As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama on the Economy – December 4, 2013

The event has concluded.

42 Responses to Live Stream || Obama on the Economy – December 4, 2013

  1. What he will say:
    “Obamacare is good for the economy, comprehensive immigration reform is good for the economy, the economy would be doing just fine if it wasn’t for a minority of extremist radical Republicans that Speaker Boehner won’t control in the House.”
    What the truth is:
    None of the above.

    • Piker frat boys who plan these events thought they could hide the names of the clapping seals so we wouldn’t find out they’re all frauds…just like their messiah.

    • It’s always Casablanca time in the current White House.

      Captain Renault: I’m shocked… shocked to find that gambling is going on in there.
      young employee: Your winnings sir.
      Captain Renault: Thank you very much.

      • Around here we call Noonan The Murmuring Matron–but she restates well what we have been saying here for yrs. Speaking of lying–did you see that CNN guy, can’t remember his name, who said all presidents lie, but when Obama lies, he has our best interests at heart. This could be a bad meme to blow up… Yes, I know it sounds like Jemhu–but it wasn’t. Speaking of her–I had a flash on a doll–the Jemhu Talking Points–pull the string and get your favorite bogus cliches about the president. Toys R Us–your move.

  2. Is this little tutorial going to include the last five years and the greatest job loss in history, a national debt that nearly tripled, and the largest budget deficit in history? Not to mention a doubling of food stamps and more people on disability? Oh, and education – our lowest ranking, globally, in history.
    And, puleeze, stop biting your lower lip. Thank you!

  3. Before the speech on CNN they had a wide angle view of the podium. The step below the flags said “…American Progress”. I am guessing this was “Center for American Progress”?? WTH was that a backdrop to a presidential speech? It’s an “independent nonpartisan educational institute” according to their website (sarc). Anybody else see what it said?

    • People were, for the most part, being rewarded for their work ethic until he came along. Then, “You didn’t build that.” Remember?

  4. Obama’s getting his redistribution idea directly from Chapter 2 or Karl Marx’s “Das Kapital”. In that chapter, Marx explains how the State has the authority to define what is “of value”–land, money, government services, healthcare,etc–and then determine who should get what that is of value. Marx probably got the idea from the Levelers, a 17th century movement which promoted redistribution in the same manner.

  5. From Mark Knoller’s twitter feed:

    “Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 1h

    Pres Obama says he’s driven to ensure that every American kid has the same “incredible chance this country gave me.””

    Srsly? We could unpack that statement. It would take a while.