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The Obama Morning News || December 4, 2013

Iran’s enrichment grew under Obama . . . Fox News
WH exploring ways to allow Iran to enrich . . . Free Beacon
WH struggling to sign up the young . . . Fox News
Insurers wary of WH fix claims . . . Examiner
Obama to tout Obamacare economic benefit
. . . New York Times
Republicans to focus on broken doctor promise . . . Politico
White House  won’t reveal prop names . . . Byron York
Boehner prepares to move amnesty bill . . . Washington Times
Congress shows no appetite for shutdown . . . Examiner
Obama to decry income inequality . . . Associated Press
Christie’s biggest asset . . . Politico
Uncle Onyango stays
. . . ABC News

29 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 4, 2013

  1. “WH struggling to sign up the young”. I assume this is about Obamacare (headline sounds pretty creepy given the “White House Youth” article earlier). I listened to 5 min of the local AM talk radio this morning. A woman called in saying all the 20 somethings working part time with her are waiting for Obama to send them their card in the mail for their free health insurance. Ha!

  2. Boehner plans to move Amnesty bill:

    Here he goes again – snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Unbelievable! Here we are – sitting on the brink of defeating the greatest man-made disaster In history – Obamacare – and this dope wants to hand Obama a victory equal to that of Obamacare.

    Last week Obama was ecstatic: “I don’t care if it (immigration reform/amnesty) is chopped up into five pieces”, he said. Of course he doesn’t – it’s his face-saving, life-saving legacy! A dream come true. He will go from zero to hero!

    Before the Obamacare debacle and the ‘Big Lie’ two months ago, the GOP was worried about the Hispanic vote next year and 2016. “We can’t win without the Hispanic vote, blah, blah, blah.” Not true! Hispanics are going to vote DEM regardless of who votes for amnesty.

    On Oct. 2, amnesty became a non-starter. It’s dead in the water. The only topic of conversation for the next year will be Obamacare and the ‘Big Lie’. If Obama survives for another year, the R’s will sweep the House and Senate. A Republican will take the WH in 2016. Boehner and the RINOS are on the brink of tyranny!

    • McConnell, Cornyn, Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy and the rest of the quislings in Republican leadership are owned lock, stock, and barrel by big money campaign donors. They care more about padding their retirement fund off the backs of illegals, than they do about preserving our Constitutional Republic.

    • I have two worries, first, that the 2014 election is not going to come fast enough and, two, what the lame duck Congress will do before the newly elected conservatives take power.

      • P.S. I read a quote from John McCain that immigration ‘reform’ will come after the 2014 election. Either he expects the establishment to win or it’s that lame duck thing.

        • You guys are probably tired of hearing this but I think it’s. Important to take a minute and call or email these pro immigration critters every time they make a move –like Boehner hiring Tallent — or a comment. Leave a message – call a district office. They may think they are powerful and safe with COC and tech industry money and lobbyists and old guard support. Our job oz to track their moves and call them on it. They think we are inconsequential. I think they’re. Wrong. They need to hear from us.

  3. “Iran’s enrichment grew under Obama . . . Fox News”

    Seems like the only ones that get no “enrichment” growth under Obama are taxpaying Americans…

  4. It looks like Uncle Onyango Has more business experience Barack. Perhaps, the wrong Obama was elected!

    It amazes me how often the WH just flat out lies when confronted. The WH states…….”He never met his Uncle”. His Uncle testifies the President lived with him for 3 weeks before before Harvard. Kind of sad that I take the word of a law breaking illegal immigrant over the White House!

  5. “WH struggling to sign up the young . . . Fox News”

    Not a huge surprise. In this, Obama – like all Democrats – is a victim of his own sucess.

    They’ve spent the last six decades grooming a generation of good Democrats. This means low information, skewed world views about vicimization, no personal responsibility and – here’s the kicker – NO PAYING FOR STUFF YOURSELF.

    Democrats don’t use THEIR money, silly! They use OTHER people’s money! The kids have been so inculcated with the “something for nothing, we’ll just take it from the evil rich” culture that THEY – like “good” Democrats – think someone ELSE should pay for their ride! Thus in this, Obama is simply reaping the whirlwind from the wind he and his kind have so long sown…

    THIS is the core problem with Socialism. Sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money. Add to it the permanant victimhood status that’s been so carefully cultivated for so long in so many and couple it with the job destruction that Obama has engaged in since Day 1 in the Oval office causing his young voters to have low-or no-paying jobs, and you’re going to find – as Obama is now finding – that your pool of available “other people” to fleece is even smaller than you thought…

  6. “Insurers wary of WH fix claims..”

    No problem. The insurance companies get to guesstimate the cost, bill the feds (you and me) the feds cut a check and once the back-end is built, we’re even-steven. Why even bother to build the back-end!?
    sarc off/

    • We were in disbelief when we heard this last night on Megyn Kelly’s show. Can you imagine if Amazon built a website that was this dysfunctional and allowed customers to estimate their bills?

      By the way, Walmart had 1 billion people using their website on Cyber Monday. Perhaps Amazon or Walmart should have been contracted to build the Obamacare site.

      • I understood this new piece of info to mean that the insurance companies would estimate the cost of the policy. The insurance companies were already guaranteed a win-win with subsidies for any losses during the first three years (part and parcel of the 2,000 pages of crap). No doubt the insurance companies will have to hire new employees to shine the turd and no doubt the costs will be passed on. Another unknown and less talked about is that the IRS has no way of verifying income and whatever subsidies should be applied. Looks like this beast is going to run on the ‘honor system’ …

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