In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Meet Your Next President!

“Independent” but actually Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont says he’s ready to run for president.

This is significant because it suggests disenchantment on the Left with Hillary. I can’t wait to see him making her want to pull her hair out during the debates.

Hillary is NOT going to cakewalk to the nomination. She’s not an attractive candidate, she fails at big projects, she achieved nothing as Secretary of State, and the Lefties don’t trust her.

Watch this video and tell me truthfully if you too don’t want to pull your hair out.

41 thoughts on “Meet Your Next President!”

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  1. Would love a debate between this yo-yo, Hillary, and “stand up Chuck” Biden…..this would put on display, the socialist mindset of the Democrats for all to see.

    1. Being a “Socialist” would Bernie line all of us that post on WhiteHouseDossier against a wall and put a bullet thru our heads…?

      Im just asking, because “Socialists” are kinda know for that :-)

  2. Oh, please. Run, Bernie, run.

    A loud-and-proud socialist would get CREAMED at the polls. There are still enough Americans left, I submit, who don’t want to become Swedes.

  3. If the GOP, IF the GOP, or even the Libertarians field a candidate that is half as blunt as Christy, competent as Cruz, photogenic as Rubio, and articulate as Reagan was, it would be a slam dunk, backboard shattered win for the conservative movement.

    The problem is, that like so many animals in the wild, conservatives have a tendency to eat their own children. Reagan was right with the 11th Commandment, you don’t talk smack about your own people.

    2016 will be an interesting year. Especially if they try and repeal the 22nd Amendment.

    1. I’ve read that the GOP may see Governor Walker as a candidate acceptable both to the establishment and the conservatives. He’s a good man. He’s been falsely portrayed as being for amnesty which he has denied. Don’t know about photogenic, but is America finally willing to overlook the superficial?

      22nd Amendment? Presidential term limits? I really can’t see even many Democrats willing to go with Obama a third time.

      1. Walker would be a good choice.

        He fought the unions and won. Reversed a huge deficit, and has the guts to go round and round with the loony left and not back down and go against principles.

  4. She won’t run unless the nomination is handed to her. She doesn’t want to go through the primary process, and she doesn’t want to run as a leftie.

  5. There it is, another old White person who doesn’t know how to program their own phone. Gee, he might even be one of those “racists” that Oprah wishes would die, soon.

    1. I see that CNN is planning on becoming another reality channel after Anthony Bourdain has become their highest rated show.

      One show suggestion, a series by Oprah explaining why white people must die and pointers on how to get that accomplished?

    2. Remember when Obama first started out as the cool, techy Pres who wouldn’t give up his BB. Bet he still has a BB and this cool techy persona surely failed with the OC website. But then again — he doesn’t write code. Asshat.


  6. “Hillary is NOT going to cakewalk to the nomination. She’s not an attractive candidate…” – Careful, Mr. Koffler! Hillz supporters will call WAR ON WOMEN for the “Cakewalk” (too close to “cheesecake” and implies “woman’s work”) AND on “attractive”, even if you DON’T mean it THAT way. They don’t need a LOT of opportunity to get butt-hurt and shrill it to the LIVs, now, do they?

    “…(S)he fails at big projects” – Depends on whether you consider Bubba’s acendancy to be HER project. She was certainly the driving force in THAT, and there’s little denying he’s “Big” (portly, not in a Lewinsky way, I do not have – or want – data on THAT, although we already know WAAAY momre about her hubby that way than we ever wanted)
    …(S)he achieved nothing as Secretary of State…” – Allowing Benghazi to happen and then faking a head injury to run cover for Obama, and then turning it around with her “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE NOW” comment? Helping her boss damage American prestige for generations to come? This you call “nothing”?

    “… and the Lefties don’t trust her.” – Something to THAT one. Hilz, like Bubba, will shift with the wind, and could be a Goldwater Republican if the wind blew in that direction. The Clintons grasp power for power’s sake, and aren’t particuarly ideological as long as they get to be the boss. This is in marked contrast to Obama, who is defined by his radicalism and would have NEVER been able to do some Clinton style triangulations like the Republican class of ’94 forced him to (which incidentally was a leading reason for much-ballyhooed “Clinton” prosperity that he undeservedly takes credit for). Obama doesn’t listen to anyone but Obama. Clinton would tack into the wind. The left doesn’t like that.

    At the end of the day, however, since the Democrats rest on a very shaky coalition of people who don’t like each other anyway and agree only on the fact that they hate prosperous Americans, and since they have no real standards, they will unite behind whatever seems electable. My guess, if Obama lets an election happen in what’s left of 2016 America anyway, would be that person will be Hillz.

    And she’ll “win”, too, no matter HOW many car trunks they have to look in for provisional ballots. Al Franken can be her advisor on that, while her erstwhile boss can explain the REST of the Democrat cheat machinery he polished up so well.


  7. I would live to see a 4 way race between Hillary, Biden, Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. I’d almost pay for that debate.(maybe not) . Everyone is looking at the Republican primary and the Dems may be even more interesting.

  8. You are being unfair.

    Hillary along with Huma Wiener (wife of Mr Vienna Sausage) orchestrated the Arab Spring that not only overthrew Daffy Gaddaffy who had surrendered but President Mushariff of Egypt who had been a US ally for three decades. As a result, Libya is dominated by various warlords who have imposed a state of anarchy that precludes oil shipments. The Egytians have rejected the rule of the Muslim Brotherhoodbwhom Obama and Clonton sought to install and are now seeking alliance with Russia who is now deemed to be far more reliable and benign than the US.

  9. “Lefties”; neo-socialist “Democrats” like Obama and Hillary are some of the most hateful political types I have ever meet-talked to.

    If you are not in lock-step with these current “Democrats” like Obama (and their socialist/communist agendas) then you are a ‘racist/terrorist/etc. who hates the USA’.

    How the H#ll does one have an honest political discourse with todays “Democorats” (Obama and Hillary & the many ignorant Senators and Congressmen) and the hate they spew every day against anyone who has a different political view…???

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