As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || December 2, 2013

White House claims website win . . . Washington Post
Insurers cite flaws in website . . . New York Times
Sebelius: Please visit during off-hours . . . Fox News
Serious test for site begins today . . . Politico
Dolan affirms Church opposed to Obamacare . . . Fox News
White House twists arms on Iran bill . . . Washington Post
Obamacare effectively raises minimum wage . . . Heritage
Five Obama facts you didn’t know . . . Associated Press
Dems admit Obama needs new staff . . . The Hill
2016 fever tests Clinton-Obama bond . . . Politico
Plouffe: People trust this president . . . Poltico
How Christie cultivates the media . . . Fox News
Biden takes son, granddaughter to Asia . . . Washington Times

28 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 2, 2013

  1. Re: the AP article “Five Obama facts you didn’t know”

    What a gripping piece. The five facts are:


    What a waste of space.


      One thing I found out that I didn’t know was “Obama signed a bill encouraging schools to stockpile epinephrine”. This should be a requirement in every school, private or public. Kids with allergies should have their own tools to treat themselves, but kids being kids, their custodians during the day should have the means to save their lives.

      But, beyond that, I agree with you.

    • “SINGS IN THE BATHROOM”…if you consider the Adhan to be a “song”, I suppose…

      “THIS PRESIDENT CAN COOK”…Dog. A little thing he learned in Indonesia. Wonder what ELSE he picked up in madrassa?

      “BROKE HIS NOSE PLAYING BASKETBALL”…No surprise there. Skill-less Obama insists on playing with REAL pros, and unsurprisingly gets his butt handed to him, just like anyone else that boxes above their weight. There’s a metaphor for his foreign policy skillz in there somewhere, but it’s always America and not Obama that gets its eyes blacked and nose broke in THAT arena…

      “WORLD TRAVELER”..On OUR dime, natch. And ALWAYS to OUR detriment…

      “DAUGHTER HAS PEANUT ALLERGY”…Is THAT why Obama won’t put her in Public schools? And here I thought it was just because he’s a hypocritical 1%er that, along with his “friends and family”, could NEVER live in the world HE created for the REST of us…

      I’m still waiting for “Five Obama facts we didn’t know” about Benghazi. Think they’ll publish THAT one any time soon?

        • Thanks for noticing! Hope everyone was as blessed as I…

          I went offline for a few days for Thanksgiving, and Obama doesn’t help with digestion OR thankful feelings, so I just left him in the box for the duration…

          Besides, any time you’re at a large family gathering, it’s not hard to find a big-talking blowhard who’ll tell you what’s what, despite the fact that he personally never did a day’s honest work. Under such circumstances, discussions of Obama would simply seem redundant…

      • Isn’t your last sentence the crux? Who wants to know five bits of useless fluff about Obama? I want to know five facts about Benghazi I don’t know, five facts about Obamacare–and i’m sure there are more than five–five facts about the IRS, five about the NRA spying, five about Fast and Furious . . .

  2. Christie-Clinton, Clinton-Christie, enough already.
    We get it. The MSM wants a Presidential race between an old White woman and a chubby young White man who both have the same agenda. .
    Conservative candidates from fly-over country need not apply.

    • Someone should call Biden on this family jaunt to a region in turmoil — no one will. MSM I mean. The First Grifters have legitimized this kind of behaviour but Biden is a cheap bastard and he believes this is his right. Like charging the SS rent while they are protecting him.

      All the princes and princesses.

    • It’s more than tiresome: it will bring the country down. It won’t ever stop. People now making $15/hour will want more because they have more skills than fast-food workers so why should they make the same amount. On the other hand, I think it is part of the great scheme to equalize wealth distribution. And I’d bet this scheme didn’t originate with McDonald’s workers but Obama activists.

      • Most of the protesters are paid by union. Only small fraction employees. We are a socialist country in the making and these protests will only increase -iminimum wage, illegal immigrants marching in the streets making demands, every race, creed, color gender, and class fighting for their place in the sun. Peoples healthcare being taken from them, no jobs, burgeoning welfare entitlements, political use of the IRS against opponents and a neutered US internationally – and crickets from the masses.

    • Since when is the minimum wage meant to be a ‘living wage’? The SEIU and ACORN are criminal organizations working in tandem with the communist in the WH.