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Zients Tasked by Obama to Lead Ministry of Silly Walks

Jeffrey Zients, who vowed to fix the Obamacare website by yesterday but seems to need until at least tomorrow to get the job done, has been tasked by President Obama to take over at the recently established Ministry of Silly Walks.

From a statement by Obama:

Jeff has done a . . . job on the website. You know, the type of job I’ve come to expect from my team. So Jeff and I have agreed that the Ministry of Silly Walks would be the perfect place for him, as opposed to heading the National Economic Council, a post he was to take in January. Michelle and I wish Jeff Godspeed and he takes on this important assignment.

Today in fact was Jeff’s first day on his new job. White House Dossier has obtained some exclusive footage of Zients arriving at work and considering an application for funding for a new silly walk.

14 Responses to Zients Tasked by Obama to Lead Ministry of Silly Walks

  1. Well, Zients better get his act together. Obama’s crew has washed and ironed the old “Mission Accomplished” banner and they’re getting tired of holding it up off the ground. Maybe it should read, “Mission More Or Less Accomplished”. Or “Mission Accomplished For A Lot Of People”. Or, “Mission Pretty Much Screwed Up For Now, But Be Patieint With Us”.

    • Medicare or Medicaid? I also heard something about sign ups in Hawaii (one of Barry’s homestates) not going well and exchange director resigned or fired. Heard this on the fly so possibly I have it wrong.