As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Oh No! Something’s Wrong with!

I just tried Look what happened. Something’s wrong! Who would have expected this? It really hurts not to be part of the vast majority.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 2.14.09 PM


David Martosko over at MailOnline decided to enter an email address. Here’s what he got.

Daily mail healthcare.govHmm, I guess you have to wait to skip the wait.

But then again, please learn to be patient. Lines are common in Socialist countries.

40 Responses to Oh No! Something’s Wrong with!

    • Oh, just go bare, pay the fine, have a vacay on the money you save, pray a lot, eat citrus, and hope Amazon will start selling this stuff–they can even “drone” the scrips to your door.

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  1. Seriously? This is customer service? They’ll send an email when the “site is ready,” and what? You are supposed to respond in the next 5 milliseconds before it gets occupied again?

    And of course, Obama stands up and claims it’s all fixed.

    What a clone.

    • March 2014 – still waiting for that email.. Oh dear, now you have to pay a fine b/c you are not enrolled. A real Catch 22 situation.

  2. If “ObamaCare/ACA” is SO AWESOME!!!
    Why dosent the ‘President’, ‘VP’, ‘White House Staff’, ‘US Senate’ & ‘US House’ all sign up for it…. like we lowly “citizens”

    Why is everyone in that cesspool of DC politics EXEMPT from “ObamaCare”…???

    • Here’s a news flash. The Atty Gen of Oklahoma actually read this thing and learned that the IRS can only assess penalties and give subsidies to people who get their ins through a STATE exchange–not the federal. Lawsuits are pending. If this is sustained, only those in 14 states can be fined or helped. The rest can just sit there. The skinny is in today’s WSJ op-eds.

      • If word of this gets out, a lot of young people will not join Obamacare.

        Also, there are more people who will be terminated in mid-2014. By interrogating my insurance broker, I found out that my health plan, due for renewal as of April 1, will not be renewed because I am a small business. So now I have to find another insurance plan. The broker could not tell me what is available because (1) no one knows if my insurer will be permitted to extend the policy and (2) the insurers have not figured out how to price any new policies. Hopefully, they will figure it out by April 1.

    • That is how most Democrat/Liberal/Progressive “Obama supporters & sycophants” want to treat We “conservatives/Patriots/anti-Obama types”.
      I kid you not, being ‘anti-Obama’ I have been spewed with with many racist remarks & so-called death threats against me…

  3. Sorry I can’t leave the house today as I am awaiting a one time message from! Geez at least the cableguy can give you a time window.

  4. You’re a brave soul, Keith. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that website if my life depended on it. My motto is to resist tyranny at all costs.

    “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” ~ Charles de Montesquieu

    • I’ve tried the website several times just for giggles and tickles. I would never sign up for real or give my real personal information. The website looks like it was designed by an eighth grade nerd. Blocks of type are superimposed on each other, and when I go onto the “what would it cost you in your state/county” page, the numbers are half hidden. What a mess.

  5. Hmm. I wrote a long OT post on foreign policy and made a gentle friendly comment to Keith because the site said I was posting too quickly. I waited and then hit submit and assumed all was well. Apparently not. The post has gone somewhere but not here. Oh well.

    The point. Here is a very good article by Walter Mead about the changes in the international balance of power. And by extension the result of Obama’s policy of appeasement and stripping the US of any international power. It’s long but worthwhile.

    And here is my tin foil theory of Obama’s destruction of America. Dems elect Clinton or Warren and the path to socialist centrally planned command economy in America complete. The socialists appoint a US Ambassador to UN. Obama becomes GS of UN. US acts in concert with Iran, Russia and China. Now he can really go to town.

    Oh yeah, the girls can stay in WDC to complete schooling, Mooch can party hearty and the UN Grifter in Chief can fly about the world in grand style pontificating and speechifying to his heart’s content.

  6. My rage at the administration’s naked propagandizing is exceeded only by my dismay at the media’s collective yawn at same. “First, they came for the communist, but I was not a communist….” Martin Niemueller.

  7. Is this for real?

    I shouldn’t doubt it.

    While sending a comment to the Whitehouse, the web page asks this “challenger” question: “Four ADD three equals?”