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GOP Candidate Links Obama and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Uh oh. Republican Congressional candidate George Demos, who is seeking to oust Rep. Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.) is running an ad comparing President Obama to beer-guzzling, line-snorting, crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Look early in the video and you’ll notice a happy group of politicians Demos thinks you might be “tired” of, including Bishop, Obama, and Ford.

The ad suggests Republicans in swing districts – like Bishop’s – and purple or red states have found a weapon for 2014 they think they can use at least as effectively against Democrats as Obamacare:


12 Responses to GOP Candidate Links Obama and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

  1. This is stupid. Ford’s a fiscal conservative. I don’t see any advantage to Demos for associating Ford with FCMABBHO unless he’s going for the LIV who thinks all African-American men smoke crack. Quite frankly, I’m disgusted.

    • Who cares what you think, lady with a fake name. So you can find some similarity between Ford and any other human. Wow! Did you read the story that he “loves Obama”? I guess since you only see skin color, as a racist you probably also know that, yes, the president also did cocaine.

      But that’s clearly not the point. The point is they’re all guys who ran for office promising one thing, and then betrayed their voters. It’s good to see Republicans not letting other people define them, and also funny that people squeal about the ad. It’s obviously very effective — unless, you know, you’re a racist who only sees a black guy and two white guys.

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  2. There are so many other issues to beat the commie Democrats over the head with in 2014. Drugs ain’t one of them. Dump the Karl Rove consultants quick, Mr. Demos.

  3. I’m surprised at the US fascination with Toronto’s Mayor Ford. There was a discussion about him and his problems on CNN last night. Why are Americans interested in Ford? They so seldom are interested in anything Canadian.