investigation most of his adult life, and is now engaged to a guy who is a former cop, and now a professional bow hunter. The students at her school respect her because she always is willing to work with them if they are willing to work, but she takes no crap from any of them, and they know it.

          • Professional Bow Hunter. This is STILL a great country. By the way, no disrespect meant. Don’t want to have to go through life with a constant itch between my shoulder blades, listening for the “PHHHHT” of that broadhead comin’ at me!!!

        • I left the classroom in the late 90s (and became a principal. Why, I don’t know.)

          Anyway, I knew I had a enough when a parent brought his high school child to parents’ night–you know, where PARENTS go through their child’s day and meet all the teachers. It’s not as though she needed a babysitter. Students would sometimes attend with their parents and hang out with each other in the cafeteria.

          This parent became extremely indignant when I suggested his daughter might want to step outside the room and join the other students while I talked with the parents. He said LOUDLY that any place he was welcomed, his daughter was, too. The other parents were embarrassed, as was I by his comment.

          Teachers today have a rough, rough job. Parents who know more, bureaucrats who know even more, administrators under pressure, media scrunity. And in the case of my state (North Carolina), no pay raises in over five years.

  9. Education spending is unbelievably out of control in this country (look at spending, spending per GDP, etc., compared to other countries – yeah, the libs like to only tout defense spending – but at least we have both a strong defense, AND an are where governmental powers ARE explicitly granted!

    What state and national level mandates and redistribution actually contribute to improving our childrens’ education is beyond me! One look only at the federal tax SPONGE that districts like Chicago Public Schools (et. al.) serve as, compare their funding to their actual success (or overwhelming lack there-of), and you get the picture.

    Thankfully, this successful product of a rural public school education can provide, for his children, a private education environment that is both more successful in preparing the children through learning, AND operating on budgets that are embarrassingly miniscule compared to our public education CASH COWS.

  10. this happened in katy, tx as well. Our famous for football town voted down a bond proposal for a new football stadium (most expensive high school stadium ever) and other buildings for ag and science. No recession here and people are just tired of the tax bills.

    • Same thing happened in Comal County. We voted down a $500 million bond for CISD “infrastructure”. The Comal ISD already collects annual property taxes of 1.43% per $100 assessed value, so they’re not paupers. They just need to tighten their belt like the rest of us.

  11. I got to vote against Amendment 66 here in Colorado. EVERY Democrat in our state legislature voted for this huge tax increase without pause. The legislature that passed multiple restrictions on firearms which resulted in the first two recalls of state legislators in Colorado’s history. A third was being targeted but she resigned before the voters could speak since then our governor can appoint a Democrat replacement. Flipping that seat would have put the state senate in Republican control.

    Colorado is not so much a blue state as suffering from an incompetent Republican party. With candidates like Ken Buck, Dan Maes, and a socialist state supreme court that fully endorses Democratic gerrymandering, conservatives in this state are voiceless.

  12. Please do not write “where is is at.” It reads much the same as television news copy which is only read by people who think gender and sex are interchangeable.

  13. I’m all in favor of a small government revolution. All we need is the next Reagan, and that person is not currently in the coversation for 2016. He or she will be a telegenic conservative with great communication skills, fearless about illustrating how freedom and prosperity are served not by growing government but by allowing people to keep their own resources. About how education is served not by stultifying top-down dictates, but by local control and rewarding excellence, both in faculty and students.

    So who will it be?

  14. Talk about desperate measures. Obama wants bartenders & owners to devote a ” happy hour ” selling just how peachy and keen ObamaCare is.
    I’ve had a wee to much now and then, but there ain’t that much bourbon in the world for me to accept Ocare.
    What’s next, door to door sales?

    • “Obama wants bartenders & owners to devote a ” happy hour ” selling just how peachy and keen ObamaCare is.”

      What in the world? I missed that one.

    • That idiotic remark came from the Youth Summit today! I presume some of the kids were teenagers – what a stupid, thing to say. I suspect every night is Happy Hour at the WH.

      And speaking of door to door sales, it’s already happening – en masse. Cute young girls getting doors slammed in their faces, according to an article linked at Drudge. Obama should be arrested for sending these young kids out on the streets.

      • This constant infomercial is becoming absurd and pathetic.
        Which raises the question; did they really believe that Obamacare would be welcomed or praised by the public?
        Their assumption that people would be happy to pay more for less health insurance and for limited choices in their doctor or hospital is just unfathomable.
        Did they even think past their glee at passing something so incredibly complicated to it’s actual implematation, or did they just assume that the citizenry would just pay up and shut up?

    • Names of Obamacare drinks?

      I’m not feeling it at the moment — Drop Dead Martini – The Coma – The Sandra Fluke — Katie Kocktail – Zeke Zombie —

      You guys can do better.

      And God knows there has to be Ladies Night — two for the price of one Sandy’s — 2 flutes of Fluke….

    • There’s trouble in Magic City. She’s there for protection of some sort.
      IMO, something is swirling behind the public smiles, something sinister.

      • Right after the ’12 election Valjar made a public statement to the effect that Obama would be spending more time traveling and she would accompany him …everywhere.
        I agree, something sinister going on there. The only thing I can think of is that the MOOCH wants her to keep an eye on him – for whatever reason. They’re worried about something. Time will tell.

    • I can understand her going today. The demagoguery session was held at the Orwellian-named Center for American Progress. John Podesto’s commie front group. I’m sure they both feel right at home with their comrades in arms. Preezy almost seemed gleeful as he attacked America and our way of life during his teleprompter reading today.

  15. Nowhere in The One’s lectures on income inequality, etc., does one hear him say, “Kids who don’t work hard at learning get what they deserve — poorly paying jobs or a life of government handouts.”

    I have worked with people promoted beyond their ability because they are the “right” color or whatever — they never learn how to do the job, they just settle in and collect their paychecks while the people around them scramble to cover the results of the inept work by the sacred cow.

    I put The One and The Wife and most of their chums in this category.