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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Obamacare

The event has concluded.

34 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Obamacare

    • I am ashamed of Clinton. As a former President this is his daughter’s future and everyone else he has ever known.
      He should stand up for the principles of this great country. I don’t care what job his wife would like to have.

  1. Was just reading the GWU alum mag and it had some self-serving stuff in it from GW alums who worked on the bill. One plus cited was the pre-existing thing–but they CAN penalize on health grounds–smoking and weight, I think. You ca get it but, you dopey fat chimney you, you will pay!

    • Before we had to read it to know what we had–now stage 2, we have to present it at the doctor, to see what we bought. “Just another $4800, Mrs. Jones, and I am sure your insurance will pay some.”

  2. Didn’t need to see our beloved leaders statement to know what happened. Dictator Obama strutsted out to the podium and effortlessly spewed out a veritable torrent of lies regarding that trojan horse of totalitarianism, Obamacare, for as long as the words continued to scroll across the screens of his trusty teleprompters. Having delivered the usual seamy stew of propaganda nonsense, Dictator Obama then strutted out of the room, chin thrust upward in his best Benito Mussolini impression, and swifty repaired to the private den above the oval office for a fast round of smokes, tokes, and lines. He figures he’s worked hard enough for one day and deserves a break from the onerous task of wreaking utter havoc and destruction on this country.

    Did I get anything wrong?