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The Obama Morning News || December 3, 2013

Obamacare website plagued by bugs . . . Washington Post
Obama to go on Obamacare offense . . . Fox News
Carney: Website traffic jam a success . . . Daily Caller
The media dropped the ball on Obamacare . . . Politico
GOP intensifies Obamacare probe . . . Examiner
Issa: FBI impeding IRS inquiry . . . Washington Times
Cornyn: White House lying at a new level . . . Politico
The nominees Obama wants most . . . The Hill
Budget panel blows first deadline . . . The Hill
Biden blames China for raising tensions . . . Washington Post
Obama seeks to knock of GOP governors . . . Politico
GOP hopefuls beat path to Iowa . . . Washington Times
Some Dems distancing from Obama . . . Associated Press

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 3, 2013

  1. The nominees Obama wants most….

    Let’s take a look at Cornelia Pillard. From The Hill:

    In one of her many academic legal treatises, Pillard, who is currently a professor of law at Georgetown, writes that abortion is necessary to “free” women “from historically routine conscription into maternity.”


    Pillard is also a staunch supporter of government mandates on employers to provide health care insurance coverage for contraception and the morning after pill. Pillard asserts that any government failure to cover these drugs for women relegates women to “second class status” as “presumptive breeders.”


  2. From Powerline:

    Pillard wants federal judges to require “egalitarian sex education.” What does that mean?

    Egalitarian sex education should recognize the realities of sex-based subordination and harm even while it strongly counters sex-based stereotypes and double standards. It should acknowledge and oppose male-on-female aggression and the larger system of gender hierarchy that such aggression exemplifies and sustains. It should also, however, recognize that boys and men, too, are frequently harmed by sexual aggression, and that girls and women can be the moving force behind irresponsible or otherwise harmful sex. And it should always–especially as applied to young people—express hope that old patterns will change.

    Not only that,

    Egalitarian sex education should communicate relevant ethics and concerns to both sexes. It should affirm the value of sexual pleasure for females as well as males, and the vulnerability of males as well as females to emotional and physical harm. It should alert girls as well as boys that the power of sexual desire can test our rationality and emphasize that we are all nonetheless obligated—and are expected to learn—to exercise self-control. Egalitarian sex education should teach students of both sexes that parenthood imposes enormous responsibilities, which should be shared by both women and men. Evenhanded teaching about abstinence and contraception would stress that those behaviors are the responsibility of both sexes.


    One can argue about whether this is what a good sex education program looks like. But the notion that the non-articulation in a sex-ed program of these doctrines, some of which are simply feminist propaganda, raises constitutional concerns is absurd. As Whelan says, “anyone who imagines that federal judges should be applying these standards to decide whether a sex-education curriculum (both on paper and as taught) is constitutionally permissible shouldn’t be trusted with judicial power.”


    • She’s a nut! I might have entertained some of those notions in my deepest days as a radical-feminist, but never would I have wanted to force every child in public school to believe that.

      Well, except for the part about teaching kids that birth control is the responsibility of both partners.

    • I always told young not settle for the first man who “comes” along. Be picky and choosy about who you decide should have a piece of your body and soul. Be responsible for your OWN protection.
      How about teaching aomething like that?
      I am so sick of these egotistical, know-it-all, holier-than-thou people.

      • “I always told young not settle for the first man who “comes” along. Be picky and choosy about who you decide should have a piece of your body and soul. Be responsible for your OWN protection.”

        The same applies to young men. In fact, it’s part of the message I’m giving my son, who’s 13.

  3. I was lying in bed this morning whatever became of James Comey. So he’s dragging his feet on the IRS targeting investigation, but the question is at whose bidding, the Democrats or the establishment Republicans?

  4. Politico–Media dropped the ball. Ya think? That Vanderhei dude is such a sniveling pro-O partisan you want to slap him (Morning Joe). But he said if people can get on, get a policy for less than they pay now with more benefits, it will be OK. Uh–none of that is going to happen, guy.