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WH Won’t Commit to Making Obama’s Signup Public

Apparently, President Obama is going to enroll in Obamacare, presumably using the website. That’s a dumb idea of course – done in the service of good PR – because the site is not secure and a president’s personal information needs to be secure to prevent him from being blackmailed.

Anyway, they should at least make the event open to the public. I mean, if the website’s really fixed and all. But I assume Jay Carney realizes that video of the crashing while Obama tries to get insurance would be replayed for the next couple of hundred years, an emblematic artifact of a presidency marked by historic incompetence.

51 Responses to WH Won’t Commit to Making Obama’s Signup Public

  1. Taking a cue from the Ministry of Silly Walks from the other thread, Obama signing up for his own health care plan is the perfect Monty Python sketch. Imagine John Cleese playing the role of Obama trying to figure out the healthcare website.and let your imagination have fun with the madness from there on

  2. Besides, if it were public he’d actually have to sign up to tell the story again. If they make it “private,” then he won’t actually have to sign up, he can just say he did. And he can tell about what a positive, almost spiritual experience it was for him to be so close to the Little People, signing up for the Miracle of Obamacare right there in the privacy of the White House family quarters on his laptop.

    It will all be fabrication, just like everything else about this administration.

  3. Wonders if it will verify his provided SSN as being correct?

    He bay say he is using the website but I am betting it will be via a secure link set up to a special server. Everything in the WH is on a secure system, so you know his data will not be leaked. However waiting for the first real hack of the HHS system, and you know they will be gunning for his data. To me that is likely to be a “honeypot” (security trap).

    Will Ed Henry stand up to Blarney at the brief and ask him if he has signed up again??

    Let the games begin.

  4. Maybe we can get a picture of him looking satisfied with his Obamacare experience, like the ones we used to get of him looking reflectively at the moon when Neil Armstrong died, or having a private moment of silence for the Boston bombing victims? They can just use file photos, as always, and caption them however they like, as usual…

  5. “I’m sorry Mr Obama, but our records show that your correct name is Barry Soetoro, and your SSN does not match either name. Your sign-up has been flagged for further investigation. For further assistance, please call 1-OBAMACARE or contact one of our trained Navigators to resolve this issue.”

    “Have a Nice Day!”

  6. Make it public? Even if went on television and acted like he was signing up for all the world to see, please, he’s a fake, would never believe him.

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